MicroMillions 6: baduy_vzla beats the odds in Event #35 ($5.50 NL Hold'em 1R 1A)

A second chance and a boost.

That's what players were offered in Event #35 with one re-buy and one add-on and that's what our champion, baduy_vzla got at the final table.

When play got four-handed and players struck a deal, baduy_vzla was the shortest stack with nearly a 9-1 chip deficit to the chip leader. But baduy_vzla went on to score a double up and then eliminated all three of his remaining opponents.

Aside from overcoming the final table, baduy_vzla had to overcome a field of 4,661 players who re-bought a total 3,337 times and purchased 1,508 add-ons.

This created a total prize pool of $47,530.00, a pool that 585 players got a share of.

But the real money came when the real challenge started, at...

The Final Table


Seat 1: mattimatti85 - 11,881,638
Seat 2: Omela_by - 3,846,397
Seat 3: Saint_Eugene - 6,841,943
Seat 4: baduy_vzla - 6,819,650
Seat 5: wendellau - 3,229,059
Seat 6: Eng.Kalango - 2,151,368
Seat 7: AKABoumi - 6,067,191
Seat 8: teepott - 3,647,378
Seat 9: jdsaz - 2,945,376

There were a few short stacks at the final table and the shortest one fell to the largest one on the third hand.

With 125K/250K blinds and a 31.25K ante, Eng.Kalango moved all-in for 2 million from under-the-gun. Action folded around to mattimatti85 who called from the hijack and we had our first final table flip.

Eng.Kalango turned over 8♥8♦ while mattimatti85 showed A♥Q♣. The J♣Q♥9♦K♥4♥ board landed in mattimatti85's favor and Eng.Kalango was eliminated in 9th place.

For being the first final table casualty, Eng.Kalango earned $380.24.

mattimatti85 on the other hand pulled away from the field even more with a lead of 14.4 million.

Catching Up

Saint_Eugene was mattimatti85's closest contender with 8.8 million but, after another three hands, Saint_Eugene joined mattimatti85 in the eight-figure chip mark.

Three hands after Eng.Kalango's elimination, Omela_by moved all-in for 1.7 million from early position and Saint_Eugene was the only taker.

We had another flip and, once again, the big stack had the big cards while the at-risk player tabled a pair. Omela_by had 5♣5♠ while Saint_Eugene showed K♠Q♠.

The board fell 9♥4♥J♣[10h]3♦ to give Saint_Eugene a straight and Omela_by finished in 8th, earning $594.12.


The tournament then switched from chopping block mode to mercy mode as we had four double ups that came in back-to-back spurts.

The first started when jdsaz moved all-in for just 1.6 million and baduy_vzla called. baduy_vzla turned over A♠8♠ and jdsaz needed some help after tabling Q♥[10h].

The turn gave jdsaz a queen and then a river brought the Brazilian player a 10 to give him two pair and a double up.

Two hands later, teepott got a one-outer on the river.

mattimatti85 raised to 627,000 from early position and Saint_Eugene re-raised to 1.5 million from the hijack. teepott moved all-in for just over 3 million and Saint_Eugene called.

teepott showed K♦K♥ and Saint_Eugene was holding A♦K♠. The flop came A♠6♥7♣ and things weren't looking good for teepott. A 4♠ came on the turn and teepott was left with just one out, the king of clubs.

River: K♣.

jdsaz: wow
teepott: wooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww
jdsaz: that is some sick power
jdsaz: wow
mattimatti85: I had AJ so...
teepott: i actually hit the leave table button.... 1 out
teepott: wow and wow again

teepott doubled up to 7.1 million and took the lead after the next set of double ups.

First wendellau doubled up to 5.8 million with aces against mattimatti85's pocket tens, sending the former chip leader down to 8.5 million. teepott had chipped up to 10.7 million by this point and became our third chip leader at the final table.

After doubling up with aces, wendellau lost the next hand with kings:

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No Mercy

After the plethora of double ups, Saint_Eugene did away with his namesake and dealt some destruction while amassing an enormous chip lead.

Saint_Eugene started the era of destruction by regaining the chip lead and eliminating two players in one hand. mattimatti85 raised to 836,000 from the hijack and Saint_Eugene made it 1,912,500 from the cutoff.

wendellau moved all-in for 1,982,176 from the small blind and both mattimatti85 and Saint_Eugene called.

The flop came Q♠7♠[10s] and mattimatti85 moved all-in for 6,615,227. Saint_Eugene called instantly and we had a three-way showdown.

wendellau: A♠[10h]
mattimatti85: A♣A♥
Saint_Eugene: Q♦Q♣

Saint_Eugene had a set of queens, wendellau had a pair of tens a nut-flush draw and mattimatti85's aces weren't looking too great. A [10d] came on the turn to give Saint_Eugene a full house and kill wendellau's hopes of a flush.

Both wendellau and mattimatti85 only had one out, with mattimatti85 hoping for the last ace and wendellau drawing to the last ten. Instead, the river gave Saint_Eugene the last queen in the deck.

A Q♥ completed the board and Saint_Eugene dealt a double KO with quads.

wendellau finished 7th for $1,069.42 while mattimatti85 earned $1,544.72 for finishing 6th.

Saint_Eugene took the lead with 20.7 million and then dealt another elimination two hands later.

jdsaz moved all-in for 4.1 million from the small blind and Saint_Eugene called from the big.

We had another flip when Saint_Eugene turned over 4♣4♥ to jdsaz's Q♣9♠. The board bricked for jdsaz and the player from India was eliminated in 5th place. jdsaz won $2,020.02 while Saint_Eugene's stack grew to 25.1 million.

Tough Deal

teepott: actually guys lets talk about some sharing, or??
teepott: hello?
teepott: guys its a lot of money...
baduy_vzla: me too
teepott: we just paid 15$ and deserve all a nice share
teepott: discuss deal...

Players agreed and a lengthy discussion ensued. At the time of the deal, counts were:

Saint_Eugene - 29,037,831
AKABoumi - 8,492,336
teepott - 6,367,120
baduy_vzla - 3,632,713

Players asked for numbers based on ICM and chip counts. Based on ICM, the numbers were:


And for counts:


Both deals left $600 for first but AKABoumi, teepott and baduy_vzla expressed their preference for the ICM deal. Saint_Eugene kept quiet and then demanded $7,100. The other players weren't too keen on Saint_Eugene's suggestion:

teepott: well i dont agree with 7100 for eug...
teepott: only 300 less than first?cmon
AKABoumi: me eater
teepott: either?
AKABoumi: either sorry
teepott: we all deserve a nice share

teepott continued to try and persuade Saint_Eugene, and then the chip leader finally responded:

Saint_Eugene: 7000

Players then offered up $200 a piece but Saint_Eugene remained quiet, brewing up confusion in teepott:

teepott: man how hard can it be?
teepott: we all played well
teepott: we all deserve a nice share...
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teepott: and it was only 15$ buy in.........
teepott: i dont get u eug

The host came back with revamped numbers and then players finally agreed. The final deal looked just like this:


After nearly 30-minutes of deal making, play resumed.

The second hand after the deal, teepott moved all-in for 6 million from the button and baduy_vzla called from the big blind. teepott showed A♦2♣ and was dominated by baduy_vzla's A♠4♥. baduy_vzla hit a 4♦ on the river and then doubled up to 7.5 million.

Changing Tides

The double ups continued.

AKABoumi raised to 1 million from the button and Saint_Eugene called from the big blind. The flop came 4♦2♣9♦ and AKABoumi bet another 1 million when checked to. Saint_Eugene called and a Q♣ fell on the turn. Saint_Eugene checked again and AKABoumi moved all-in for 5.4 million.

Saint_Eugene called with Q♦[10s] but was still behind AKABoumi's A♠A♦. A J♥ completed the board and AKABoumi doubled up to 15.3 million while Saint_Eugene dipped to 22.4 million.

AKABoumi then doubled teepott up to 4 million the next hand when teepott's A♦6♠ outdrew AKABoumi's 5♠[h]. After that, baduy_vzla then doubled up to 14.3 million with ace-king versus Saint_Eugene's Q♣4♣ and then teepott got a double up from Saint_Eugene as well:

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teepott: see guys...
teepott: wheres his chiplead now???

His chiplead went to baduy_vzla, who held on to it for the rest of the tournament. baduy_vzla's lead grew a bit more after the Venezuelan took the tournament down to three players.

baduy_vzla moved all-in for 14.2 million from the small blind and AKABoumi called all-in from the big blind.

AKABoumi showed K♠K♥ while baduy_vzla was in need of some help with A♠J♥. baduy_vzla hit an ace on the flop and chipped up to 25 million.

AKABoumi on the other hand earned the agreed upon $4,560.43 for finishing 4th.

The Final Strike

Armed with a massive chip lead, baduy_vzla made quick work of his final two opponents.

First, baduy_vzla took out AKABoumi. teepott raised to 1.35 million from the small blind and teepott called from the big. There was a 7♠Q♥[10c] flop and a check from baduy_vzla. teepott bet 1.8 million and baduy_vzla moved all-in.

teepott called and put his tournament life at risk with Q♦8♣. teepott was in the lead against baduy_vzla's J♣9♥, but the eventual champion spiked a K♣ on the river to hit a straight.

teepott won $4,201.56 for finishing 3rd and then baduy_vzla finished off the tournament the very next hand:

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Saint_Eugene got $6,755.22 for the runner-up finish while baduy_vzla became our newest MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions-35: $5.50 NL Hold'em [1R 1A]
Entrants: 4,661 (3,337 re-buys, 1,508 add-ons)
Prize pool: $47,530.00
Places paid: 585

1. baduy_vzla (Venezuela) $4,163.17*
2. Saint_Eugene (Russia) $6,755.22*
3. teepott (Germany) $4,201.56*
4. AKABoumi (Canada) $4,560.43*
5. jdsaz (India) $2,020.02
6. mattimatti85 (Germany) $1,544.72
7. wendellau (Brazil) $1,069.42
8. Omela_by (Russia) $594.12
9. Eng.Kalango (Brazil) $380.24

*Denotes a four-way deal.

That's it for Event-35, but there's still plenty of action left in the sixth installment of the MicroMillions. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a list of all upcoming MicroMillions events and satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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