MicroMillions 6: bettybends4u binks Event #62 ($4.40+R PLO 6-Max)

It was a battle of Bs and Cs.

bettybends4u and berg5528, our heads-up participants of Event #62, both hailed from Canada and both had names that started with the letter B.

But only one 'B' from 'C' could succeed and after a lengthy final table, bettybends4u emerged victorious.

In addition to the final table, bettybends4u had to overcome a field of 1,494 entrants who re-bought 2,042 times and purchased 1,016 add-ons. This created a prize pool of $18,208.00, $3,005.05 of which went to bettybends4u.

The last leg of bettybends4u's victory came with just six players left, at the...

The Final Table


Seat 1: S0niCCCC - 2,134,752
Seat 2: berg5528 - 2,660,637
Seat 3: quixote123 - 806,528
Seat 4: Lecors1978 - 9,240,577
Seat 5: Calin429 - 5,159,456
Seat 6: bettybends4u - 5,928,050

Our first elimination involved two sets of double pairs.

Blinds were 80K/160K and S0niCCCC raised to 560,000 from under-the-gun. Action folded around to bettybends4u in the big blind who re-raised to 1.6 million. S0niCCCC called all-in with just 1.05 million behind and we had our first final table showdown.

S0niCCCC: K♦K♥5♣5♥
bettybends4u: A♠A♥[10h][10c]

S0niCCCC was hoping for a set, but the 9♦3♣Q♠[10d]9♥ board gave bettybends4u one instead.

S0niCCCC earned $495.25 for finishing 6th while bettybends4u was up to 4.21 million.


quixote123 started the final table as the short stack but managed to double up, chip down, and double up again.

After S0niCCCC's elimination, quixote123's struggles were far from. quixote123 became our 5th place finisher despite doubling up another two times. After being chipped down again, quixote123 found himself as the short stack yet again and made his final move against berg5528.

Blinds were 150K/300K and berg5528 raised to 900,000 from the small blind. quixote123 was on the big blind and only had 543,122 behind and called all-in. quixote123 showed A♠K♦4♣2♥ and was up against berg5528's J♠9♣6♠4♥.

The board came 5♦8♦9♠8♥[10d] and berg5528 took down the pot with nines and eights.

quixote123's struggle came to an end as he finished 5th, earning $746.52.

Leader Left Out

After quixote123's elimination, Lecors1978 had the chip lead with 10.97 million. Things quickly went south for Lecors1978, and the Brazilian player became our 4th place finisher.

Lecors1978 lost a large portion of his stack to bettybends4u and then couldn't recover.

Lecors1978 raised to 800,000 from the cutoff and bettybends4u re-raised to 2.8 million from the small blind. Lecors1978 made it 4.8 million and bettybends4u called all-in for 3.45 million.

Lecors1978: J♠J♥[10d]7♥
bettybends4u: A♦A♠J♦5♥

bettybends4u's aces were in the lead and they improved to a full house on the A♥[10c]2♦5♣[10s] board. bettybends4u doubled up to 7.30 million while Lecors1978 dipped to 5.84 million.

After that, Lecors1978 was chipped down to just under 1.5 million before making his final move.

Lecors1978 raised to 1.4 million from under-the-gun and berg5528 called from the big blind. The flop came [10h][10d]J♦ and berg5528 checked.

Lecors1978 only had 41,385 behind and put it all-in. berg5528 called and showed J♣[10c]7♥6♣ to Lecors1978's 6♦2♦5♥3♥.

Lecors1978 flush hopes were crushed by berg5528's flopped full house and Lecors1978 finished 4th for $1,165.31.


When play got three-handed, berg5528 and Calin429 exchanged blows and double ups. First, Calin429 doubled up to 9.47 million with K♠K♥J♣4♣ to berg5528's Q♠Q♥A♥[10d].

Then, two hands later, Calin429 returned the favor.

Calin429 raised to 1.5 million from the button and berg5528 called from the big blind. The flop came 2♠[10s]8♥ and berg5528 bet 3.5 million.

Calin429 raised enough to put berg5528 all-in and the latter called.

berg5528: J♦J♣A♦Q♥
Calin429: J♥[10c]9♦4♠

A J♠ came on the turn and a K♣ completed the board. berg5528 doubled up to 14.62 million while Calin429 was down to just 2.16 million.

The next hand, berg5528 raised to 1.5 million from the small blind and Calin429 moved all-in. berg5528 called with K♠9♠8♦2♣ and Calin429 showed A♥9♥5♦3♦.

berg5528 hit another full house on the J♦K♣6♦K♦8♥ board and Calin429 was elminated in 3rd place, earning $1,684.24.

Heads Up

berg5528: 16,784,718
bettybends4u: 8,515,282

bettybends4u quickly one a few small pots and then evened things out:

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bettybends4u's lead then increased to 19.02 million before berg5528 managed to stop the bleed.

With 250K/500K blinds, berg5528 raised to 1 million and bettybends4u called, bringing a [10d]J♥7♥ flop. bettybends4u bet 2 million and berg5528 moved all-in for 4.78 million.

bettybends4u called and showed Q♥[10s]9♣7♠ to berg5528's 9♥8♣6♦2♦. berg5528 had a jack-high straight and doubled up to 11.57 million while bettbends4u dropped to 13.73 million.

The bleeding stopped and things were back to even.

Or so it seemed.

Two hands later, berg5528 raised to 1 million and bettybends4u re-raised to 2.5 million. berg5528 called and bettybends48 bet 2 million on the K♠J♦6♠ flop.

berg5528 raised to 5.5 million and bettybends4u three-bet to 9 million. berg5528 called all-in with A♠9♠[10d]8♦ and was up against bettybends4u's A♣K♥9♣4♠. A 9♥ and a 4♣ completed the board and berg5528 was eliminated.

berg5528 won $2,258.79 for finishing 2nd while bettybends4u took $3,005.05 and the title of MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions-62: $4.40+R PL Omaha [6-Max]
Entrants: 1,494 (2,042 re-buys, 1,016 add-ons)
Prize pool: $18,208.00
Places paid: 1,192

1. bettybends4u (Canada) $3,005.05
2. berg5528 (Canada) $2,258.79
3. Calin429 (Peru) $1,684.24
4. Lecors1978 (Brazil) $1,165.31
5. quixote123 (Denmark) $746.52
6. S0niCCCC (Brazil) $495.25

So concludes Event #62. There's still lots MicroMillions action to go though, so check out the MicroMillions homepage for a list of the remaining events.

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