MicroMillions 6: bluecrog wins festive HORSE final table in Event #49 [$8.80 HORSE]

It was a convivial evening for bluecrog. The British player had admitted to imbibing in a few frosty beverages and couldn't believe his good fortune by advancing to the final table in Event #49 $8.80 HORSE. At the final table, a highly entertaining bluecrog thwarted a magnificent comeback from tony313 to become the newest MicroMillions 6 champion.

MicroMillions 6 Event #49 $8.80 HORSE attracted 3,443 runners. They created a prize pool worth $27,544, or nearly double its original guarantee. The top 440 places paid out with $4,684.52 set aside to the champion.

This event consisted on five minutes levels, so players cycled through HORSE every 25 minutes.

With nine remaining, action went hand-for-hand on a pair of short-handed tables. Austria's tomy313 held the lead with over 3.3 million with three short stacks hovering around 1 million or so. During an elongated bubble, bluecrog had overtaken the lead with 3.8 million before chipping up to almost 5 million. Switzerland's FURIA 137 bubbled off the final table in ninth place after bluecrog had crippled him in a previous hand before finally finished him off. The final table of eight was set.


Event #49 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Hawken89 (1,567,120)
Seat 2: MiLKyWayPot (525,316)
Seat 3: urchance (1,889,113)
Seat 4: ekvilibryst (446,921)
Seat 5: RainerFish (1,246,042)
Seat 6: tomy313 (2,630,571)
Seat 7: Internett93o (2,693,077)
Seat 8: bluecrog (6,216,840)

This HORSE final table commenced during Level 72, which was a round of Omaha Hi/Lo. Blinds were 160K/320K. The U.K.'s bluecrog sat atop of the big stack, while Romania's MiLKyWayPot clung onto the short stack.

ekvilibryst eliminated in 8th place

The game switched up to Razz and we instantly lost a player. ekvilibryst busted in a multi-way pot. On sixth street, ekvilibryst bet all-in for 373,842 with (X-X)8♣T♥4♥7♦ showing. Big-stacked bluecrog called with (X-X)7♣7♠3♣Q♠. On the river both players tabled their hands and ekvilibryst lost with a 10-8-7-5-4 low versus bluecrog's 7-6-5-3-2 low.

bluecrog: 5♣6♦7♣7♠3♣Q♠2♣
ekvilibryst: 4♦K♠8♣T♥4♥7♦5♠

The Ukrine'sekvilibryst became the first player to exit the final table. For an eighth-place performance, ekvilibryst took home $254.78.

MiLKyWayPot eliminated in 7th place

Another short-stack hit the road during Razz. On third street, MiLKyWayPo was all-in for 125,316 and Internett93o called, but not without a warning.

Internett93o said, "sorry guys"
Internett93o said, "but in razz"
Internett93o said, "im a sick player"
Internett93o said, ":P"

At showdown, the players revealed:

Internett93o: 3♥6♥4♥8♣T♥5♦3♦
MiLKyWayPot: 8♥A♣9♣A♠J♦Q♥9♦

By seventh street, Internett93 had proven his "sick" skills by winning the pot with an 8-6-5-4-3 low versus MiLKyWayPot's Q-J-9-8-A low. MiLKyWayPot was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $523.06.

Hawken89 eliminated in 6th place

During a round of Stud Hi/Lo, Hawken89 was knocked out in a three-way pot. Short-stacked Hawken89 was all-in on third street for 97,120, while urchance (who began the pot with 456,576) got the rest of his stack all-in on fifth street. The board ran out:

bluecrog: 9♠6♠3♦J♦7♦K♥2♥
urchance: 4♦A♣A♦T♣Q♥5♣6♣
Hawken89: J♥T♥2♠Q♠4♣5♠J♠

Without a qualifying low, urchance won both the main pot and side pot with a pair of Aces. urchance doubled through the big stack and picked off the short stack. Hawken89 could only muster up a pair of Jacks and that's all she wrote. Hawken89 busted in sixth place, which paid out $826.32.

With five players remaining, bluecrog led with 9 million, Internett93o was second with 3.6 million, and urchance was the shorty with 1.2 million.

urchance eliminated in 5th place

During a round of hold'em, another short stack bowed out. Battle of the blinds. bluecrog min-raised to 500,000 and urchance called. The flop was A♦J♥6♦. bluecrog fired out 250,000, urchance raised to 500,000, bluecrog three-bet to 750,000, and urchance called all-in for 10,272. Although bluecrog flopped top pair with A♣3♣, urchance picked up a diamond flush draw with Q♦7♦. The turn was the J♠ and the river was the A♥. bluecrog turned two pair and rivered a boat. Russia's urchance hit the virtual rail in fifth place, which paid out $1,377.20.

RainerFish eliminated in 4th place

Action did not last four-handed for very long before someone was liquidated during a round of Omaha Hi/Lo. RainerFish min-raised to 600,000, bluecrog bumped it up to 900,000, and RainerFish called all-in for 13,850.

bluecrog: K♦K♠9♥2♣
RainerFish: Q♦6♦3♥2♦

RainerFish was behind bluecrog's Kings. The board was a "Jackson Five" because it ran out J♠J♣5♥5♦J♦. Without a qualifying low hand, bluecrog won the pot with a full house -- Jacks full of Kings. RainerFish's best hand was trip Jacks, so the German was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $,1928.08.

With three players remaining, bluecrog held an overwhelming lead with daunting stack worth 14.3 million against Internett93o's 2.2 million and tomy313's gaunt-stacked 655,571.

Short-stacked tomy313 appeared to be on life support, but stormed back to life and rocketed to second in chips when he scooped an 11 million pot in Stud Hi/Lo with a six-high straight and a 6-5-4-3-2 low. But by the time the game switch to Limit, tomy313 seized the lead 8.3 million to 5.4 million.

Internett93o eliminated in 3rd place

During limit hold'em, Internett93o finally met his demise. tomy313 raised to 1 million and Internett93o re-raised all-in for 1,009,968 and tomy313 called. tomy313 actually led with T♦3♠ against Internett93o's 7♠6♥. The board ran out T♣9♠3♥T♥J♠. tomy313 flopped two pair and turned a full house. Internett93o lost with a pair of tens. Brazil's Internett93o took home $2,478.96 for third place.

HEADS-UP: tomy31 (Austria) vs. bluecrog (United Kingdom)
Seat 6: tomy313 (10,565,120)
Seat 8: bluecrog (6,649,880)

With two to go, tomy313 held a 4 million advantage.


On the first hand of heads-up during hold'em, bluecrog won a 9 million pot with two pair to take the lead. The two had flip-flopped spots.

At that point, bluecrog suggested, "deal?"

tomy313 responded with "hmmm"

"up to u im drunk and willing to deal," said bluecrog

The final two quickly agreed to a money chop. bluecrog would lock up $4,089.80 and tomy313 would get $3,600.00, with $300 left on the table to the eventual champion.

tomy313 eliminated in 2nd place; bluecrog wins MicroMillions Event #49

On the fifth hand after the deal, during a round of limit hold'em bluecrog regained the lead after flopping a nut flush and dragging a pot in excess of 9 million. Eight hands later, bluecrog finally delivered the knock-out blow.

The game had changed to Omaha Hi/Lo. tomy313 three-bet to 1.5 million and bluecrog called. The flop was Q♣9♦6♣. tomy313 bet 500,000 and bluecrog called. The 9♠ fell on the turn wand betting was capped at 4 million. The 2♥ spiked on the river. tomy313 bet all-in for 565,120 and bluecrog called.

tomy313: K♥7♥6♠3♣
bluecrog: K♦J♦9♣2♣

Without a qualifying low, bluecrog won the hand with a rivered a full house -- nines full of deuces. bluecrog actually flopped a flush draw but caught running cards to improve to a boat. tomy313's two pair was not good enough to win and busted out in second place. The magical comeback was over.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Austria's tomy313took home $3,600.00.

Congrats to newest MicroMillions champion bluecrog, who earned $4,389.80 for first place in Event #49 HORSE.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-049 $8.80 HORSE
Entrants: 3,443
Prize pool: $27,544
Place paid: 440

1. bluecrog (U.K.) - $4,389.80 **
2. tomy313 (Austria) - $3,600.00 **
3. Internett93o (Brazil) - $2,478.96
4. RainerFish (Germany) - $1,928.08
5. urchance (Russia). - $1,377.20
6. Hawken89 (Norway - $826.32
7. MiLKyWayPot (Romania) - $523.06
8. ekvilibryst (Ukraine) - $254.78

** denotes a deal between the final two players

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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