MicroMillions 6: csutikati snatches exhilarating victory in Event #21 $3.30 PLO [6-MaxTurbo]

Hungary's csutikati watched as Portugal's Narceja amassed a monstrous stack. With 200 players to go, Narceja seized the lead with intentions of never looking back. When the final table started, Narceja held almost half of the remaining chips in play. Narceja attempted to go wire-to-wire, but csutikati had other plans and launched a well-timed counterattack. The playing field was almost leveled by the time the final two slugged it out for the championship. Because of the turbo-charged format, the final two decided to chop up the money in an even split. With a deal in place, csutikati quickly knocked out Narceja to become the newest MicroMillions 6 champion.

Event #21 $3.30 PLO 6-Max Turbo attracted 7,874 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $23,622, which blew by the guarantee of $15,000. The top 1,020 places paid out with $3,548.01 set aside to the eventual champion. For a modest $3.30 ticket to this PLO jubilee, that's a hefty payout.

Team Online "nkeyno" made a semi-deep run, but not close enough to make the money. The pro from Japan busted in 1,363rd place and missed the money cut at 1,020.

With 200 remaining, Narceja lead the field after becoming the first player to pass the 1 million chip mark. With 100 to go, Narceja retained the lead and passed 2 million. With 36 players remaining, Narceja slipped to second in chips with 3.4 million after being overtaken by saltsss. With 12 to go on the final two tables, Narceja re-took the top spot after chipping up to almost 9 million. Narceja continued to steamroll the field and became the first player to pass 10 million. With 10 to go, a dominating Narceja rocketed to almost 17 million with nearly 50% of the chips in play.

With seven players remaining, action went hand-for-hand. Narceja took out short-stacked ELPIDIO03 with K♦Q♠J♦3♦ against Q♥J♥8♦5♥ when the board ran out A♠6♣2♥Q♣A♥. Narceja won the pot with two pair and ELPIDIO03 was outkicked. Brazil's ELPIDIO03 bubbled off the final table in seventh place. The final table of six was set.


Event #21 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: csutikati (9,773,404)
Seat 2: Narceja (18,596,437)
Seat 3: PriKu21 (1,417,147)
Seat 4: 1Don'tStop1 (2,705,739)
Seat 5: saltsss (4,333,316)
Seat 6: crazypap (2,543,957)

The final table commenced during Level 46 with blinds at 150K/300K. Narceja sat on the monster stack with 18.5 million. PriKu21 hung onto the short stack with 1.4 million.

crazypap eliminated in 6th place

It did not take very long before someone busted. crazypap opened to 1,400,000 and Narceja called. The flop was 9♦7♦6♣. Narceja fired out 3 million and crazypap called all-in for 693,957.

Narceja: T♦7♥6♦4♣
crazypap: K♦Q♠7♠5♦

The turn was the 8♣ and the river was the 5♣. Both players made a straight, but Narceja won the pot with a Ten-high straight versus a nine-high straight. Greece's crazypap was the first player to get knocked out at the final table. For sixth place, crazypap earned $354.33.

PriKu21 eliminated in 5th place

PriKu21 opened-shoved for 817,147, saltsss called, and Narceja called from the big blind. Both Narceja and saltsss checked all the way to the river. The board ran out 8♦6♥3♦5♠8♣. PriKu21 did not improve and mucked his hand. Narceja's T♠T♣9♦6♦ lost with two pair -- tens and eights -- against saltsss' K♥K♠J♠3♥ and better two pair -- Kings and eights. For a fifth-place finish, PriKu21 earned $590.55.

saltsss eliminated in 4th place

Narceja opened to 1.4 million, saltsss bumped it up to 4.4 million, Narceja re-raised to 13.4 million, and saltsss called all-in for 367,610.

saltsss: A♦K♦K♣6♠
Narceja: A♣A♥Q♣5♥

Rough cooler. Aces and Kings. The board ran out T♥7♥2♦7♦4♣. Unfortunately saltsss ran Kings into Aces. Narceja won the pot with two pair -- Aces and sevens. For a fourth-place finish, saltsss earned $1,062.99.

With three to go, Narceja sat on a monster stack worth 24.5 million, with csutikati in second with 10.5 million, and 1Don'tStop1 bringing up the rear with 4.3 million.

1Don'tStop1 eliminated in 3rd place

The big stack folded, so the two other smaller stacks jousted. On a board of 9♥4♦3♦5♣Q♦, 1Don'tStop1 shoved on the river with two pair holding Q♣9♣3♠2♥, but csutikati snap-called with a flush and J♦9♠7♦5♥. For third place, 1Don'tStop1 earned $1,771.65.

HEADS-UP: Narceja (Portugal) vs. csutikati (Hungary)
Seat 1: csutikati (18,334,882 in chips)
Seat 2: Narceja (21,035,118 in chips)

With two to go, Narceja held a slight lead of 21 million to 18.3 million.


After a couple of hands of heads-up, the last two standing discussed a deal. The final two players decided to chop up the money. Even split. Each player locked up $2,864.16, but left $300 left on the table to the eventual champion.

Narceja eliminated in 2nd place; csutikati wins Event #21!

After winning a 12 million pot with a queen-high straight, csutikati seized the lead 28 to 11 million. The entire tournament would be over three hands later.

On the final hand, both players limped from the blinds. On a flop of A♣8♣2♦, Narceja checked, csutikati fired out 1.6 million, and Narceja called. The turn was the K♥. Narceja check-called a 2.4 million bet by csutikati. The river was the 9♣. Narceja moved all-in for 5,735,118 and csutikati called.

Narceja: J♣4♠4♥3♣
csutikati: K♣8♠7♣7♠

Both players held club flushes, but Narceja's Jack of clubs was no match against csutikati's King of clubs. Narceja headed to the rail in second place, while csutikati won the pot and the tournament.

For a runner-up performance, Portugal's Narceja took home $2,864.16.

Congrats to Hungary's csutikati for winning MicroMillions 6 event #21. First place paid out $3,164.16.

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MicroMillions-021 $3.30 PLO [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 7,874
Prize pool: $23,622
Places paid: 1,020

1. csutikati (Hungary) - $3,164.16 **
2. Narceja (Portugal) - $2,864.16 **
3. 1Don'tStop1 (U.K.) - $1,771.65
4. saltsss (Estonia) - $1,062.99
5. ProKu21 (Romania) - $590.55
6. crazypap (Greece) - $354.33

** Denotes a deal among the final two players

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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