MicroMillions 6: D PitcherAK earns well-earned second MM title in Event #45 ($3.30 PNL Hold'em Big Game Format)

Experience counts for a lot in many things, including poker. For example, once you've won one MicroMillions event, surely it's easier to win a second?

That might be a theory lacking any credible science, but it's certainly worked for D PitcherAK today, who ran out an impressive winner of Event #45, having led from the start. It ranks as his second MM title, following his first victory during the MM3 series.

To record his double D PitcherAK faced some tricky opposition. Perhaps obstinate is more apt. It proved to be a stubborn final table in which it seemed hard to knock a player out without doing yourself some serious damage. But D PitcherAK prospered in the Big Game format of pot-limit pre-flop and no-limit post, and rightly so. Just enough balls, just enough heart.

E45 - final pic.jpg
Action from the start

Here's how the final looked at the start:

Seat 1. Analytiker18 (Germany) 354715
Seat 2. Mackattacker (Australia) 868789
Seat 3. x@t@bich (Russia) 3541231
Seat 4. Alamnortgage (Canada) 1152768 (approx.)
Seat 5. Brandnew67 (Bulgaria) 1725705
Seat 6. D PitcherAK (Canada) 6072890
Seat 7. Ex_sex-pro (Russia) 4267597
Seat 8. Arschteddy3 (Germany) 2638903
Seat 9. Dididada1986 (China) 2237402 (approx.)

As the image above shows, Analytiker18 was all-in from the start. As the short stack he had little choice. But it worked, and kept him afloat. Analytiker18, it seemed, would be sticking around.

Listed under 'M'

Not so Mackattacker. Another of those players to have thumbed the urban dictionary for a user name, Mackattacker moved all-in with queen-nine but ran bang (more UD?) into the ace-king of Ex_sex-pro (probably UD). Mackattacker was out in ninth place.
If this final had a running theme, apart from dubious names, it was big hands. The first went in favour of the chip leader, D PitcherAK moving up to more than 9 million against Ex_sex-pro.

While all this had been going on it was difficult not to notice the absence of Alamnortgage in seat four. Alamnortgage had been "Sitting out" since the start, oblivious to his fate in the final nine, and being blinded out in the process. Then 20 minutes into the final he reappeared, albeit to fold. The others welcomed him back.

"Had to take my son to school," he said, winning the sympathy of anyone who had ever tried to juggle the awkward moment when the love of the game collides with love, and duty, towards your kids. So Alamnortgage did what any poker player would do, he gave his son some bus fare and told him to make his own way to class. No, just kidding. He took his son to school and hoped for the best.

Time to download the app

We may never know if Alamnortgage drove a little quicker this morning, but when he got back he jumped straight back in, moving in to pick up the blinds. It was one of a flurry of doubles. Analytiker18 got two, Alamnortgage another with pocket nines, as did Ex_sex-pro with ace-seven. But none of these hands had been big, and this final was about big hands.

All this was great to watch, but for the players, the rapidly increasing blinds, now up to the 100k/200k level, made it a pressure situation.

Dididada1986 knew this as he shoved with his last 659,000 with king-jack. x@t@bich called him from the button with ace-jack to send Dididada1986 to the rail in eight. Three minutes later Alamnortgage would follow.

It had been tempting to draft the story of a man turning his back on poker to walk his son to school, then returning to beat the odds and take down a MM title. Alas, there would be no such story for Alamnortgage.

Another three minutes passed and another elimination followed, this time Arschteddy3, shoving with king-queen, but unable to find anything on the board to topple Analytiker18's pocket eights. ARSH was out in sixth place.

Battle of survival

With the big blind now 250,000 the only player properly comfortable was the chip leader D PitcherAK on close to 12 million. The others did what they had to do and turned on one another.

x@t@bich found aces and got his chips in against Brandnew67's pocket sevens to double. Analytiker18 did his own cause some good by eliminating Ex_sex-pro in fifth place, calling Ex_sex-pro's shove and turning over seven-five. Ex_sex-pro may have felt confident with queen-seven, but watched a s five hit the flop and a seven the turn.

Another three minutes, and another bust out. D PitcherAK had sent Alamnortgage out with pocket kings and now he found them again to deliver the same fate to x@t@bich, whose pocket sixes offered little resistance. He was out in fourth, while D PitcherAK was up to more than 15 million.

D PitcherAK - 15.5 million
Analytiker18 - 5.1 million
Brandnew67 - 2.2 million

Cue the next big hand, one that would swing the advantage away from D PitcherAK and into the hands of Analytiker18.

It had looked like D PitcherAK would walk away with it, but now Analytiker18 was in command. D PitcherAK set about recovering, and took chips from Brandnew67, whose meagre stack must have looked like an easier target. Perhaps he was, but Brandnew67, who had played solidly all day, had good fortune on his side. After all, Brandnew67 was a man who had played two milestone hands during the 75 Billionth hand promotion way back when. He knew how to be in the right place at the right time. Like in a three-way all-in for instance.

That shook things up a little. As D PitcherAK said: "madness."

Analytiker18 - 7.6 million
Brandnew67 - 4.3 million
D PitcherAK - 8.3 million

D PitcherAK set about doing what he did best, and was soon up to 13 million by the next break. When Analytiker18 and Brandnew67 suggested a deal, he brushed them off, suggesting that they must have been sniffing something. The others protested.
Analytiker18: I didn't use my one time yet.

Soon to be heads-up

Play continued for two minutes before Brandnew67 was all-in with pocket queens. Analytiker18 called with ace-six and caught the ace on the turn. Suddenly the final was heads-up.

Analytiker18 - 10.1 million
D PitcherAK - 12 million

The 17 minutes it took for D PitcherAK to wrap things up might not have been much, but it felt like a lot. Try as he might D PitcherAK struggled to shake off Analytiker18 who never seemed to give up the fight, resulting in almost a stalemate. The big hands would continue, with Analytiker18 getting back to even after shoving on a king-high board, forcing D PitcherAK to fold.

But one big hand was usually followed by another, in this case, the winning hand.

It may have been long overdue, but it was worth the wait. A great win for D PitcherAK who swaggered through to his second MM title. Congratulations to him.

MicroMillions-045: $3.30 PL Hold'em [Big Game Format]
Entrants: 4,587
Prize pool: $13,761.00
Places paid: 585

1. D PitcherAK (Canada) $2,162.87
2. analytiker18 (Germany) $1,610.03
3. brandnew67 (Bulgaria) $1,135.28
4. x@t@bich (Russia) $791.25
5. ex_sex-pro (Russia) $584.84
6. arschteddy3 (Germany) $447.23
7. Alanmortgage (Canada) $309.62
8. dididada1986 (China) $172.01
9. mackattacker (Australia) $110.08

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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