MicroMillions 6: Divx77 dominates and delivers win in Event #48 ($3.30 PLO H/L)

Omaha is all the rage these days, so it was no surprise that this tournament in the MicroMillions 6 lineup received so much attention. And one of those fans of the game was Divx77. Entering the table with the chip lead, Divx77 faced some initial challenges but regained the lead after a time, and took it straight into three-handed play. From the point of the deal, Divx77 eliminated the other two and quickly took the win.


The sixth day of MicroMillion6 offered several Hold'em options, as well as the ever-popular Pot Limit Omaha. Event 48 was a PLO Hi/Lo tournament with a $3.00+$.30 buy-in and a solid $10K guarantee. The structure consisted of 10-minute levels, and players gathered for some split pots and general Omaha hijinks.

And as with most of the MicroMillions events, the guarantee was smashed by the actual turnout:

Players: 4,999
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Prize pool: $14,997.00
Paid players: 630

The money bubble burst several hours into the action, and four tables were reduced to three as the clock hit the seven-hour mark. Less than a half hour later, only two tables remained.

About 20 minutes later, though, the final table bubble was in play, and paymylife69 called off a short stack preflop against 15573964 and rammmsteiner. They both checked as the board revealed T♥Q♠8♠3♣9♣, and 14473964 showed A♦7♠A♥6♣. Paymylife69 mucked and left in tenth place with $89.98.

Divx77 dives in with the chip lead

The final table began in Level 42, with blinds at 70K/140K and players' starting stacks as follows:

Seat 1: Divx77 (5,221,460 in chips)
Seat 2: rsrick (3,891,470 in chips)
Seat 3: 15573964 (4,183,206 in chips)
Seat 4: actionmuk (1,963,974 in chips)
Seat 5: rammmsteiner (557,824 in chips)
Seat 6: peter_christ (2,896,039 in chips)
Seat 7: Leit2010 (2,470,056 in chips)
Seat 8: Kolator_10 (1,547,710 in chips)
Seat 9: Aljazek (2,263,261 in chips)

MM 6 - Event 48 FT.JPG

Divx77 started strong but then lost a pot worth 2.94 million to 15573964, and the latter took over the chip lead. Rammmsteiner doubled through Leit2010 so gain ground.

Aljazek had been relegated to a stack of little more than one million chips and then got involved to see a raisef flop of 5♦9♣T♥ with rsrick. Aljazek then moved all-in with K♥7♠K♦6♠, and rsrick called with 3♠A♦J♣7♦. The 8♣ on the turn gave rsrick the best straight, which held up to the J♥ on the river and eliminated Aljazek in ninth place with $119.97.

A few hands later, Kolator_10 made a preflop raise that rsrick called from the big blind, and the flop came 4♣9♦5♦. Rsrick bet, and Kolator_10 called all-in with A♠J♠K♥T♣. Rsrick showed 5♣4♠8♦7♥, but the turn of T♠ gave Kolator_10 the pair. The 7♠ on the river, though, provided two pair for rsrick, and Kolator_10 was ousted in eighth place with $187.46.

Another big hand developed when peter_christ moved all-in for 437,412 chips with T♠6♣3♠2♦. Leit2010 called all-in for 404,142 chips with A♥J♠Q♠5♦. Actionmuk called both players with K♦5♥K♥A♦, and the board revealed 6♥9♣A♠5♣6♦. Peter_christ nearly tripled up with the three sixes and 6-5-3-2-A low, while Leit2010 exited in seventh place with $337.43.

Rammmsteiner was short but doubled through rsrick to keep playing, but a few rounds later, rammmsteiner got involved with Divx77. The raised flop came J♠5♣6♥, and rammmsteiner bet all-in with 4♣5♠4♦A♣. Divx77 called with 7♥4♥2♣3♣, which turned into a flush when the board completed with Q♥ and 5♥. That beat rammmsteiner's three fives, and the sixth place finish was worth $487.40.

Peter_christ was the next player at risk, pushing 803,966 all-in with A♣5♠A♦9♥ preflop against the 8♥6♠A♠A♥ of Divx77. The board delivered K♥6♦9♠5♣7♠ for the straight and the low, which eliminated peter_christ in fifth place with $637.37.

Moments later, actionmuk risked it all with 3♠2♥Q♦Q♠, and Divx77 called from the other blind with 6♥A♣K♣3♦. The board of 4♣K♦K♥9♣4♦ and the three kings for Divx77 was enough to send actionmuk out of the action in fourth place with $847.33.

Deal for three? Yes, please

The last three players standing decided to pause the tournament to discuss a deal. While they weren't fond of the chip-chop numbers, they made their own deal quickly. The following payouts were guaranteed with $242.01 set aside to add to the winner's prize:

Seat 1: Divx77 (16,290,970 in chips) = $2,000.00
Seat 2: rsrick (4,695,824 in chips) = $1,550.00
Seat 3: 15573964 (4,008,206 in chips) = $1,550.00

The trio went a few rounds before Divx77 and 15573964 got involved to see a raised flop of 6♦5♠K♠. 15573964 bet all-in holding 9♦2♥4♦6♥, and Divx77 called with A♦6♣J♦3♦. The 8♥ and Q♦ finished the hand, and Divx77 squeaked through with the better low and kicker to go with the pair of sixes. 15573964 exited in third place with $1,550.00.

On the very next hand, rsrick raised, and Divx77 reraised. Rsrick responded by moving all-in with 2♦5♠Q♣K♣, and Divx77 called without hesitation holding A♦8♠A♣9♥. The virtual dealer quickly resolved the hand with 8♥3♥T♣Q♥9♣, and rsrick's single pair was only enough for a second place finish, worth $1,550.00.

Divx77 of Brazil took the MicroMillions title and $2,242.01 in cash for the victory. Congrats!

MicroMillions-048: $3.30 PLO Hi/Lo
Entrants: 4,999
Prize pool: $14,997.00
Places paid: 630

1. Divx (Brazil) $2,242.01*
2. rsrick (Brazil) $1,550.00*
3. 15573964 (Argentina) $1,550.00*
4. actionmuk (Germany) $847.33
5. peter_christ (Switzerland) $637.37
6. rammmsteiner (Switzerland) $487.40
7. Leit2010 (Belarus) $337.43
8. Kolator_10 (Poland) $187.46
9. Aljazek (Slovenia) $119.97

*Figures denote deal agreement

The sixth edition of MicroMillions is underway, with 100 tournaments in total running through November 24. Get the full schedule here, and check the leader board for status on the Player of the Series race.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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