MicroMillions 6: doinndo dominates field in Event #40 $5.50 NL [6-Max, Turbo, Knockout]

Before UFC and MMA became insanely popular, regional promoters hosted Tough Man contests in which both amateurs and pros could take a shot at becoming a fighting champion. The contest was simple and the goal was to be the last man standing. Knock out your opponent and advance, but if you get knocked out, you're eliminated. MicroMillions 6's virtual version of a Tough Man contest was dominated by doinndo, who began the final table in Event #40 as the chipleader and proceeded to go wire-to-wire. Japan's doinndo picked off 17 opponents along the way en route to a first place finish.

MicroMillions 6 Event #40, due to its unique but exciting format -- short-handed, turbo, knockout -- became one of the most popular events in the 100-tournament series. Even for a Monday tournament, Event #40 $5.50 NL [6-Max, Turbo, Knockout] attracted 21,305 runners. The total prize pool was $108,655.50. A bounty of $1 was awarded to any player who knocked out an opponent. The knockout pool was worth $21,305. The top 2,700 places paid out with $10,889.31 originally set aside to the eventual champion.

Germany's Knitterfalte bubbled off the final table in seventh place. In a little under five hours, the final table of six was officially set, with doinndo holding a commanding lead and capocapon74 not far behind, while vasandr62 clung to the thinnest stack.


Event #40 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: escabofildo (14,849,297)
Seat 2: doinndo (33,799,723)
Seat 3: kill_u_fish (9,385,737)
Seat 4: vasandr62 (5,737,636)
Seat 5: capocapon74 (31,267,493)
Seat 6: luigysk8 (11,485,114)

The final table commenced during Level 52 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 100K ante. Levels increased every five minutes. As expected, this final table progressed fairly quick.

vasandr62 eliminated in 6th place

It did not take long before we saw the first elimination at the final table. kill_u_fish open-shoved for 9,610,737, short-stacked vasandr62 called all-in for 1,912,636, and big-stacked capocapon74 called for 911,0737. Three-handed with two stacks all in.

kill_u_fish: J♣J♠
capocapon74: 4♦4♣
vasandr62: A♣8♣

kill_u_fish lead with pocket Jacks and flopped top set. The board ran out J♦8♥3♣7♦7♠. kill_u_fish avoided an elimination and won the pot with a full house -- Jacks full of sevens. kill_u_fish doubled through capocapon74 and collected a bounty on vasandr62. Meanwhile, vasandr62 became the first player to exit at the final table. For a sixth-place finish, Russia's vasandr62 earned $996.66.

luigysk8 eliminated in 5th place

This elimination was a classic coinflip. Middle pair versus two overcards. luigysk8 open-shoved for 9,385,114 with 6♥6♣ and kill_u_fish called with A♦T♠. The board ran out K♠Q♥9♥A♣9♠. kill_u_fish flopped a Broadway gutshot, but turned a pair of Aces and rivered two pair. luigysk8 could only muster up a smaller two pair and kill_u_fish claimed another bounty. For a fifth-place performance. Brazil's luigysk8 earned $1,581.04.

With four remaining, escabofildo trailed with 6 million as the shorty. Only 2 million separated the top three spots: capocapon74 (34.6 million), kill_u_fish (33.2 million), and doinndo (32.6 million).

capocapon74 eliminated in 4th place

Two big stacks rumbled when doinndo bombed it all-in for 45,335,499, and capocapon74 called all-in for 17,976,347. Although capocapon74 led with J♣J♥ against doinndo's K♥Q♠, the board ran out T♥5♦4♣K♣9♠. A King on the turn sunk capocapon74's hopes. Big-stacked doinndo won the pot with a pair of kings and picked up a bounty in the process. Argentina's capocapon74 headed to the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $2,747.17.

With three to go, Japan's doinndo was way out in front with 56.7 million. In second was escabofildo with 56.7 and bringing up the rear was kill_u_fish with 18.6 million.


Action was paused so the final three could discuss a deal. There wasn't much discussion. Terms were quickly reached. Chipleader doinndo, who held more than 50% of the chips in play, locked up $9,199.81. Second overall, escabofildo, was guaranteed $7,424.17, while short-stacked kill_u_fish was satisfied with a minimum payout worth $6,571.39. The final three also left $800 on the table for the eventual champion. Everyone agreed to the numbers and play resumed.

kill_u_fish eliminated in 3rd place

With a deal in place, it did not take long before someone bit the dust. escabofildo raised to 3,360,000, kill_u_fish re-raised all-in to 18,748,448, and escabofildo called. kill_u_fish was in trouble with T♥9♥ versus escabofildo's A♠Q♥. The board ran out Q♣Q♦7♥2♣4♦. escabofildo flopped trip Queens, which held up. Another bounty went to escabofildo, while kill_u_fish was knocked out in third place, which paid out $6,571.39. For what it's worth, kill_u_fish was tied for the most knockouts with 22 (with StarWoks and PasHTeT25).

HEADS-UP: doinndo (Japan) vs. escabofildo (Brazil)
Seat 1: escabofildo (50,837,860)
Seat 2: doinndo (55,687,140)

When it got down to the final two players, doinndo held a slight lead 55 to 50 million. Heads-up lasted twenty minutes. The most decisive hand occurred fifteen minutes in when doinndo won a hefty-sized pot without a showdown. The board read A♣K♥8♦3♥4♦. With 42 million already in the pot, doinndo fired away for 12.5 million. escabofildo did not take the bait and folded. That hand propelled doinndo to over 77 million. escabofildo now trailed by almost 3-1 in chips. Eleven hands later, it would be all over.

escabofildo eliminated in 2nd place; doinndo wins MicroMillions 6 Event #40!

On the final hand, both players got it all-in preflop. Short-stacked escabofildo bombed it all-in for 24,362,860 holding J♠T♦, and doinndo snap-called with K♠2♠. Although doinndo held a slight edge, he won the pot with a King-high flush. The board ran out A♥6♠5♠8♠Q♣. doinndo had flopped a flush draw and promptly got there on the turn. Alas, escabofildo was drawing dead and busted out in second place. doinndo won the pot and collected a $1 bounty on escabofildo. doinndo also won back his own bounty, which happens to the last player standing.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, escabofildo took home $7,424.17 and collected 17 bounties along the way.

Congrats to Japan's doinndo for winning MicroMillions 6 Event #40 and knocking out 17 players. First place paid out $9,999.81.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-040 $5.50 NL [6-Max, Turbo, Knockout]
Entrants: 21,305
Prize pool: $108,655.50 (Regular pool: $87,350.50; Bounty pool: $21,305)
Places paid: 2,700

1. doinndo (Japan) - $9,999.81 **
2. escabofildo (Brazil) - $7,424.17 **
3. kill_u_fish (Romania) - $6,571.39 **
4. capocapon74 (Argentina) - $2,747.17
5. luigysk8 (Brazil) - $1,581.04
6. vasandr62 (Russia) - $996.66

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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