MicroMillions 6: dydutz00 reigns for Romania in Event #37 ($3.30 PL Omaha 6-max 2R1A)

We're almost 40% of the way through this sixth running of the MicroMillion, over $3M has already been paid out and event #37 was the third pot-limit Omaha event on the schedule. It was a 6-max $3.30 two re-buy one add-on affair and thanks to an initial 3,469 entries, 4,306 re-buys and 1,378 add-ons you can add a further $27,459.00 to the MicroMillions burgeoning bar tab.

The lion's share of that money is tonight in the account of dydutz00 as the Romanian seized the chip lead shortly after the final table started and only briefly relinquished it to take down the tournament that lasted nine hours and 16 minutes earning a $4,258.48 payday.

It took over eight and a half hours to reach a final table of six, at that stage udream was the chip leader and dreaming is what the Australian should have been doing as it was 4.30a.m in Australia as the final table got underway.


Seat 1: udream, Australia, 11,315,063
Seat 2: ITSME81, Belgium, 7,980,824
Seat 3: MoertoD, Latvia, 3,424,010
Seat 4: djbernado, Germany, 8,861,017
Seat 5: hoooooray, Germany, 4,419,492
Seat 6: dydutz00, Romania, 9,764,594

Blinds 125,000/250,000 (no ante in pot-limit Omaha)

Not the dream start for udream

The average stack at this stage was 7,627,500, so around 30 big blinds, but immediately talk of a deal surfaced and after five hands of the final table the tournament was paused for numbers to be discussed. But a deal couldn't be reached between all six, with hoooooray particularly bullish that he was the biggest MTT winner at the final table and wanted a better deal. ITSME81 would only take the ICM numbers so play continued.

A few hands later ITSME81 took a 4.25M pot against udream when the Belgian flopped a set to udream's top pair and as a result dydytz00 took the chip lead. The Australian's disastrous start to the final table continued as he soon lost a 9M pot to dydutz00. The latter rivered the nut flush with A♦A♥3♦Q♠ on a 4♣J♥4♦2♦8♦ board, there was betting all the way to the river when, with a paired board, dydutz00 was content to take his hand to showdown.

When the Romanian got aces the very next hand and won a near 6M pot he suddenly had 19.5M in chips whilst his closest challenger had just 8.1M.

djbernado bites the dust

Despite all the early action there had been no exits, that was about to change. On the turn of a 5♣7♦Q♣3♠ board djbernado got his chips into the middle with J♦6♠4♦Q♠ for the straight, hoooooray made the call with 8♦5♦5♠6♣ for a set of fives. At this stage djbernado was a 60% favourite to double up, however his set came to a spinning halt as hoooooray improved to a house on the Q♦ river. The German collected $480.53 for being first out of the final.

ITSME81 the new chip leader, MoertoD dies and still no deal

As the first break of the final table approached ITSME81 put his foot to the floor and thanks to winning two sizeable pots against udream the Belgian took a slender chip lead from dydutz00. Despite losing those two pots udream was not the shortest stack. When play got back underway after the break blinds were 200,000/400,000 and MoertoD had just over 3.3M. He started getting busy and dragged a couple of pots to climb to 4.7M before it all came crashing down.

The Latvian min-raised to 800,000 and then called when hoooooray 3-bet to 2,800,000 from the small blind, leaving just under 2M back. On the K♣5♥8♣ flop hoooooray set him in holding 3♠Q♠A♣[10c] and MoertoD called with J♥6♠8♠[10s]. It was near enough a coin-flip, with hoooooray a 56% favourite to prevail, the 6♣ turn card heavily weighted the coin in hoooooray's favour as he became a 90% favourite and the German held on the Q♣ river to send MoertoD out in fifth for $892.41.

With that exit the players again tried to strike a deal but once again hoooooray wanted more than the ICM numbers suggested he was entitled to and play continued.

udream's nightmare comes to an end

With four hole cards running pocket kings into pocket aces is far more common in pot-limit Omaha than in no-limit Hold'em and that's what would happen when dydutz00 and udream clashed in final table defining pot.

The former potted it to 1,400,000, udream three-bet to 4,800,000, dydutz00 all bet set udream in, the Australian must've known what he was up against but with over half his stack already in the middle he called off the extra to create a 17M chip pot. You can see the hand play out below.

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So despite going out to a cooler at least the Australian could finally get to bed and he was a chunky $1,469.05 better off.

So long hoooooray

With three players left dydutz00 had roughly 50% of the chips in play, despite being the shortstack, hoooooray, who had been the main villain in the deal discussions, showed no interest in reopening them. Over the first dozen hands of three-handed play he lost around 30% of his stack, on the 13th the German lost the rest.

He min-raised to 800,000 from a stack of 7.8M on the button and ITSME81 called the extra from the big blind. On the 8♥3♠9♥ flop hoooooray c-bet 878,000, ITSME81 check-raised to 3,580,560, hoooooray moved in for 7,057,529 and ITSME81 called.

hoooooray: [10c]K♣8♥9♥
ITSME81: A♥4♠Q♥6♣

The at risk player was a 57% favourite to double up, the A♦ turn card made the hand a 50-50 one card flip for a 15M pot and the coin landed ITSME81 side up as the river was the 4♣.

Heads-up chip counts

With blinds at 200,000/400,000 both players had over 55 big blinds as heads-up play got underway.

Seat 2: ITSME81, Belguim, 23,643,298
Seat 6: dydutz00, Romania, 22,121,702

In the embryonic stages of the duel the two players were busy typing into the chat box trying to finally get a deal done and dusted:

ITSME81 said, "deal"
ITSME81 said, "?"
dydutz00 said, "yes"
dydutz00 said, "split both"
dydutz00 said, "equal"
ITSME81 said, "no man"

We'll have no idea if negotiations would've continued because less than two minutes later it was all over. A three-bet pre-flop pot meant there was already 5.3M in the middle as the flop came down 4♦5♦9♦. First to act dydutz00 bet 2,555,555, ITSME81 raised it up to 7,034,052, dydutz00 shoved for an effective 19,940,781 and ITSME81 called all-in.

dydutz00: A♦7♦8♠A♣
ITSME81: A♥4♥J♦8♦

Both had flopped flushes and dydutz00 was a 98% favourite to win the title, the 4♠ turn gave ITSME81 hope as he now had a 15% shot at a stupendous outdraw. But there was to be no miracle river as the [10c] completed the board. For finishing as runner-up ITSME81 pocketed $3,116.59, whilst dydutz00 collected $4,25,48 for besting the field of 3,469.

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MicroMillions-037: $3.30 PL Omaha 6-max 2R1A
Entrants: 3,469 (4,306 re-buys, 1,378 add-ons)
Prize pool: $27,459.00
Places paid: 450

1. dydutz00 (Romania) $4,258,43
2. ITSME81 (Belgium) $3,116.59
3. hoooooray (Germany) $2,292.82
4. udream (Australia) $1,469.05
5. MoertoD (Latvia) $892.41
6. djbernado (Germany) $490.53

If you haven't taken part in MicroMillions 6 yet have no fear, there's still (at the time of writing) another 59 events up for grabs. Check out the full schedule here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions