MicroMillions 6: Eekmann eeks out the win in Event #60 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo)

Most poker players like their games with a little gamble in the them, which helps explain the popularity of Turbo games. MicroMillions Event #60 combined a Turbo format with unlimited $1 rebuys for three times longer than normal. It's a great structure for those looking to push buttons and take a shot to build a huge chip stack for when the rebuy period shuts down.

The tournament drew 25,584 players who hit the rebuy button 120,427 times and then topped of the tank with 14,861 add-ons. They all combined to create a $146,393.52 prizepool with the winner schedule to pick up almost $14,000.

It took just six hours to play down to the final table bubble and those last players never made it to hand-for-hand play as two were eliminated at the same time. Jenk184 lost a big hand at the same time and limped into the last nine while Finansist24 and vladko425 were at the head of the class at the start of play.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Don Den4ik (42,051,591 in chips)
Seat 2: alziendeoog (87,635,874 in chips)
Seat 3: Fobus666 (94,401,412 in chips)
Seat 4: peepee10 (19,732,176 in chips)
Seat 5: Jenk184 (3,063,606 in chips)
Seat 6: Nicolae1984 (155,323,392 in chips)
Seat 7: Eekmann (68,486,201 in chips)
Seat 8: Finansist24 (221,881,809 in chips)
Seat 9: vladko425 (191,286,939 in chips)

Jenk184 slides onto final table, eliminated in 9th

Jenk184 lost a massive pot on the hand just prior to the formation of the final table, 6♦6♥ to Q♥Q♣, to leave the German with less than one big blind. He called all-in from middle position with J♣4♣. aziendeoog called from the small blind and then folded after Fobus666 shoved from the big blind.

Fobus666 was ahead with 5♥5♣ and then hit a set on the A♦Q♥5♠ flop. Needing a miracle, Jenk184 did not get there with the 6♥ turn or A♠ river to be knocked out in 9th place for $731.

Don Den4ik gets cracked, eliminated in 8th

It took exactly one more hand before another big hand went down. Don Den4ik was surely happy to find A♣A♥ when sporting a short stack. Finansist24 started the hand by opening in middle position before Don Den4ik moved all-in for 41.6M. alziendeoog responded by shoving all-in over the top with T♦T♣and Finansist24 got out of the way.

Don Den4ik was clear for the double up on the 9♣9♦8♣ flop, alziendeoog picked up a gutshot draw on the Q♦ turn then spiked the T♠ river. It was a tough beat to send Don Den4ik out of the tournament in 8th place for $1,244.

peepee10 has to go, eliminated in 7th

The blinds increased shortly before there was a battle in the blinds for another bad beat. Action folded to Fobus666 in the small blind and he shoved with K♦T♥ and peepee10 instantly called in the big blind with A♥T♣.

peepee10 was holding a dominant hand that was quickly behind on the K♥4♣2♥ flop. The board left peepee10 looking for an Ace or running cards, the Q♣ added an inside straight draw. peepee10 missed all the outs on the T♠ river to be sent out in 7th place for $1,829.

alziendeoog runs into big hand, eliminated in 6th

The two bottom stacks found themselves in a tussle which resulted in a big showdown.

alziendeoog opened the action from UTG+1 and Eekmann called from the small blind before the 7♠J♣T♠ flop. Eekmann bet out 22M and alziendeoog called to the T♣ turn. Eekman checked the turn, alziendeoog bet 16.5M and Eekman check-raised to 44M which drew three-bet shove from alziendeoog.

alziendeoog was probably feeling great about his trip Tens holding A♣T♥ but was left drawing to one out against Eekmann's J♠J♦. The river J♥ gave Eekmann overkill quads and alziendeoog was left with just over one big blind. Those few chips went in the middle on the next hand when he actually managed to catch a hand.

It was a race between his A♥Q♠ and Nicolae1984's 8♣8♠. Alziendoog opponent once again hit the 8♦3♥3♦ to lose once again and be eliminated in 6th place for $2,635.

Finansist24 makes a move, eliminated in 5th

They paused the clock with five players remaining to work out a final table chop. It took more than one run of numbers before but they finally had a deal but 30 minutes later they were in agreement and back underway.

Finansist24 received the second biggest amount in the deal but lost two big hand before he moved all-in from the button with K♣4♦ for just under 100M and Fobus666 called from the big blind with A♣9♥. Finansist24 needed help to stay in the tournament and didn't find it on the T♥8♣5♣ flop.

The A♠ paired Fobus666 leaving Finansist24 drawing dead and gone from the touranment in 5th place for $8,957.

Fobus666 runs down Broadway, eliminated in 4th

It was just one short orbit before Nicolea1984 min-raised from under the gun and Fobus666 three-bet to 54M from the big blind. Nicolea1984 responded with a four-bet shove and Fobus666 called all-in.

Fobus666 was ahead for the big double with A♥Q♦ with Nicolea1984 showing T♥9♥. Fobus666 hit the Q♣J♠5♣ flop which also gave Nicolea1984 an open ended straight draw which got there on the K♦ turn. Fobus666 couldn't catch the A♦ river and was knocked out in 4th place for $6,843.

vladko425 gets staked, eliminated in 3rd

vladko425 picked up big pot against Nicolea1984 to move into 2nd of the 3 remaining players before running into a top starting hand in a short-handed situation. vladko425 opened with a raise from the button before Nicolea1984 shoved from the small blind.

Eekmann moved out of the way and vladko425 found his A♦6♣ was far behind the J♦J♣ of Nicoles1984. vladko425 didn't pick up an Ace or draws on the K♠3♣2♦ flop then totally missed the T♣ turn and 3♠ river to be sent out in 3rd place for $6,778.

Eekmann comes back heads up to win Event #60

Seat 6: Nicolae1984 (729,411,861 in chips)
Seat 7: Eekmann (154,451,139 in chips)

Nicolea1984 began heads up play with almost a 5-to-1 chip advantage but that quickly disappeared as Eekman proceeded to win the final seven hands of the tournament. The lead was almost gone after the fourth hand, Eekmann was ahead after the 6th hand before the final hand began with Nicolea1984 min-raising from the button.

Eekmann called to the 9♠7♦6♣ flop and checked-raised after Nicolea1984 bet 24M. It took four bets before Nicolea1984 called all-in with J♥9♣ for top pair against Eekmann's 9♦4♦ for top pair weak kicker. It looked like Nicolea1984 was ready to take the lead back after the 3♣ turn but Eekmann ended the tournament by pairing the weak kicked on the 4♠ river.

Nicolea1984 finished 2nd but grabbed $8,995 for the biggest payout of the tournament while Eekmann finished the heads up comeback to win $8,314 and the MicroMillions title.

MicroMillions-060: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo]
Entrants: 25,584 (120,427 re-buys, 14,861 add-ons)
Prize pool: $146,393.52
Places paid: 3,600

1. Eekmann (Estonia) $8,314.73*
2. Nicolea1984 (Romania) $8,995.27*
3. vladko425 (Slovakia) $6,778.98*
4. Fobus666 (Ukraine) $6,843.70
5. Finansist24 (Estonia) $$8957.13*
6. alziendeoog (Netherlands) $2,635.08
7. peepee10 (Czech Republic) $1,829.91
8. Don Den4ik (Russia) $1,244.34
9. Jenk184 (Russia) $731.96
* - denotes five-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions