MicroMillions 6: ElliottMitch fills up and takes down Event #43 ($3.30 6-Max)

In most tournaments, you have to wait until the river to know if you've won.

ElliottMitch didn't have to wait that long this time.

In the final hand of heads-up, ElliottMitch and negodri got it all-in on the flop. Our eventual champion showed two-pair while the runner-up tabled a flush draw.

negodri was hoping for a final flush card and had two streets, but then the turn filled ElliottMitch up and gave the player from the UK the MicroMillions title.

While the final five cards fell heavily in ElliotMitch's favor, it wasn't easy sailing. Despite taking the final table chip lead early on, ElliottMitch found himself as the shortstack a few times during the final table and started the heads-up match with a 2-1 chip deficit.

Aside from the final table, ElliottMitch also faced a massive field. A total of 13,461 players signed up for the 6-max festivities and they created a prize pool of $40,383.00, obliterating the $25K guarantee.

While 1,800 cashed, ElliottMitch took the lion's share of the prizepool, earning $5,541.89 for the victory.

The victory took over 10 hours to achieve, nine of which were spent making it to the final table.

Players finally reached that coveted piece of virtual felt after zbxzbx hit the rail in 7th.

Blinds were at 200K/400K with a 50K ante and zbxzbx was the tournament short stack with just 3.7 million. zbxzbx shoved from under-the-gun and Zombie1515 called from the big blind.

zbxzbx showed Q♥9♥ and was dominated by Zombie1515's Q♠J♣. The [10c]6♦A♥5♣3♣ board missed both players and Zombie1515 stayed in the lead.

zbxzbx became our final table bubble while Zombie1515 took over the tournament chip lead.

The Final Table


Seat 1: Zombie1515 - 16,758,366Seat 2: xorxe565 - 13,271,751Seat 3: ElliottMitch - 10,606,167Seat 4: kenyer8 - 6,656,660Seat 5: negodri - 11,004,490Seat 6: quixote123 - 9,007,566

Zombie1515's lead didn't last long as ElliottMitch started chipping up. First, ElliottMitch took a big pot off of xorxe565:

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ElliotMitch then took down a few more pots and went up to 21 million, taking over the lead.

Then we had our first called all-in at the final table. It was a big pot sparked by big pocket pairs.

Blinds were 250K/500K with a 62.5K ante and xorxe565 raised to 1.2 million from under-the-gun. kenyer8 moved all-in for 5.86 million from the cutoff and negodri re-shoved for 9.08 million from the button.

The remaining players folded and kenyer8 showed A♥A♣ while negodri tabled J♥J♦. The board brought no miracles for negodri and kenyer8 doubled up to 14.04 million while negodri dipped to 3.22 million.

Then negodri got a double up of his own the next hand. negodri shoved from the cutoff with Q♣8♣ and Zombie1515 called from the small blind with K♠[10h].

A Q♠ came on the river and doubled negodri up to 7.20 million.


Cycles, it always comes in cycles. After the series of double ups, we got a few eliminations.

quixote123 moved all-in for 5.63 million from under-the-gun and kenyer8 called from the small blind.

quixote123: A♦J♠
kenyer8: Q♥Q♣

The board fell 5♠8♣9♠7♦J♦ and quixote123 became our first final table casualty. quixote123 earned $488.23 for the 6th place finish while kenyer8 chipped up to 19.80 million.

We lost another short stack two hands later.

Action folded to Zombie1515 in the big blind, who moved all-in for 15.31 million.

xorxe565 called all-in for 3.67 million with A♦8♣ and was ahead of Zombie1515's [10s]7♣.

Then the 6♥K♦7♦ flop gave Zombie1515 a pair of sevens and a 9♥ on the turn and an 8♥ improved his hand to a straight.

xorxe565 was eliminated in 5th place and won $807.66.

Zombie1515 on the other hand chipped up to 19.29 million and quickly won another pot to go back to second in chips.


Despite the large chip stack after xorxe565's elimination, Zombie1515 would be the next to go.

Zombie1515 lost a series of small pots and was down to about 14 million before taking some heavy damage.

Blinds were 400K/800K with a 100K ante and kenyer8 raised to 1.6 million from under-the-gun. negodri re-raised all-in for 12.54 million from the button and Zombie1515 re-shoved for 14.39 million from the small blind.

The other two players folded and we had 27.88 million flip when Zombie1515 showed A♦K♥ to negodri's J♣J♥.

The board ran 4♣9♠4♠9♦2♠ and negodri doubled up to 27.88 million while Zombie1515 was left with 1.85 million.

Zombie1515 then stuck around for two more hands before negodri finished the job.

Zombie1515 open-shoved from under-the-gun and negodri called from the big blind. Zombie1515 showed 9♣8♣ and negodri tabled [10s]4♣.

The 4♠4♦J♣ flop fell heavily in negodri's favor and then a J♦ came on the turn to give him a full house.

negodri went up to 30.14 million while Zombie1515 hit the virtual rail.

For finishing 4th, Zombie1515 got $1,413.40 deposited into his account.


negodri then lost a few pots and then the remaining three players hovered around even for some time. They passed around pots and the chip lead like an inverse game of hot potato.

Cold potato?

Things finally took a turn when negodri was down to 16 million and doubled up:

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A few hands later, negodri took the rest of kenyer8's stack.

With 500K/1M blinds and a 125K ante, ElliottMitch raised to 2 million from the button and kenyer8 moved all-in for 13.13 million from the small blind. negodri re-shoved from the big and ElliottMitch folded.

kenyer8: A♦3♠
negodri: A♥Q♥

kenyer8 was dominated and got no help on the K♦5♣9♣3♦Q♣ board.

kenyer8 was eliminated in 3rd and got a $2,624.89 payday for the finish.

Heads Up

negodri had a 2-to-1 lead going into the match, but the roles quickly reversed. After passing around a few small pots, negodri raised to 2.4 million and ElliottMitch re-raised all-in for 21.48 million.

negodri called with A♥4♣ and EliottMitch was in the lead with 8♥8♦. The board fell J♥Q♠3♥K♦6♦ and ElliottMitch doubled up to 43.26 million while negodri was left with 24.05 million.

The stacks stayed at around the same size until ElliottMitch ended the tournament.

negodri started the last hand of the tournament with 25.27 million and raised to 2.8 million. ElliottMitch called and the flop came K♠4♠Q♦.

ElliottMitch checked and negodri moved all-in for 22.30 million. ElliottMitch called and showed two-pair with K♦4♦ to negodri's flush draw, [10s]8♠.

A K♥ came on the turn to give ElliottMitch a full house and the river was a taunting 9♠.

negodri won $3,836.38 for finishing 2nd while ElliottMitch became the newest MicroMillions champion, a title worth $5,541.89.

MicroMillions-43: $3.30 NL Hold'em [6-Max]
Entrants: 13,461
Prize pool: $40,383.00
Places paid: 1,800

1. ElliottMitch (United Kingdom) $5,541.89
2. negodri (Brazil) $3,836.38
3. kenyer8 (Hungary) $2,624.89
4. Zombie1515 (Canada) $1,413.40
5. xorxe565 (Greece) $807.66
6. quixote123 (Denmark) $488.23

That's another MicroMillions event in the blog log but there's still plenty of action to go. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a schedule of the remaining events, including qualifiers to each one.

Until next time MicroMillionaires.

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