MicroMillions 6: fafej finishes strong to win Event #41 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo)

MicroMillions Event #41 was a big one on the schedule with a small $1 buy-in, huge guarantee, and extended time to register and rebuy. The levels were shorter but the 3x-Turbo structure gave players three times more levels to rebuy. Players had 90 minutes to hit the rebuy button and they did it 156,973 times during those levels. Added with the 32,880 entrants and 19,394 and this $1 tournament created a prizepool of $190,414.

Once the rebuy period was over, players began dropping at an impressive rate. The average stack hovered around 10-15 big blinds for most of the tournament generating non-stop action. It only took six hours to narrow those 32,880 entrants down to the final nine but not without a little drama.

Two tables remained when Renrules pushed all-in from under the gun with 8♥7♥ and was called by Marat Tash1 in the cutoff with K♦Q♦ setting up and rollercoast hand. The 8♦5♠5♦ gave Renrules top but a flush draw for Marat Tash1 which he proceeded to hit on the 7♦, also giving Renrules two pair. The up-and-down hand finished when Renrules pulled the pot with the 8♣ rivered boat.

It was a big pot for Renrules but he would not stick around for the final while Marat Tash1 took the hit but stayed strong to make it there in the middle of the pack.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: elgatrumberu (120,662,376 in chips)
Seat 2: Bino0 (94,051,519 in chips)
Seat 3: hoerman6565 (120,935,342 in chips)
Seat 4: King_86_rus (296,940,194 in chips)
Seat 5: fafej (137,765,398 in chips)
Seat 6: AsBest87 (90,549,537 in chips)
Seat 7: KAMPIOTIS (144,312,526 in chips)
Seat 8: Marat Tash1 (123,104,682 in chips)
Seat 9: notis_s81 (23,057,426 in chips)

Blinds: 4m/8m with 800k ante

notis_s81 can't comeback, eliminated in 9th

notis_s81 began the final table with by far the shortest stack of the nine with less than four blinds and took a shot with a third of it in the big blind. AsBest87 opened to 20m and it folded around to notis_s81 who called.

notis_s81: Q♣8♣
AsBest87: A♠5♦

notis_s81 had two live cards to the flop when AsBest87 paired J♦T♣5♠ leaving notis_s81 looking for a Queen on Eight. The rest of the board ran out blanks 7♣ turn and 3♦ to send notis_s81 out early at the final table in 9th place for $902.

Bino0 off to the races, eliminated in 8th

Action lasted awhile after the early elimination with some hand including Marat Tash1 moving into the chiplead with a huge double up to over 300m. Bino0 was headed in the other direction and was in dire straits when he open-shoved for 51m from under the gun.

Marat Tash1 kept the hot hand and called the bet from the small to flip a coin for the knockout. Bino0 was all-in with J♠J♦ against Marat Tash1 with A♣Q♦ and it was decided in a hurry on the A♦Q♣5♠ flop. It was down to the two Jacks in the deck or right straight cards but they all missed the 5♥ turn and 3c] river. Bino0 had a tough time at the final table but collect $1,534 for 8th place while Marat Tash1 took a commanding lead.

hoerman6565 fights back, eliminated in 7th

Another extended period without an elimination had the blinds where it cost 18m in the big making for a lot of stacks in the critical zone. hoerman6565 was one of those stacks and moved all-in from the big blind after King_86_rus min-raised under the gun.

King_86_rus called the shove with K♦Q♦ up against A♠T♥ and hit early on the K♣7♠6♥ flop leaving hoerman6565 looking for an Ace. The 3♠ turn was drama free as well as the 2♣ river and hoerman6565 was the next out in 7th place for $2,254.

elgatrumberu runs into leader, eliminated in 6th

King_86_rus took over the chiplead by eliminating hoerman6565 and almost immediately went after the new short stack. elgatrumberu was the chipleader when the tournament was down to two tables but it was downhill from there.

elgatrumberu open shoved from the under the gun with J♦9♦ and King_86_rus called immediately behind with 3♠3♥for a heads up showdown. elgatrumberu managed to hit an over-card on the J♣3♦2♠ flop but King_86_rus was way ahead with middle set. It would take a miracle to stay alive and it started with the 6♦ but it wasn't in the cards when the J♥ was too little. elgatrumberu finished with trip Jacks but was knocked out in 6th place for $3,248.

AsBest87 not best, eliminated in 5th

Five players were left and three of those had under 10 big blinds and the orbits were flying. Next to take a shot was AsBest87 who shipped it in from under the gun and it was fellow short stack fafej who made the call in the big blind.

AsBest87: A♦5♥
fafej: A♣K♦

AsBest87 was all-in against a dominating hand but picked up a gutshot wheel draw on the T♦3♠2♣ but blanked on the 8♠ turn. It was down to a Four or Five on the river but it was fafej who paired the K♥ river instead. AsBest87 was the latest small stack to go down in 5th place for $4,870.

KAMPIOTIS can't capitalize, eliminated in 4th

It took exactly one hand before the next all-in and call with fafej playing the villain once again starting with a min-raise from the small blind. KAMPIOTIS shoved and fafej came along with the big Q♠Q♥ leaving KAMPIOTIS looking for help holding Q♦J♦.

Nothing special on the K♦7♠2♣ flop but KAMPIOTIS picked up an open-ended straight draw thanks to the T♣ turn. It wasn't meant to be and KAMPIOTIS was knocked out on the 8♣ river in 4th place for $6,493.

Marat Tash1 crashes, eliminated in 3rd

The final three players immediately paused the clock to discuss a three-way deal. The negotiations took several minutes to complete but the two Russians and Romanian were able to hammer it out.

Marat Tash1 shoved all-in from the small blind shortly after the tournament resumed and fafej was again looking for a knockout. Marat Tash1 was in with T♥T♣ against K♠Q♥ and everything looked good on the A♣8♠4♥ flop. The turn was unkind with the Q♦ and it was trip Queens on the Q♠ river to send Marat Tash1 out in 3rd place for $11,225.

fafej finishes strong to win Event #41

fafej ran hot when it counted, at the end of the tournament and used that streak to eliminate the last four players in the tournament including a quick mop up job against former chipleader King_86_rus. It would take a miracle for the Russian to comeback from the chip deficit but it wasn't meant to be. King_86_rus was the runner-up for $$11,956 while fafej is a MicrMillions champion for $14,606.

MicroMillions-041: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo]
Entrants: 32,880 (156,973 re-buys, 19,394 add-ons)
Prize pool: $190,414.77
Places paid: 4,275

1. fafej (Romania) $14,606.23*
2. King_86_rus (Russia) $11,956.74*
3. Marat Tash1 (Russia) ($11,225.90*
4. KAMPIOTIS (Greece) $6,493.14
5. AsBest87 (Germany) $4,870.80
6. elgatrumberu (Czech Republic) $3,248.47
7. hoerman6565 (Germany) $2,254.51
8. Bino0 (Germany) $1,534.74
9. notis_s81 (Greece) $902.56
* - denotes three-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions