MicroMillions 6: FLO NF mounts come-from-behind victory in Event #8 [$4.40 NL, 2x Chance]

With four players remaining, FLO NF (Romania) clung onto the smallest stack. After agreeing to a deal to chop up the remaining prize money, the tides instantly turned for FLO NF, who methodically and surgically picked off all three remaining player to become the newest MicroMillions 6 champion.

MicroMillions 6 Event #8 $4.40 NL [2x Chance] attracted 10,196 runners. They added 4,857 re-buys in this two-bullet tournament to boost the prize pool to $60,212. The top 1,350 places paid out with $8,604.94 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Online Tyler "frosty012" Frost was one of the familiar faces seeking a MicroMillions crown. Unfortunately, Frost missed the money when he busted in 3,486th place.

With ten players remaining, action went hand-for-hand. Farjack's A♥9♥ lost to marishka1995's J♠T♠. Although marishka1995 flopped a gutshot draw, the turn gave marishka1995 two pair, which eventually held up. Canada's Farjack bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


MicroMillions 6 Event #8 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: doc836 (12,271,083)
Seat 2: FLO NF (7,486,897)
Seat 3: marishka1995 (1,701,450)
Seat 4: HundTore (16,600,512)
Seat 5: krufna1 (2,971,974)
Seat 6: hopster_nz (1,962,500)
Seat 7: AreOut (2,114,277)
Seat 8: irakli_26 (28,225,299)
Seat 9: Texasfiju (1,931,008)

The final table commenced during Level 46 with blinds at 150K/300K and a 37.5K ante. Russia's irakli_26 held the lead with a mountain of chips worth 28 million, while marishka1995 took on short stack honors with 1.7 million.

krufna1 eliminated in 9th place

The final table played out a full level before the first player hit the road. doc836 min-raised to 600,000 and krufna1 called from the big blind. The flop was K♣T♣4♦. krufna1 checked, doc836 fired out 900K, krufna1 min-check-raised to 1.8 million, doc836 shoved all-in for 15,008,583, and krufna1 called all-in for 3,093,948.

doc836: A♠K♠
krufna1: K♦Q♠

Both players flopped a pair of Kings, but doc836 led with Big Slick and a supreme kicker. The turn was the 2♥ and the river was the 2♦. doc836 dragged the pot with two pair -- Kings and Dueces -- with an Ace-kicker. Russia's krufna1 failed to improve and busted out in ninth place, which paid out $421.48.

marishka1995 eliminated in 8th place

Another super shorty was the next player to go. When doc836 min-raised to 1 million, marishka1995 decided to make a final stand with A♠4♥ and called all-in for 193,300. Although doc836 trailed with Q♠J♠, the board ran out Q♣9♥7♦3♣6♥. doc836 took the lead on the flop and never relinquished it. Russia's marishka1995 was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $662.33.

hopster_nz eliminated in 7th place

The liquidation of short stacks continued when HundTore opened with a raise to 1,050,000, hopster_nz called all-in for 700,000, and doc836 called from the big blind. Three-way pot. Both players checked it down to the river. The board ran out J♣4♦4♠J♠K♦.

doc836: A♣T♥
HundTore: A♠9♣
hopster_nz: MUCKED HAND

Both doc836 and HundTore chopped the pot with two pair -- Jacks and fours -- and with an Ace-kicker. Australia's hopster_nz mucked his hand and busted out in seventh place, which paid out $1204.24.

With six players remaining, irakli_26 retained the lead with 27.1 million, but doc836 was closing in with 22.3 million. The short stack honors went to FLO NF, who held on with a shade under 2.7 million.

Texasfiju eliminated in 6th place

Classic race. AreOut raised to 1,675,000, Texasfiju bombed it all-in for 4,303,070, and AreOut called. AreOut led slightly with 3♦3♣ versus Texasfiju's A♠Q♠. The board ran out 9♥7♠5♥5♠6♣ and Texasfiju failed to improve. AreOut dragged the pot with two pair -- fives and treys. Texasfiju busted in sixth place, which paid out $1,806.36.

irakli_26 eliminated in 5th place

The former chipleader, irakli_26, incurred a wicked bad beat when A♥9♠ lost to FLO NF's K♣Q♥. FLO NF spiked a pair of Kings on the river and doubled through irakli_26, who lost more than half his stack. A couple of hands later, irakli_26 got knocked out.

AreOut shoved from the small blind for 22,853,070, and irakli_26 called all-in for 5,493,336. Although AreOut trailed with J♠T♥ against irakli_26's K♥3♣, the board ran out 9♦5♣4♦3♦T♦. AreOut rivered a pair of tens to win the pot. Russia's busted in fifth place, which paid out $2,408.48.


With four to go, action was paused to discuss a money chop. With four players remaining, AreOut held onto the big stack worth 29.3 million and doc836 was second overall with 18.5 million. The ICM figures were floated: AreOut ($6,332.61), HundTone ($5,406.91), doc836 ($5,369.25), and FLO NF ($4,811.81) with $500 left on the table to the eventual champion. The final four quickly agreed to the terms and play resumed.

doc836 eliminated in 4th place

Battle of the blinds... doc836 shoved from the small blind for 2,992,423 and FLO NF called from the big blind. FLO NF appeared to be in trouble with 7♣5♣ against doc836's Q♠3♣, however the board ran out 8♠8♣6♠9♦6♥. FLO NF turned a nine-high straight and that's all she wrote for doc836. Russia's doc836 locked up $5,369.25 for fourth place.

HundTore eliminated in 3rd place

FLO NF min-raised to 1.6 million, HundTore bombed it all-in for 10,725,545, and FLO NF called. HundTore jousted with K♦Q♣ against FLO NF's A♦T♠, but the board ran out 7♣5♥3♦5♠J♦. Neither player improved their hand, however, FLO NF shipped the pot with a pair of fives and an Ace-kicker. For a third-place finish, Norway's HundTore earned $5,406.91.

HEADS-UP: AreOut (Montenegro) vs. FLO NF (Romania)
Seat 2: FLO NF (45,945,000)
Seat 7: AreOut (29,320,000)

Heads-up lasted less than five minutes. Although FLO NF came in with a 26 million chip edge, AreOut won a sizable pot early on (without going to show down) to seize the lead as the two flip-flopped. Alas, FLO NF won six out of the next 8 hands to regain the lead.

AreOut eliminated in 2nd place; FLO NF wins MicroMillions Event #8!

FLO NF won a decisive pot worth 74.2 million after flushing out AreOut with A♠5♠ versus K♣7♠ on a board of K♠9♠6♦8♥8♠. They got all the money in on the flop. AreOut led with a pair of Kings and FLO NF held a nut-flush draw. AreOut turned an open-ended straight draw, but FLO NF picked up a couple more outs with a gutshot draw. Alas, FLO NF rivered an Ace-high flush. FLO NF crippled AreOut, who held fewer than 1 million in chips. AreOut was sent packing on the ensuing hand.

On the final knock-out hand, AreOut was all-in from the big blind. AreOut made a final stand with 8♥4♠ against FLO NF's K♦3♣. The board ran out 9♥7♦3♥3♠7♠. FLO NF turned trip treys but improved to an unnecessary full house on the river. Meanwhile, AreOut could only muster up two pair and failed to improve.

For an impressive runner-up performance, Montenegro's AreOut took home $6,332.61 under terms of the four-way deal.

Congrats to FLO NF from Romania for winning MicroMillions 6 Event #8, which paid out a first-place prize worth $5,311.81.

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MicroMillions-008: $4.40 NL [2x Chance]
Entrants: 10,196 (4,857 re-buys)
Prize pool: $60,212
Places paid: 1350

1. FLO NF (Romania) - $5,311.81 **
2. AreOut (Montenegro) - $6,332.61 **
3. HundTone (Norway) - $5,406.91 **
4. doc836 (Russia) - $5,369.25 **
5. irakli_26 (Russia) - $2,408.48
6. Texasfiju (Slovakia) - $1,806.36
7. hopster_nz (Australia) - $1,204.24
8. marishka1995 (Russia) - $662.33
9. krufna1 (Russia) - $421.48

** Denotes a four-way deal

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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