MicroMillions 6: fzmas annihilates Courchevel final table to win Event #79 [$3.30 PL Courchevel]

I don't speak Swedish, but I think "fzmas" is loosely translated as "terminator." With seven players remaining in MicroMillions Event #79 Pot-limit Courchevel, fzmas took out all six opponents including the final three players in only four hands. That's right, three players liquidated in only four hands. Courchevel must come easy to fzmas, who encountered very little resistance en route to a rather easy victory.

MicroMillions 6 Event #70 $3.30 PL Courchevel attracted 2,493 runners. These bodacious and adventurous Courchevel enthusiasts boosted the prize pool to $7,479.00. The top 320 places paid out with $1,273.45 set aside to the eventual champion.

With nine remaining, action went hand-for-hand. Sweden's fzmas had amassed the biggest stack with 3 million, while two short stacks, Sabr1988 and kuzbass 71, were trying to keep their heads above water with under 500K apiece.

Sabr1988 became the unfortunate "bubble boy" after getting it all-in preflop with J♠ flashing as the door card. Sabr1988's A♥A♣K♣5♠5♥ lost to tapadeli's A♦K♥J♣9♥6♣ when the board ran out K♦Q♣J♥7♠2♦. tapadeli won the pot with two pair and Sabr1988 bubbled off the final table in ninth place. The final table of eight was set.


Event #79 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: pulya1980 (1,537,172)
Seat 2: tapadeli (1,032,425)
Seat 3: kuzbass 71 (762,078)
Seat 4: hustler1984 (496,763)
Seat 5: avictoria (1,396,307)
Seat 6: ivanvilchez8 (1,747,256)
Seat 7: fzmas (3,067,713)
Seat 8: nastine666 (2,425,286)

The Courchevel final table commenced during Level 41 with blinds at 60K and 120K. fzmas held a firm lead with 3 million, while hustler1984 clung to the short stack with a shade under 500K.

tapadeli eliminated in 8th place

It did not take very long before someone became the first casualty at the final table. With 9♦ showing as the door card... pulya1980 min-raised 240,000 and tapadeli called all in for 150,347.

pulya1980: 9♣9♥6♥4♠2♦
tapadeli: Q♦Q♠J♥T♠2♣

The board ran out 9♦8♣2♥5♣3♥. pulya1980 flopped a set of nines, but rivered a six-high straight to win the pot. tapadeli flopped a straight draw, but failed to improve. Argentina's tapadeli became the first player to exit at the final table and hit the road in eighth place, which paid out $74.79.

hustler198 eliminated in 7th place

Canada's hustler198 was on life support after getting crippled and nearly obliterated in a previous hand. The hand that finally did him in... the 7♦ was the door card, so big-stacked bully fzmas opened to a heady raise of 420,000, super-short hustler1984 called all-in 66,763, and avictoria also called (fzma's original raise) from the big blind. Three-handed. On a flop of 7♦7♠3♥, fzmas fired out 97,676 and avictoria foled. Heads-up. Both players tabled their cards:

fzmas: 7♣6♠5♥5♦4♠
hustler1984: A♦Q♣9♥8♦6♣

The turn was the 6♥ and the river was the 3♠. fzmas flopped trips and turned a full house to win the pot. hustler1984 could only muster up two pair -- sevens and sixes. For a seventh-place finish, hustler1984 collected $149.58.

ivanvilchez8 eliminated in 6th place

On first street, the 9♠ was visible. ivanvilchez8 opened to 490,000, fzmas bumped it up to 1,610,000, and ivanvilchez8 called all-in 467,256.

fzmas: A♦A♥7♣7♥3♦
ivanvilchez8: A♣K♣Q♣Q♦8♥

fzmas was ahead with Aces against Queens. The board ran out 9♠6♠4♥4♠T♣. Both players only improved to two pair, but fzmas's two pair (Aces and fours) was superior to ivanvilchez8's two pair (Queens and fours). Argentina's ivanvilchez8 busted out in sixth place, which paid out $224.37.

kuzbass eliminated in 5th place

Another shorty bid goodbye. With 9♣ showing on first street, short-stacked kuzbass 71 open-shoved for 174,156 and both fzmas and nastine666 called. On a flop of J♦9♣8♥, fzmas fired out 480,000 and nastine666 bailed. Heads-up.

fzmas: K♣Q♣T♠8♦5♦
kuzbass 71: A♣K♦9♦5♥4♦

fzmas flopped a straight and kuzbass 71 was in deep trouble. The turn was the 3♥ and the river was the J♠. kuzbass 71's two pair was no match against fzmas's Queen-high straight. fzmas dragged the pot and added more chips to his big stack. Russia's kuzbass 71 went busto in fifth place, which paid out $373.95.

avictoria eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed went quick. If you blinked, you missed the action. The 8♣ was the door card. avictoria opened to 700,000, fzmas bumped it up to 2.3 million, and avictoria called all-in for 936,307.

fzmas: Q♣Q♦T♥8♦7♣
avictoria: K♠Q♠Q♥J♣5♦

The board ran out 9♣8♣7♦3♠2♣. Unfortunately, avictoria did not improve on a pair of Queens and lost to fzmas's rivered Queen-high flush. Germany's avictoria took home $523.53 for a fourth-place finish.

nastine666 eliminated in 3rd place

On the very next hand, Brazil's nastine666 met an unfortunate fate. Guess what appeared as the door card? Yes, another ominousrominous nine! The 9♦ was exposed on first street, fzmas opened to 700,000, nastine666 bombed it all-in for 2,011,130, and fzmas called.

nastine666: K♦Q♥9♥7♦4♠
fzmas: A♣Q♣9♣8♣3♦

The board ran out J♠J♦9♦5♠8♥. Both players had two pair -- Jacks and nines -- however, fzmas held an Ace-kicker and won the pot. Belarus' nastine666 busted out in third place, which paid out $707.81.

HEADS-UP: pulya1980 (Russia) vs. fzmas (Sweden)
Seat 1: pulya1980 (2,617,519 in chips)
Seat 7: fzmas (9,847,481 in chips)

With two remaining, fzmas held a commanding lead approximately 4-to-1, however. Although heads-up only lasted two hands, fzmas lost the first pot and coughed up a major advantage.

pulya1980 eliminated in 2nd place; fzmas is the new Courchevel champion!

On the first hand of heads up, pulya1980 avoided a quickie elimination and doubled up. pulya1980 won the first pot with full boat holding A♣K♠Q♣6♦6♣ against fzmas' A♠8♣7♠4♠3♥ after the board ran out A♦Q♠Q♦J♦4♥. pulya1980 dodged a bullet, as fzmas' lead was trimmed to only two million (7.2 million to 5.2 million).

Despite the initial setback, fzmas stopped pulya1980's comeback dead cold. On the second hand of heads-up, delivered a knock-out blow.

On the final hand of the tournament, fzmas flopped a flush and that's all she wrote. Another nine as the door card, with the 9♠ exposed on first street. fzmas raised to 600,000, pulya1980 bumped it up to 1,400,000, and fzmas called. The flop was J♠9♠4♠. pulya1980 fired out 2,800,000, and fzmas called. The turn was the 5♣, pulya1980 bet 1,035,038, and fzmas called.

pulya1980: Q♥9♦9♣5♦2♣
fzmas: Q♣J♣T♠6♠2♦

The T♦ fell on the river, which did not held pulya1980. fzmas won the hand with a flopped flush.

For a soulful and hard-nosed runner-up performance, Russia's pulya1980 collected $897.48.

Congrats to Sweden's fzmas for winning Event #79 Courchevel and taking home a first-place prize worth $1,273.45.

MicroMillions-079 $3.30 PL Courchevel
Entrants: 2,493
Prize pool: $7,479.00
Place paid: 320

1. fzmas (Sweden) - $1,273.45
2. pulya1980 (Russia) - $897.48
3. nastine666 (Belarus) - $707.81
4. avictoria (Germany) - $523.53
5. kuzbass 71 (Russia) - $373.95
6. ivanvilchez8 (Argentina) - $224.37
7. hustler1984 (Canada) - $149.58
8. tapadeli (Argentina) - $74.79

MicroMillions is almost over! For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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