MicroMillions 6: Germany's heifra 41 binks Event #2 ($1 NL Re-buy, 3x Turbo)

Sometimes you don't have to have the biggest stack at the start of the final table to win a tournament. With nine players to go, Germany's heifra 41 held onto the third-best stack when the final table commenced. Trailing the leader by almost 300 million? No problem. The daunting task did not deter heifra 41, who hung back for the start of the final table and waited until action got short-handed to make a momentous run. Once it got to four-handed, heifra 41 picked off the final three players en route to a victory in MicroMillions 6.

The first day of MicroMillions 6 kicked off with a juicy "triple turbo" re-buy event. MicroMillions Event #2 $1+R NL (Re-buy, 3x-Turbo) attracted 47,388 entries, or enough runners to fit a football stadium. They added 188,821 re-buys and 24,418 add-ons to boost the prize pool to $237,170.57, which well exceeded the original $150,000 guarantee. The top 5,967 places paid out with a whopping $18,436.54 set aside to the eventual champion. Not a bad pay day for an initial $1 investment.


MicroMillions Event # 2 - Final Table - Chip Counts:
Seat 1: 25uk05 (42,443,070)
Seat 2: filip-0112 (101,607,452)
Seat 3: MegaLidia (442,040,776)
Seat 4: 9dodi9 (50,055,350)
Seat 5: heifra 41 (143,510,072)
Seat 6: brisa5220 (70,488,528)
Seat 7: KronoPP (85,549,887)
Seat 8: slayertompa (364,955,301)
Seat 9: WVbeatle (140,513,564)

When the final table commenced, MegaLidia from Portugal held the lead with 442 Million, while Ukraine's 25uk05 clung to a short stack with a mere 42 million. Yes, a huge gap, worth 400 Million, existed between the chip leader and the shorty.

25uk05 eliminated in ninth place

The shortest stack at the final table became the first player to make an exit. Big stacked MegaLidia opened to 16 million, heifra 41 called, 25uk05 moved all-in for 40,843,070, MegaLidia re-raised all-in for 459,640,776, heifra 41 called all-in for 125,910,072. Three-way pot.

MegaLidia: K♥7♠
heifra 41: J♥J♣
25uk05: 8♦8♣

MegaLidia was in trouble against two pocket pairs. The board ran out J♠5♠5♣9♥A♣. MegaLidia could only muster up a pair of fives. heifra 41 won the main pot and side pot with a full house -- Jacks full of fives. Meanwhile, short stack 25uk05 headed to the rail in ninth place, which paid out $962.91.

9dodi9 eliminated in 8th place

Anther shorty bit the dust. 9dodi9 open-shoved for 29,455,350 and brisa5220 called. 9dodi9 trailed with A♦8♦ against brisa5220's A♠K♦. The board ran out K♣6♣5♠4♠8♠. A King on the flop sunk 9dodi9 original hopes, but 9dodi picked up a gutshot redraw on the turn for a glimmer of hope. However, brisa5220 faded a straight and won the pot with a pair of Kings. For an eighth-place finish, Austria's 9dodi9 took home $1,641.22.

WVbeatle eliminated in 7th place

MegaLidia min-raised to 24 million, WVbeatle bumped it up to 64,113,564, and MegaLidia called. WVbeatle made a final stand with T♥T♠ against MegaLidia's A♣7♦. Alas, the board ran out J♦6♥2♦A♥9♣. MegaLidia seized the lead on the turn and won the pot with a pair of Aces. Unfortunately, WVbeatle's pocket tens failed to improve. The end. For seventh place, Latvia's WVbeatle earned $2,412.02.

KronoPP eliminated in 6th place

With six remaining... KronoPP open-shoved for 36,449,887. MegaLidia re-raised to 72 million in hopes of isolating, however heifra 41 called as well. Three-way pot. The flop was T♣7♣2♥. MegaLidia checked, heifra 41 fired out 192 million and MegaLidia bailed. Heads-up. Both players tabled their cards. heifra 41 held the lead with Q♦Q♣ vs. KronoPP's 3♠3♥. The turn was the 3♣ and KronoPP turned a set, but heifra 41 picked up outs for a four flush. Alas, the 5♣ spiked on the river, which filled in a Queen-high flush for heifra 41. Unfortunately, KronoPP was flushed out in sixth place, which paid out $3,472.17.

dilip-0112 eliminated in fifth place

Action did not last five-handed for very long before filip-0112 moved all-in for 33,107,452, big stack MegaLidia re-raised to 52.5 million, brisa5220 bombed it all-in for 79,232,406, and MegaLidia called. Three-way pot.

brisa5220: A♣A♦
filip-0112: Q♦9♥

Heck of time to wake up with wired Aces for brisa5220! The board ran out Q♠3♠3♣7♠K♦. brisa5220's Aces held up and won the main pot and side pot with Aces and treys. MegaLidia lost the side pot with fours and treys. Although filip-0112 hit a bit of the flop with a pair of Queens, that was not enough to win to stave off elimination. For a fifth-place finish, filip-0112 collected $5,203.52.

slayertompa eliminated in 4th place

MegaLidia min-raised to 36 million, heifra 41 bumped it to 142.2 million, slayertompa re-raised all-in to 247,655,301, which prompted MegaLidia to fold, but heifra 41 called. Heads-up and heifra 41 took A♠K♥ into battle against slayertompa's A♦Q♠. The board ran out A♥T♥4♣6♥6♠. Both players flopped an Ace and had two pair -- Aces and sixes -- however, slayertompa was outkicked by heifra 41's Big Slick. For a fourth-place performance, Sweden's slayertompa took home $6,939.61.

MegaLidia eliminated in 3rd place

One-time chip leader bowed out in third place. MegaLidia four-bet shoved for 221,461,862 and got it all-in preflop with J♣J♦ against heifra 41's K♦Q♣. The board finished up Q♠T♦7♥A♣8♠. A Queen on the flop gave heifra 41 the lead. Although MegaLidia turned a Broadway gutshot draw, heifra 41 faded a King and dragged the pot with a pair of Queens. Pocket Jacks cracked for MegaLidia. Third place paid out $8,689.92.

HEADS-UP: heifra 41 (Germany) vs. brisa5220 (Portugal)

Going into the final hand, brisa5220 held almost a 3 to 1 chip advantage.

brisa5220 eliminated in second place; heifra 41 wins MicroMillions Event #2!

Down to the final two players. After almost seven hours of play, it was all over when brisa5220 bombed it all-in for 286,544,528 and heifra 41 called. heifra 41 led with A♦8♠ versus brisa5220's A♠3♥. The board ran out J♠9♦9♠7♦8♦. brisa5220's hand did not improve and heifra 41 dragged the pot with Aces up and two pair -- Aces and Eights. The so-called "dead man's hand" was a winner for heifra 41.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Portugal's brisa5220 won $13,291.03.

Congrats to the newest MicroMillions champion! Germany's heifra 41 earned $18,436.54 for an impressive victory.

Check out the final hand in the re-player:

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MicroMillions-002: $1+R NL [3x-Turbo] - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 47,388 (188,821 re-buys and 24,418 add-ons)
Prize pool: $237,170.57
Places paid: 5,967

1. heifra 41 (Germany) - $18,436.54
2. brisa5220 (Portugal) - $13,291.03
3. MegaLidia (Portugal) - $8,689.92
4. slayertompa (Sweden) - $6,939.61
5. dilip-0112 (Croatia) - $5,203.52
6. KronoPP (Hungary) - $3,472.17
7. WVbeatle (Latvia) - $2,412.02
8. 9dodi9 (Austria) - $1,641.22
9. 25uk05 (Ukraine) - $962.91

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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