MicroMillions 6: Hustled by J hustled and won Event #55 ($2.20 NLHE)

Things can change quickly in No Limit Hold'em, but it takes a lot of patience and selective aggression to take down a massive chip leader. Parmenid89 looked like the runaway champion with stacks that were overwhelming at times, but hustled by J was never far behind. And during three-handed play, hustled by J made moves that took over the chip lead and eventually the title.


As MicroMillions 6 passed the halfway mark of the online poker tournament series, Event 55 offered what the vast majority of the players wanted - regular, low buy-in No Limit Hold'em action. This was a $2.20 buy-in tournament for those players with a stellar $10K guarantee.

The popularity of the tournament shined through as the field grew, and when registration closed, the prize pool more than doubled past the original guarantee. Check out these numbers:

Players: 10,705
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Prize pool: $21,410.00
Paid players: 1,350

Play moved rather quickly once the money bubble burst, and only two tables remained as the eight-hour mark approached. Parmenid89, hustled by J, and lakias888 held the top three spots on the leaderboard, but the double-ups were happening regularly and had the potential to change everything.

However, those three players were able to remain at the top, while others struggled as the final table neared. Juneko pushed all-in on that bubble with 9♦8♦, and original UTG raiser lakias888 called with K♠4♠. And the king held up as the best kicker to the 5♥J♠T♣A♥6♠ board, leaving lakias888 out in tenth place with $111.33.

Parmenid89 pulls far ahead to start final table

The final table began in Level 44, with blinds at 70K/140K, a 17,500 ante, and players' starting stacks as follows:

Seat 1: Tr!pleeeee (2,091,756 in chips)
Seat 2: bertollini1 (2,641,004 in chips)
Seat 3: hustled by J (7,568,279 in chips)
Seat 4: lakias888 (7,973,021 in chips)
Seat 5: Torre1985 (694,016 in chips)
Seat 6: edidu (3,407,938 in chips)
Seat 7: Parmenid89 (22,420,318 in chips)
Seat 8: ariela7 (2,163,560 in chips)
Seat 9: mimmiemathy (4,565,108 in chips)

MM 6 - Event 55 FT.JPG

On the third hand of the action, ariela7 got involved from the big blind with raiser bertollini1 and small blind caller Parmenid89. The flop of 3♠4♥7♥ promopted Parmenid89 to bet, and ariela7 raised all-in with 8♦7♠. Bertollini1 reraised all-in with A♥A♦, and Parmenid89 folded. The 6♥ turn and 6♦ river ended the tournament for ariela7, who took home $149.87 for ninth place.

A big hand developed that changed the top of the leaderboard and put Tr!pleeeee in position to challenge Parmenid89:

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On the next hand, bertollini1 was all-in in the big blind, and edidu raised and Parmenid89 called. They both checked the flop of 5♣K♣4♠, but the 2♦ on the turn prompted a bet from Parmenid89 and check-call from edidu. The 7♠ on the river brought the same action, and Parmenid89 showed 9♦9♠ to win the entire pot. Bertollini1 mucked and departed in eighth place with $235.51.

One hand later, lakias888 took charge and collected a pot worth more than 8.5 million chips from Parmenid89. Torre1985 doubled through Parmenid89, and the latter finally began to lose the grasp on the chip lead.

Meanwhile, edidu was in trouble and pushed all-in with Q♠9♦, which received a call from Tr!pleeeee in the big blind holding A♥2♠. The board of 4♣Q♣3♦5♦6♥ only bettered Tr!pleeeee's hand to a straight, and edidu's pair of queens was only enough for a seventh place finish and $428.20 in cash.

Torre1985 couldn't hold on much longer and pushed a little less than 600K chips all-in preflop with A♥6♠. Parmenid89 called, as did original raiser lakias888. The flop of 2♠J♣5♠ brought a bet and a call, as did the 3♠ on the turn. The 2♥ on the river brought another bet from lakias888, at which time Parmenid89 folded. Lakias888 showed Q♠J♠ for the flush, and Torre1985 was out in sixth place with $642.30.

Mimmiemathy had been quiet throughout the final table action and finally made an UTG all-in move with A♠T♥. Parmenid89 called from the big blind with T♦5♣ and hit the board for trips when it came 5♠5♦Q♦K♦2♣. Mimmiemathy left in fifth place with $856.40.

Four-handed play went on for quite a while, during which time Parmenid89 chipped up and regained a fairly solid lead over the other players. Hands like this kept Parmenid89 atop the leaderboard:

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Two hands after that, lakias888 raised UTG and Tr!pleeeee reraised to see a 4♥6♦T♥ flop. Tr!pleeeee moved all-in with A♥Q♦, and lakias888 called all-in with T♠9♣. The 7♥ and 8♥ completed the board to give Tr!pleeeee the flush, which beat the straight of lakias888, who left in fourth place with $1,070.50.

Hustled by J hustles to the top

It was the hustled by J's turn to soar during three-handed play. One pot after the other went to hustled by J, who took over and claimed a massive chip lead.

The three players got involved in a raised pot to see a K♦6♥9♠ flop. When Tr!pleeeee bet, hustled by J and Parmenid89 both called. The 6♠ on the turn prompted another bet from Tr!pleeeee, and hustled by J reraised all-in. Parmenid89 folded out of the way, and Tr!pleeeee called all-in with K♠Q♣ for two pair. Hustled by J showed J♦6♦ for trip sixes, which turned into a full house when the J♣ came on the river. Tri!pleeeee exited in third place with $1,593.97.

Heads-up and a deal

The last two players standing began their battle with these stacks:

Seat 3: hustled by J (41,466,359 in chips)
Seat 7: Parmenid89 (12,058,641 in chips)

Not much changed over the course of the next few hands, at which point they paused the tournament to discuss a deal. They quickly accepted the chip-chop numbers and agreed to play on for extra $200 in the prize pool. The guaranteed payouts were:

Seat 3: hustled by J (41,091,359 in chips) = $2,721.30
Seat 7: Parmenid89 (12,433,641 in chips) = $2,391.25

It didn't take long from there. Parmenid89 moved all-in with A♠8♦, and hustled by J called with K♦Q♣. The flop of 2♥4♥Q♥ gave hustled by J the top pair, and the 8♠ on the turn gave Parmenid89 some hope with the eights. But the 2♠ on the river gave hustled by J the best two pair, and Parmenid89 collected $2,391.25 for second place.

Hustled by J won the title, champion's hat, and $2,921.30 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions-055: $2.20 NLHE
Entrants: 10,705
Prize pool: $21,410.00
Places paid: 1,350

1. hustled by J (Australia) $2,921.30*
2. Parmenid89 (Ukraine) $2,391.25*
3. Tr!pleeeee (Poland) $1,593.97
4. lakias888 (Greece) $1,070.50
5. mimmiemathy (Belgium) $856.40
6. Torre1985 (Germany) $642.30
7. edidu (Brazil) $428.20
8. bertollini1 (Hungary) $235.51
9. ariela7 (Israel) $149.87

*Figures denote two-way deal agreement

The sixth edition of MicroMillions is underway, with 100 tournaments in total running through November 24. Get the full schedule here, and check the leader board for status on the Player of the Series race.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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