MicroMillions 6: JXSPoker the newest Badugi Master with win in Event #17 ($3.30 PL Badugi)

Sweden's JXSPoker came from behind to win the first Badugi event in MicroMillions 6. JXSPoker overcame an overwhelming disadvantage when action was three-handed and made up significant ground during heads-up to reign supreme in Event #17 $3.30 PL Badugi.

Badugi seems like a simple Lowball game, yet it's far more complex than you realize. After all, if it were really simple and easy, then more people would be playing it. As is, Badugi is a unique game with mysterious origins that caters to its hardcore, yet exquisite audience of enthusiasts. If Texas Hold'em is the "Cadillac of poker" then Badugi is the "Mini-Cooper of poker." Much like it's relatives from the Lowball family, Badugi is compact yet economical. You also never have problems finding a parking space.

MicroMillions 6 Event #17 attracted 2,420 runners. Those hardcore Badugi enthusiasts boosted the prize pool to $7,260. The top 304 places paid out with $1,235.48 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Online Tyler Frost took another shot at a MicroMillions crown. Although Frost faded half the field, he fell short of the money when he busted in 1,030th place.

With ten remaining, action went hand-for-hand. 00D00SH00 made a final stand with 10-7-3-A Badugi and was pat after the second draw. However, DonRat79 rivered an 8-6-4-3 Badugi to win the pot. 00D00SH00 unceremoniously busted in 9th place. The final table of eight was set.


MicroMillions Event #13 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Polezhaev N (598,213)
Seat 2: maxar89 (1,116,052)
Seat 3: lynxjune (977,252)
Seat 4: kaniponk0 (782,237)
Seat 5: JXSPoker (2,131,316)
Seat 6: orlandao84 (2,772,282)
Seat 7: C.J.SLASHer (1,201,921)
Seat 8: DonRat79 (2,520,727)

The final table commenced during Level 39 with blinds at 25K/50K. Sitting on top of the big stack was orlandao84 with 2.7 million, with DonRat79 not far behind with 2.5 million. Polezhaev N clung onto the short stack with a shade under 600K.

Polezhaev N eliminated in 8th place

It did not take very long before the shortest stack hit the road. Polezhaev N min-raised to 100,000, kaniponk0 called from the small blind, and JXSPoker called from the big blind. On the first draw, all three players discarded and drew a single card. When it was time to bet... kaniponk0 checked, JXSPoker bet 140,000, Polezhaev N called, and kaniponk0 called. On the second draw, kaniponk0 discarded one card, but JXSPoker and Polezhaev N both stood pat. When it came time to bet... kaniponk0 checked, JXSPoker fired out 290,000, Polezhaev N called, and kaniponk0 folded. Heads-up. On the third and final draw, both players stood pat. JXSPoker fired away at 150,000 and Polezhaev N called all-in for 143,213. At showdown, both players held a Badugi but JXSPoker held a stronger hand 7-6-3-A vs. Polezhaev N's 8-7-5-A. JXSPoker dragged the pot, and Polezhaev N became the first player eliminated at the final table. For an eighth-place finish, Polezhaev N collected $72.60.

C.J.SLASHer eliminated in 7th place

C.J.SLASHer min-raised to 200,000 and maxar89 called from the big blind. On the first draw, both players discarded and drew one card. maxar89 checked, C.J.SLASHer bet 200,000, and maxar89 called. On the second draw, maxar89 discraded one card but C.J.SLASHer stood pat. When it came time to bet, maxar89 checked, C.J.SLASHer moved all-in for 511,921, and maxar89 called. On the third draw, maxar89 stood pat and C.J.SLASHer discarded and drew one. At showdown, maxar89 won the pot with a 7-4-2-A Badugi. Meanwhile, C.J.SLASHer had 7♦7♥6♠2♥ for a 3-card 7-6-2. C.J.SLASHer was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $145.20.

lynxjune eliminated in 6th place

DonRat79 opened to 420,000, lynxjune moved all-in for 560,004, and DonRat79 called. On the first draw, both players discarded one card. On the second draw, DonRat79 stood pat and lynxjune discaded one card. On the third draw, DonRat79 stood pat and lynxjune discarded one. At showdown, DonRat79 won the pot with a 9-7-6-5 Badugi. Meanwhile, lynxjune counterfeited a deuce on the river and failed to improve a 3-card hand of 5-2-A. For a sixth-place performance, lynxjune earned $217.80. After that hand, DonRat79 chipped up to almost 1.8 million, or third overall in chips.

orlandao84 eliminated in 5th place

DonRat79 opened to 420,000 and orlandao84 called from the big blind. On the first draw, both players discarded one. When it came time to bet, orlando84 checked, DonRat79 fired out 180,000, orlando84 check-raised to 1.44 million, DonRat79 shoved for 2,956,984, and orlandao84 called all-in for 232,282. On the second draw, orlando84 discarded one and DonRat79 stood pat. On the third draw, orlando84 discarded one, and DonRat79 stood pat. At showdown, orlandao84 failed to improve a 3-card 5-2-A because he had two hearts. DonRat79 dragged the pot with a 5-4-3-A Badugi. Brazil's orlando84 busted out in fifth place, which paid out $363.00.

With four to go, DonRat79 lead everyone with 5.5 million. JXSPoker was second with a bit under 3 million. The shorty was kaniponk0 with 925K.

kaniponk0 eliminated in 4th place

DonRat79 opened to 308,000, kaniponk0 bombed it all-in for 984,474, and DonRat79 called. Both players discarded one on all three draws. At showdown, neither player improved to a Badugi. However, DonRat79 won the pot with a better 3-card hand... 10-4-3 vs. J-5-2. For fourth place, Ireland's kaniponk0 took home $508.20.

DonRat79 eliminated in 3rd place

With three to go, DonRat79 chipped up to 6.3 million and held more than half the chips in play, but his big stack came under immediate assault. DonRat79 bled a significant amount chips after maxar89 won a pot worth almost 5 million in a battle of 3-card hands... maxar89's 5-3-A vs. DonRat's 6-4-2.

Eventually DonRat79 regained the lead, but his grasp on the top slot did not last very long because he got crippled in an 8.2 million behemoth of a pot in which his J-5-2-A Badugi was no match for maxar89's 8-7-4-A. They got it all in pre-flop, but maxar89 stood pat with his 8-7-4-A Badugi, while DonRat79 banked on improving his 3-card hand consisting of a promising 5-2-A. Unfortunately after three draws, he could only muster up a Jack-high Badugi. DonRat79 was crippled and busted two hands later. Meanwhile, the new sheriff in town, maxar89, chipped up to almost 9 million and seized a commanding lead.

For DonRat79's final hand... maxar89 incited a raising war when he min-raised to 320,000, DonRat79 bumped it up to 1,040,000, maxar89 four-bet to 1.76 million, and DonRat79 called all-in for his last 175,725. On the first draw, both players discarded one. On the second draw, DonRat79 stood pat and maxar79 drew one. On the third and final draw, both players stood pat. At showdown, both players tabled a Badugi but DonRat79's 9-8-4-A lost to maxar89's 7-5-3-2. For a third-place performance, DonRat89 from Hungary took home $687.08.

HEADS-UP: maxar89 (Russia) vs. JXSPoker (Sweden)
Seat 2: maxar89 (9,457,213)
Seat 5: JXSPoker (2,642,787)

Down to the final two. JXSPoker had a huge hill to climb trailing 9.4 to 2.6 million. It seemed as though maxar89 could not put away JXSPoker early on, but then again JXSPoker was not exactly making up any ground.

Twenty minutes into their heads-up battle, JXSPoker won a decisive pot and avoided an elimination. JXSPoker chipped up to 7.5 million and took the lead when a 7-4-3-2 Badugi edged out maxar89's 8-7-5-2.

A couple minutes after hitting rock bottom, maxar89 re-seized the lead after methodically chipping away at the huge deficit and winning a series of medium-sized pots worth 1.5 to 2.5 million. It wasn't back to square one, but maxar89 held a comfortable 8 million to 3.5 million advantage.

When the match reached thirty minutes, JXSPoker had evened the score and both players held roughly 6 million each.

maxar89 eliminated in 2nd place; JXSPoker wins MicroMillions Event #17!

The 12 million pot was what did maxar89 in. JXSPoker min-raised and maxar89 called. On the first draw, maxar89 discarded and drew two, while JXSPoker only discarded a single card. When it came time to bet, maxar89 check-called a 900,000 bet from JXSPoker. On the second draw, both players discarded one. However, fireworks ensued when it came time to bet. maxar89 fired out 3.4 million, JXSPoker jammed all-in with a re-raise of 4,306,296, maxar89 had him covered, ever so slightly, and called 906,296 more. Both players stood pat on the third and final draw. At showdown, maxar89 lost with a K-7-4-3 Badugi vs. JXSPoker's 9-8-2-A Badugi. JXSPoker shipped a 12 million pot, while maxar89 was crippled.

You can view that major hand in the replayer:

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Two hands later, it was all over. maxar89 was all-in in the big blind and drew 2 cards, 1 card, and 1 card. On the other side, JXSPoker, discarded a single card in the first and second draw, but stood pat on the final draw. At showdown JXSPoker dragged the pot with a J-10-8-5 Badugi. Alas, maxar89 could not improve a 3-card 6-5-A and counterfeited another six on the river.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Russia's maxar89 took home $871.20.

Congrats to the newest MicroMillions champion! Sweden's JXSPoker won the "Badugament" and earned a first place prize worth $1,235.48.

MicroMillions-017 - $3.30 PL Badugi:
Entrants: 2,420
Prize pool: $7,620
Places paid: 304

1. JXSPoker (Sweden) - $1,235.48
2. axar89 (Russia) - $871.20
3. DonRat79 (Hungary) - $687.08
4. kaniponk0 (Ireland) - $508.20
5. orlandao84 (Brazil) - $363.00
6. lynxjune (Serbia) - $217.80
7. C.J.SLASHer (Ukraine) - $145.20
8. Polezhaev N (Russia) - $72.60

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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