MicroMillions 6: kungfukarlos knocks out the competition in Event #36 ($11 NLHE)

No-Limit Texas Hold'em is the Cadillac of poker and until the Main Event comes along, the $11 buy-in events are the Cadillacs of the MicroMillions.

They cost more to get into, the fields are tougher but the rewards are far more enticing. Event #36 was a straight, $11 No-Limit Hold'em -- a Cadillac of Cadillacs -- that drew 4,602 players and created a $46,020 prize pool.

kungfukarlos topped that field after nearly nine hours of play and won $7,228.20 along with the title of MicroMillions champion.

While kungfukarlos took the biggest slice of that monetary pie, 585 players got at least a sliver of the prize pool with a mincash being worth $17.94.

But as the number of tables shrunk the prizes ballooned.

Things reached a peak when mpafo13 was eliminated 10th place and we got down to our final table.

The Final Table


Seat 1: lore_lorexx - 1,207,427
Seat 2: LONGLAD - 752,634
Seat 3: jancsi69 - 6,641,281
Seat 4: misu29 - 1,197,792
Seat 5: agrocroot - 3,593,946
Seat 6: AlexandrZ87 - 1,331,796
Seat 7: LuckMyFriend - 2,207,283
Seat 8: kungfukarlos - 4,669,331
Seat 9: quax813 - 1,408,510

quax813 was the first to kick it.

It was a one-two, big-slick knockout. jancsi69 raised to 240,000 from under-the-gun and quax813 moved all-in for 1.17 million from the button.

LONGLAD called all-in from the big blind and jancsi69 folded.

quax813: K♥Q♦

The board brought all low card and LONGLAD doubled up to 2.2 million while quax813 was left with 274,476. With just a bot more than two big blinds, quax813 didn't last too long.

A few hands later, lore_lorexx moved all-in for 497,427 from under-the-gun and quax813 -- who only had 23,376 behind after posting the big blind -- called all-in from the big blind.

lore_lorexx showed A♣K♥ and quax813 tabled 7♥3♥.

The board ran 2♥8♦J♦6♠4♥ and quax813 finished 9th, earning $368.16.

kungfukarlos Kicks Out Shorties

lore_lorexx dealt the first elimination but was quickly whittled down again. lore_lorexx moved all-in for 318,303 from under-the-gun and kungfukarlos called from the big blind. lore_lorexx was ahead with J♣8♠ to kungfukarlos's 6♥5♦ but kungfukarlos hit a flush on the J♦6♦2♦K♣4♦ board.

lore_lorexx was out in 8th and cashed for $575.25.

kungfukarlos was also responsible for our 7th place finisher. With 100K/200K blinds and a 25K ante, misu29 moved all-in for 445,801 from under-the-gun. kungfukarlos called from the button and showed Q♣Q♥ to misu29's J♣9♦.

The board brought no help for misu29 and the Romanian player won $1,035.45 for finishing 7th.


After eliminating misu29, kungfukarlos was up to 8.3 million and took the lead away from jancsi69.

Then jancsi69 took it back.

jancsi69 moved all-in for 7.8 million from the cutoff and agrocroot called all-in for 1.4 million from the button. LuckMyFriend open folded Q♣[10h] from the big blind and we had a showdown.

agrocroot showed K♠Q♠ and had quite the lead after jancsi69 turned over 6♥3♥.

But jancsi69 hit a 3♣ on the flop and agrocroot was eliminated in 6th place. agrocroot earned $1,495.65 while jancsi69 regained the lead with 9.7 million.

jancsi69 then followed that lucky elimination up with another lucky elimination:

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AlexandrZ87 became our 5th place finisher got $1,955.85 deposited into his PokerStars account.

More for jancsi69

Two hands after that elimination, jancsi69 dealt another.

LONGLAD moved all-in for 1.7 million from the small blind and jancsi69 called from the big. It was a flip this time after LONGLAD showed Q♥J♠ to jancsi69's pocket 10s.

The board ran 2♦3♣K♦9♣K♠ and LONGLAD won $2,646.15 for finishing 4th.

jancsi69 was up to 14.5 million while kungfukarlos had 6.7 million and LuckMyFriend was the short stack with 1.7 million.

But LuckMyFriend doubled up through jancsi69 and then kungfukarlos won a few small pots followed by a big one to regain the lead.

jancsi69 raised to 600,000 from the button and kungfukarlos called from the big blind. The flop came 7♣7♠8♦ and kungfukarlos checked. jancsi69 bet 497,250 and kungfukarlos raised to 1.42 million. jancsi69 called and a [10h] came on the turn.

kungfukarlos bet over 2 million and jancsi69 folded. After the hand, kungfukarlos regained the lead with 11.2 million while jancsi69 dipped to 9.2 million.

But it was -- yet again -- jancsi69 who dealt the next elimination and brought us heads-up. jancsi69 open-shoved from the small blind and LuckMyFriend called all-in for 1.5 million.

Yet again, jancsi69 had the inferior hand with K♦3♦ to LuckMyFriend's A♠J♥. But the 2♥Q♠Q♦4♥K♠ board gave jancsi69 a king on the river.

LuckMyFriend finished 3rd and won $4,796.65 while the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

kungfukarlos started the match with 12.6 million to jancsi69's 10.3 million.

With 200K/400K blinds and a 50K ante, a few pots gave jancsi69 the lead. After another few hands, kungfukarlos had it back. The match didn't last long and then ended quite abruptly.

kungfukarlos raised to 1.42 million and jancsi69 re-raised all-in for 9.04 million.

kungfukarlos called and showed Q♣8♥. This time it was jancsi69 who had the better hand with A♣K♦.

But as had been routine this final table, the shorter stack with the better cards wouldn't emerge victorious.

The board ran 2♣Q♦4♥J♠9♥ and jancsi69's run came to an end. jancsi69 won $5,384 for the runner-up finish while kungfukarlos became the champion of Event #36 and won the grand prize of $7,228.20.

MicroMillions-35: $11 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 4,602
Prize pool: $46,020.00
Places paid: 585

1. kungfukarlos (Australia) $7,228.20
2. jancsi69 (Hungary) $5,384.34
3. LuckMyFriend (Russia) $3,796.65
4. LONGLAD (Ireland) $2,646.15
5. AlexandrZ87 (Russia) $1,955.85
6. agrocroot (Russia) $1,495.65
7. misu29 (Romania) $1,035.45
8. lore_lorexx (Romania) $575.25
9. quax813 (Austria) $368.16

That's another MicroMillions event in the history blogs. You too can become a part of MicroMillions lore, check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full list of remaining events and qualifiers to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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