MicroMillions 6: lashboy19 whips field to win Big Antes Event #58 [$2.20+R NL 2x-Turbo, Big Antes]

Big Antes. This powerful twist emboldens your run-of-the-mill NL re-buy tournament by adding significantly more money to each pot before cards are even dealt. Escalating antes, coupled with a turbo format, fostered a frantic environment that placed a major emphasis on pre-flop aggression. The deeper the tournament went, the crazed action increased exponentially. By the time the final table was set, it became a race to see who could get their stacks all-in first. When the dust settled, Germany's lashboy19 whipped the final table and took down Event #58.

MicroMillions 6 Event #58 $2.20+R NL Hold'em [Big Antes, 2x-Turbo] attracted 14,915 runners. They added a whopping 39,402 re-buys and an additional 9,265 add-ons, which inflated the prize pool to $127,164.00. The top 2,025 places paid out, with $15,906.57 set aside to the eventual champion.

Romania's ale_iuli bubbled off the final table in tenth place when 7♦2♠ lost to HaKashish's A♥Q♦. ale_iuli actually rivered a four-flush but lost to HaKashish's better flush. The final table of nine was set.


Event #58 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Puresilver24 (6,437,674)
Seat 2: DLSXL (17,191,777)
Seat 3: marcãofrsp (39,437,718)
Seat 4: Arnolde89 (38,057,600)
Seat 5: dlyx-5 (15,692,943)
Seat 6: lashboy19 (35,729,865)
Seat 7: HaKashish (25,380,276)
Seat 8: Arbat250 (4,254,637)
Seat 9: PokinStaR (19,101,510)

The final table commenced during Level 53 with blinds at 700K/1.4 million with a 280K "big" ante. Brazil's marcãofrsp sat atop of the big stack, while Arbat250 clung to the short stack.

Puresilver24 eliminated in 9th place

Puresilver24 became the first player to exit the final table. Puresilver24 open-shoved for 6,157,674 and DLSXL called all-in for 4,757,674. Puresilver24 was in deep trouble with A♠6♣ up against DLSXL's A♥7♥. The board ran out T♥8♦3♥K♥6♥. DLSXL won the pot after turning a flush. Puresilver24 busted out in ninth place, which paid out $762.98.

dlyx-5 eliminated in 8th place

How about a classic race? dlyx-5 bombed it all-in for 11,412,943 with A♠Q♠ and HaKashish called all-in for 10,612,943 with 8♦8♠. The board ran out A♣8♣2♣3♠6♦. HaKashish flopped a set of eights, which held up. For an eighth-place finish, dlyx-5 collected $1,144.47.

Arbat250 eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked Arbat250 was all-in for 734,637 with 3♠2♦. Three players called -- PokinStaR, Arnolde89, and HaKashish. The board ran out T♦6♣3♥A♣J♠. By the river, only Arnolde89 remained against Arbat250. Arnolde89 won the pot with A♠6♥ and two pair. Arbat250 was knocked out in seventh place and earned $2,225.37.

With six remaining, Arnolde89 led the way with 42.8 million and DLSXL brought up the rear with 3.6 million.

marcãofrsp eliminated in 6th place

Typical confrontation. Pocket Jacks versus Big Slick. It's a common tale. In this instance Big Slick came out ahead of Jacks. Here's how it happened... HaKashish opened to 6 million, marcãofrsp bumped it up to 10 million, and HaKashish called. The flop was A♦9♦8♦. Both players checked. The 4♠ fell on the turn and both players checked again. The 5♣ spiked on the river. HaKashish fired out 12 million and marcãofrsp called all-in for 11,477,718. HaKashish's A♥K♣ bested marcãofrsp's J♥J♠. Brazil's marcãofrsp lost the race and was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $3,433.42.

DLSXL eliminated in 5th place

DLSXL moved all-in for 13,919,451, lashboy19 re-shoved for 55,579,865 and everyone else bailed. lashboy19 led with A♦K♠ against DLSXL's A♠6♥. The board ran out 4♠3♥2♦T♦3♣. Neither player improved their hand, but lashboy19 won the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. DLSXL's pay day was $4,705.06 for finishing in fifth place.

HaKashish eliminated in 4th place

lashboy19 min-raised to 5 million, HaKashish bombed it all-in for 17,848,700 with K♠Q♦, and lashboy19 called with Q♠T♦. The board ran out A♦T♠T♣K♦4♠. lashboy19 flopped trip tens and won the pot against HaKashish's two pair -- Kings and tens. Japan's HaKashish took home $5,976.70 for fourth place.


With three to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. At that juncture, lashboy19 held onto the big stack with 98.5 million, Arnolde89 was second with 55.6 million, and PokinStaR was the shorty with 47 million. They quickly agreed on a deal in which lashboy19 locked up $12,668, Arnolde89 got $10,860.94, and PokinStaR picked up $10,499.02. They had to leave $1,500 on the table for first place.

PokinStaR eliminated in 3rd place

With a deal in place, action resumed... lashboy19 min-raised to 8 million, PokinStaR moved all-in for 30,082,120 holding A♥6♦, and lashboy19 called with A♦Q♦. The board ran out Q♣J♦9♠K♥4♠. lashboy19 flopped a pair of Queens, but both players turned a Broadway straight draw which gave PokinStaR some hope and outs for a chop. Alas, PokinStaR's failed to improve on the river and hit the virtual rail in third place, which paid out $10,499.02.

HEADS-UP: Arnolde89 (Serbia) vs. lashboy19 (Germany)
Seat 4: Arnolde89 (43,194,474)
Seat 6: lashboy19 (158,089,526)

With two to go, lashboy19 held a 3-1 lead. With the hyper-escalating Big Antes, no lead was safe.

Arnolde89 eliminated in 2nd place; lashboy19 win MicroMillions 6 Event #58!

Heads-up only last 19 hands. Arnolde89 moved all-in for 48,394,474 with K♥4♣ and lashboy19 called with A♦4♦. The board ran out Q♥8♥6♥6♦2♣. Neither player improved their hands. Arnolde89 had flopped a flush draw, but never got there. lashboy19 won the pot with an Ace-high kicker.

Arnolde89 was knocked out in second place, which paid out $10,860.94.

Congrats to Germany's lashboy19, who won Event #58 to become the newest MicroMillions 6 champion. First place in the Big Antes event paid out a cool $14,168.00.

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MicroMillions-058 $2.20+R NL Hold'em [Big Antes, 2x-Turbo]
Entrants: 14,915 (39,402 re-buys, 9,265 add-ons)
Prize pool: $127,164.00
Place paid: 2,025

1. lashboy19 (Germany) - $14,168.00 **
2. Arnolde89 (Serbia) - $10,860.94 **
3. PokinStaR (Canada) - $10,499.02 **
4. HaKashish (Japan) - $5,976.70
5. DLSXL (Netherlands) - $4,705.06
6. marcãofrsp (Brazil) - $3,433.42
7. Arbat250 (Russia) - $2,225.37
8. dlyx-5 (Germany) - $1,144.47
9. Puresilver24 (Austria) - $762.98

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

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