MicroMillions 6: Naruto676 dominates the final table in Event #61 ($8.80 NL Hold'em)

Naruto676 didn't start the final table with the chip lead, but that quickly changed as the Serbian player dealt the first four eliminations and accumulated more than half the chips in play.

Things continued to fall in Naruto676's favor and our eventual champion cut a three-handed deal that eventually led to him winning more than what was originally guaranteed for first.

But it was a sweat.

Naruto676 doubled up both his opponents and became the tournament short stack right after players sealed the deal. Then Naruto676 came back to life and struck back with fury, eliminating both of his opponents.

Naruto676 won $12,016.74 along with the honor of MicroMillions champion. It was the largest slice of the $80,128.00 prize pool that took 10,016 players to make.

One of Naruto676's first steps in claiming victory was cashing, an achievement that a total of 1,260 players had this tournament.

But the big hands and pay jumps started with just nine players left.

The Final Table


Seat 1: joao-nobi - 8,873,887
Seat 2: jan128 - 9,053,665
Seat 3: Naruto676 - 8,059,549
Seat 4: Titus pullos - 4,313,196
Seat 5: r66ba0 - 7,583,476
Seat 6: vitinho_slb - 1,406,908
Seat 7: isten23 - 1,794,424
Seat 8: AyKay88 - 2,508,189
Seat 9: gdricc - 7,486,706

The final table started with 100K/200K blinds and a 25K ante. vitinho_slb was the short stack with 1.4 million and got it all-in on the second hand.

gdricc called with pocket jacks and vitinho_slb showed A♣5♦. The 9♣8♣5♠Q♠A♥ board gave vitinho_slb a much needed ace on the river and the at-risk player doubled up to 3.2 million.

Our next all-in didn't involve our shortest stack, but it did produce an elimination.

Blinds were up to 125K/250K with a 31.25K ante and joao-nobi raised to 500,000 from the hijack. Naruto676 called from the button and Titus pullos re-raised all-in for 2.47 million from the small blind. Naruto676 called with 9♣9♦ and Titus pullos was in good shape with Q♦Q♠.

That's until the flop brought Naruto676 a third nine.

Naruto676 chipped up to 10.19 million with a set and Titus pullos was eliminated in 9th, earning $620.99.

Naruto Madness

Naruto676 got the taste for blood. Sweet, online chip blood.

gdricc survived one all-in, but couldn't survive one against Naruto676.

gdricc moved all-in for 2.03 million from the cutoff and Naruto676 called from the big blind. Our eventual champion tabled A♠Q♥ to gdricc's K♠[10h]. The board brought all low cards and gdricc was eliminated in 8th place.

gdricc took home $881.40 while Naruto's lead increased to 14.87 million.

After dealing the first two eliminations, Naruto676 dealt another two. In one hand.

Blinds were up to 200K/400K with a 50K ante and Naruto676 moved all-in for 18.22 million from the button. r66ba0 called all-in from the small blind and vitinho_slb did the same from the big.

vitinho_slb: J♠J♥
r66ba0: Q♥Q♠
Naruto676: A♦3♣

vitinho_slb was the shortest stack with just 1.6 million while r66ba0 was at 3.86 million. Things were looking good for r66ba0 but Naruto676 was on a streak.

The 4♦4♥8♣K♥ board seemed safe for queens, but then a devastating A♥ came on the river to eliminate both players.

vitinho_slb finished 7th for $1,602.56 while r66ba0 won $2,403.84 for finishing 6th.

This hand also gave Naruto676 more than half the chips in play with 25.23 million.

Sharing the Burden

Naruto676 had been on a rampage since the tournament started, but the bloodthirst was quenched.

For now.

Our next bust out came courtesy of isten23, who also dealt an upset elimination. Naruto676 raised to 1 million from under-the-gun and isten23 moved all-in for 4.65 million from the cutoff. jan128 called all-in from the big blind and Naruto676 folded.

isten23 showed A♦Q♦ but was dominated by jan128's A♣K♣.

The J♥7♥9♥ flop kept jan128 in the lead, but then a Q♥ on the river gave isten23 a pair of queens. The river brought no salvation for jan128 and the German was eliminated in 5th place, a finish worth $3,205.12.

isten23 then brought the tournament three-handed a few hands later.

Two hands after jan128's elimination, joao-nobi doubled up AyKay88 after his pocket threes ran into AyKay88's pocket sixes.

AyKay88 doubled up to 10.84 million while joao-nobi was left with just 556,048.

jaoa-nobi was on the big blind and automatically all-in the following hand. isten23 raised to 1.75 million and the other two players folded.

jaoa-nobi was forced to play with J♥2♣ while isten23 showed [10c][10h]. The board came 8♠7♦5♥3♠8♥ and jaoao-nobi was out in 4th ($4,006.40).


After a few hands of play, the final three players decided to cut a deal.

isten23 was up to 11.29 million, AyKay88 held 10.46 million and Naruto676 had a dominating 28.33 million. PokerStars staff crunched the numbers in the PokerStars UltraComputer in the Department of Deals and after everything was said and done, players agreed on the following numbers.

AyKay88: $7,100.00
isten23: $7,300.00
Naruto676: $11,016.74

This also left $1,000 left for first.

A Dip

Things then changed quickly for Naruto676.

Two hands after the deal was struck, Naruto676 doubled isten23 up to 22.89 million and dipped to 18.67 million.

Two hands after that, Naruto676 doubled up AyKay88 to 17.86 million and became the short stack with 9.71 million. Then Naruto676 found himself in an even worse position:

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Naruto676 managed to stay alive and get back in the game.

But then AyKay88 left it.

isten23 raised to 1.75 million from the button and AyKay88 moved all-in for 19.11 million from the small blind. Naruto676 folded and isten23 called.

isten23: A♣K♥
AyKay88: [10c][10d]

It was a 33.68 million flip that fell in isten23's favor after a K♠ came on the flop.

isten23 doubled up to 34.68 million while AyKay88 dipped to 2.12 million.

The next hand, AyKay88 got those 2 million all-in. Both Naruto676 and isten23 called and the flop came 5♥3♠J♠.

Both players checked while AyKay88 watched and a 4♣ fell on the turn. Naruto676 bet 1 million and isten23 called.

A 9♥ completed the board and Naruto676 bet 2.5 million. isten23 folded and the other two players showed their hands.

AyKay88 had king-high with K♦[10c] while Naruto676 showed a [10h][10d].

AyKay88 won the agreed-upon $7,100 for finishing 3rd.

Heads Up

isten23 started the match with 31.56 million to Naruto676's 18.52 million.

Naruto676 quickly evened things out and then players had a massive clash. Naruto676 raised to 1.2 million and isten23 moved all-in for 25.04 million.

isten23 barely had his opponent covered and Naruto676 called. Naruto676 showed 8♥8♣ and was up against isten23's 2♣2♥.

The board ran 5♣9♣[10d]5♠J♠ and Naruto676 doubled up to 49.94 million while isten23 was left with just 140,040, about two antes.

isten23 was all-in the next hand with 5♥2♥ and Naruto676 got dealt 9♦9♠. The final board of the tournament read 5♠K♣3♣Q♣8♦ and isten23 was eliminated in 2nd, earning $7,300.

This made Naruto676 the champion of Event #61, a title that came with a whopping $12,016.74 payday.

MicroMillions-61: $8.80 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 10,016
Prize pool: $80,128.00
Places paid: 1,260

1. Naruto676 (Serbia) *$12,016.74
2. isten23 (Hungary) *$7,300.00
3. AyKay88 (South Africa) *$7,100.00
4. joao0nobi (Portugal) $4,006.40
5. jan128 (Germany) $3,205.12
6. r66ba0 (Estonia) $2,403.84
7. vitinho_slb (Portugal) $1,602.56
8. gdricc (Argentina) $881.40
9. Titus pullos (Portugal) $620.99

That's it for Event-61, but there's still plenty of action left in the sixth installment of the MicroMillions. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the upcoming MicroMillions events and satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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