MicroMillions 6: Nels316 stays hot to win Event #77 ($2.20+R NL Omaha 6-Max, 3x- Turbo)

No Limit Omaha, some have called it four card bingo but that doesn't stop players from turning up for the game. It may encourage some of them. MicroMillions 6 Event #77 is the only No Limit Omaha Hi game on the schedule and 6,252 players showed for the tournament.

The action game was also a 3x-Turbo with a fast structure and three times longer for the players to hit the rebuy button. They hit the rebuy button 27,955 times and the remaining players bought 2,885 add-ons after the rebuy period. It combined to create a $74,184 prizepool with $11,317 schedule for the winner.

The game has a lot of gamble involved with the added cards in play with a lot of hands get big after the flop with drawing combinations and big flopped hands. Combined with a 6-Max format and it took just five hours to play down from the starting 6,252 entrants to the final six players. No one player began with a significant chiplead or shortstack, setting up for competitive final table.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: 121sashka@ (30,095,275 in chips)
Seat 2: Nels316 (33,349,500 in chips)
Seat 3: DelokPOK (21,060,316 in chips)
Seat 4: henkk234 (34,794,646 in chips)
Seat 5: ComptonMasta (43,033,754 in chips)
Seat 6: Radrigues (26,837,509 in chips)

Blinds: 500k/1m with 100k ante

Radrigues trips into a boat, eliminated in 6th

With all six players sporting healthy stacks, play at the final table was measured and careful. The table played for more than 30 minutes before they put together a big hand to get a lot of chips in the middle.

Radrigues and DelokPOK were on the down side of that hand and both held less than one big blind. Radrigues was the first to take a shot and called all-in under the gun with 121sashka@ and henkk234 calling behind before ComptonMasta isolated with a shove from the big blind to get heads up.

Radrigues: A♣Q♣J♠8♥
ComptonMasta: A♠Q♦T♠2♦

Radrigues found a good hand to go with and hit the Q♥T♥6♠ though ComptonMasta was better. The Q♠ gave ComptonMasta a full house leaving Radrigues looking for the three Jacks left in the deck. The 2♣ river was a miss and Radrigues was the first eliminated at the final table in 6th place for $1,112.

DelokPOK hits straight, eliminated in 5th

It took exaclty one more hand before the next player was all-in looking at the prospect of hitting the rail. DelokPOK called all-in with less than the big blind with ComptonMasta and 121sashka@ coming along to the 9♣5♥2♦ flop. ComptonMasta bet after the flop with J♦T♦9♦2♣ and was against A♦6♦5♦4♥ for middle pair.

DelokPOK hit the gutshot on the 3♥ for the 6-high straight and was looking good for the double up until ComptonMasta spiked the 2♠ on the river to hit the boat. DelokPOK came one card from a double up but was knocked out in 5th place for $2,103.

henkk234 takes a shot, eliminated in 4th

The final table went 30 minutes without an elimination and then the table had three knockouts within four hands. henkk234 was the next in trouble after ComptonMasta opened for a min-raise under the gun and henkk234 responded with a shove from the big blind for just over 25M.

ComptonMasta was slightly ahead with K♦K♣Q♠6♥ against A♣J♦T♣2♠ and the J♠5♦5♣ increased the lead. The T♠ turn gave henkk234 a smaller two pair and was left with just four outs to the river. The 3♦ was not the magic card and henkk234 was the next player out in 4th for $3,523.

121sashka@ runs into Aces, eliminated in 3rd

121sashka@ was getting blinded down during three-handed play and found a good hand to shake a shot at doubling up. ComptonMasta kicked off the action with a min-raise from the button and 121sashka@ moved all-in for a little over 38M with K♥K♦Q♠9♠.

Nels316 responded by moving all-in over the top and ComptonMasta folded and showed A♠K♣J♠4♣. Nels316 tabled A♣A♥6♠3♠ leaving 121sashka@ needing help to stay alive. The T♦7♠4♥ changed little in the hand but the Q♣ added a few outs for the save. The blank 6♦ river left 121sashka@ with the second best hand to be knocked out of the tournament in 3rd place for $5,739.

Nels316 stays strong to capture crown in Event #77

Nels316 (105,873,748 in chips)
ComptonMasta (83,297,252 in chips)

Heads up play began with Nels316 ahead but not before the two of them negotiated a deal to chop up the last two payout spots. They battled it out without the chiplead making much movement until they both shot for the title.

ComptonMasta shoved from the button for just under 62M with K♠J♠5♣5♦ for a small pair and big suited cards. Nels316 made the easy call with Q♥Q♠8♠6♠ for the bigger pair and taking away three flush outs. The 9♣3♣2♥ flop did nothing to improve ComptonMasta's situation and the 8♥ turn left him with five outs to stick around.

The tournament ended with the 4♥ river sending the pot to Nels316 with the unimproved Queens. ComptonMasta did a lot of work at the final table but had to settle for runner-up status and $9,246 while Nels316 was the next MicroMillions champion and the $10,046 that went along with the title.

MicroMillions-077: $2.20+R NL Omaha [6-Max, 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 6,252 (27955 re-buys, 2885 add-ons)
Prize pool: $74,184
Places paid: 840

1. Nels316 (Mexico) $10,046.05*
2. ComptonMasta (Canada) $9,246.06*
3. 121sashka@ $5,749.26
4. henkk234 $3,523.74
5. DelokPOK $2,103.11
6. Radrigues $1,112.76
* - denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions