MicroMillions 6: Ole! Ole! oleg_dagi wins Event #63 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

Like a seasoned prizefighter oleg_dagi used all his experience to bounce back from being knocked to the canvas on more than one occasion to triumph in event #63 and collect $4,578.41.

A total of 5,849 players entered the event creating a prize pool of $29,245 which would be shared between the top 765 finishers. Amazingly the top four in the Player of the Series leader board all cashed in this event with LordAgrael (115th) finishing highest. Current leader quixote123 finished 736th whilst Kekec24 (247th) and Lestat35878 (692nd) kept the score trending upwards.

There would be a rare double final table bubble in this event as both pierdziel from Poland and kollerPS from Romania would bust on the same hand of hand for hand play. It's a case of what might have been for pierdziel as he become disconnected with two tables left and blinded down to just a sixth of an ante before reconnecting. The Pole scored one double up and a chop to get back to a third of a big blind but on his third all-in on the trot he were eliminated with pocket threes against Dainiux's K♥9♥ when the Lithuanian turned the nut flush. As for kollerPS the Romanian lost a his final six big blinds with A♣6♠ against lena12344321's pocket sevens.

So after eight hours and 26 minutes with blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 20,000 the final table got underway and, thanks to that knockout, lena12344321 was in the chip lead with 50 big blinds, whilst Ramen9 was on the short stack with just under 10 big blinds.


Seat 1: lena12344321 (Kazakhstan) 7,974,345
Seat 2: Arkady222 (Russia) 2,608,528
Seat 3: bitza77bitza (Romania) 2,162,748
Seat 4: Dainiux (Lithuania) 5,750,568
Seat 5: oleg_dagi (Russia) 5,270,528
Seat 6: Ramen9 (Belarus) 1,584,667
Seat 7: draxpiz (Greece) 2,094,764
Seat 9: adnben (Norway) 1,798,852

bitza77bitza first to bust

The blinds increased to 100,000/200,000 ante 25,000 on just the second hand of the final table and that put more stacks in the shoving zone. One of those was bitza77bitza, the Romanian moved all-in for just under 1.4M with K♠Q♠ and lena12344321, who had opened to 800,000 with A♥[10d], called off the extra. The 3♠2♠K♣A♣5♥ board favoured the chip leader, bitza77bitza earned $366.56 for finishing eighth.

However, lena12344321 would not hold the chip lead for long as on the next hand the Kazakh lost a 5.275M pot to Dainux with A♦J♦ against pocket nines. That gave the Lithuanian the lead with 8.6M to lena12344321's 7.4M.

Ramen9 loses his noodle

Coming to the final table Ramen9 was the shortstack and not only was the Belarussian not the first out now he was no longer the shortstack. He was still short on chips though so when he found pocket fours under-the-gun it was enough of a hand to put his 1.4M (seven big blinds) across the line, unfortunately for him adnben got dealt pocket tens and called all-in for 1.25M. The superior pair held up to leave Ramen9 with less than a big blind.

Despite two double ups there was no to be no miracle comeback and he eventually shoved three big blinds with J♦7♦ and lost out to draxpiz's A♦[10s].

Dainiux at the centre of the action

Just prior to Ramen9's elimination Dainiux had lost the chip lead back to lena12344321 when the Kazakh won a 6M chip pot between the two of them. Knocked down to 5.5M (22 big blinds) the Lithuanian set about rebuilding his stack. He went on the attack and had rebuilt to almost 9M when the following hand occurred.

With blinds at 125,000/250,000 ante 31,250 it folded to him on the button, with the biggest stack in the blinds being 3.5M he simply open shoved with A♠Q♣ after a few seconds thought oleg_dagi made the call with A♣8♠ to create a 7.4M pot. Win it and Dainiux would have the chip lead back, lose it and he was back to 5.5M. The 2♣8♥[10h]A♦9♣ board favoured the Russian. This though was just the start of what would become the major storyline of this final table. For now it was one-nil to oleg_dagi.

On the very next hand Dainiux eliminated drazpiz, when he shoved with pocket sixes and drazpiz called off his final five big blinds with A♠4♦. A 2♦7♥9♣3♥J♥ board boosted Dainiux back to 7.1M and meant we were down to the final five.

No way back for the shortstacks

There were now three players comfortably stacked with over 20 big blinds - lena12344321, Dainiux, oleg_dagi - and two players in need of a double up - adnben and Arkady222. In the battle of double up or go home, it would be go home that would win in both instances.

First to go was adnben, the Greek player moved all-in for 1.7M from the small blind with A♣[10s] and oleg_dagi, who had min-raised to 500,000 from the button, made the call with A♥K♦. A 2♦7♣[10d] flop meant adnben was set for a double up but running diamonds gave oleg_dagi a flush and adnben collected the first five figure payout of the final, $1,242 to be exact.

Arkady222 would stick around long enough for the blinds to increase to 150,000/300,000 ante 37,500 but would bust in the hand of the final table, a three-way all-in no less. It was the Russian who got the action started moving all-in for almost 2.4M from the button with Q♦[10h] from the small blind Dainiux isolated by moving all-in for 5.3M with A♣[10c] that wasn't the end of the action though as oleg_dagi, who covered both stacks, overcalled as you would with A♦A♥. He was a 77% favourite to eliminate both players and take a 18M to 10M chip lead into heads-up play.

Despite the 7♥4♠Q♣ flop connecting with Arkady222 he was still a 77% favourite to win the hand, the 3♣ turn reduced that to 69% as it gave Dainiux a flush draw and it duly completed on the 7♣ river. "oooooffff," typed Dainiux into the chat box. Yep that sums it up nicely.

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Settling the score

So that was one all in terms of suckouts between Dainiux and oleg_dagi and their battle would escalate during three-handed play, which lasted for 90 hands. When it began Dainiux was the chip leader with a little over 13M, lena12344321 was second with just over 10M and oleg_dagi was the shortstack with just under 6M (20 big blinds).

During three-handed play there were five pots of over 15 big blinds and none of them involved lena12344321 who won enough smalls pots to increase her stack, whilst sitting back to let the two rivals go at it.

Seconds out...

Round 1: From the button oleg_dagi min-raised to 800,000 from a stack of 5.7M with A♦9♦, Dainiux set him all-in with A♣6♣ and looked on as the board ran J♥Q♦K♠2♠8♠ to dangle the carrot of a chop but ultimately double up oleg_dagi. Winner: oleg_dagi

Round 2: Dainiux min-raised from the small blind and oleg_dagi called from the big. On the 2♣Q♥2♠A♦6♥ boards oleg_dagi called bets of 800,000 and 1,400,000 before both players checked the river. Both showed king high to chip the pot. Winner: split decision

Round 3: From the button Dainiux min-raised to 800,000 with A♥9♥, oleg_dagi moved all-in for 7.7M with pocket sixes and Dainiux made the call. The 8♠3♥[10d]7♣8♣ pot kept the pocket pair in front and left Dainiux with less than two big blinds. Winner: oleg_dagi

Round 4: By this stage Dainiux had recovered to nine big blinds and called all-in with A♥7♠ when oleg_dagi had open shoved from the button with A♣K♣. The 2♠5♥7♣5♦A♦ run out kept the Lithuanian alive. Winner: Dainiux

Round 5: With blinds now at 250,000/500,000 ante 62,500, Dainiux open shoved for 5.1M from the small blind with 5♦6♦ and oleg_dagi snapped him off with 9♦9♥. The 4♠2♠[10h]9♣7♥ board sent Dainiux to the rail in third place.Winner: oleg_dagi by knockout.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: lena12344321 (Kazakhstan) 11,179,593
Seat 5: oleg_dagi (Russia) 18,065,407

In absolute terms lena12344321 had actually increased her stack during three-handed play, however she trailed the aggressive Russian and oleg_dagi's aggression would prove crucial during a short heads-up battle. None of the first 13 hands had gone to showdown but through winning the big pots the Russians chip lead was now 22M plays 7M. The fourteenth and final hand would go to showdown.

From the button lena12344321 opened to 1M with Q♠5♥ and oleg_dagi called from the big blind with J♣9♣. On the 4♣A♦2♣ flop lena12344321 bet 3.25M of her remaining 6M, oleg_dagi set her in for the rest and she called all-in. The 5♣ turn gave oleg_dagi an unbeatable flush and the meaningless 6♠ completed the board.

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Congratulations to oleg_dagi who collects $4,578.41 for the win and to lena12344321 who picks up $3.407.04 for finishing as runner-up.

MicroMillions-063: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 5,849
Prize pool: $29,245
Places paid: 765

1st. oleg_dagi (Russia) $4,578.41
2nd. lena12344321 (Kazakhstan) $3,407.04
3rd. Dainiux (Lithuania) $2,412.71
4th. Arkady222 (Russia) $1,652.34
5th. adnben (Norway) $1,242.91
6th. draxpiz (Greece) $950.46
7th. Ramen9 (Belarus) $658.01
8th. bitza77bitza (Romania) $365.56
9th. kollerPS (Romania) $233.96

There are still three and a half days of MicroMIllions 6 action left, check out the remaining schedule here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions