MicroMillions 6: Pelckito stands pat to win Event #69 ($3.30 NL 2-7 Single Draw)

MicroMillions Event #69 was of the non-NLH variety and drew a different subset of poker players. No Limit 2-7 Single Draw is a 5-card draw game that takes a different set of skills and strategy than flop games. Combining the draw aspects of the game with No Limit betting to create a game with a lot of action.

Even though 2-7 Single Draw tournaments have smaller crowds than the "Cadillac of Poker", players love the game and continue to come out to play. Event #69 drew 3,014 for the $3.30 buy-in tournament to make a $9,042 prizepool with $1,077 up top, far surpassing the $5,000 guarantee.

Eric "AceQuad" Brix continued his MicroMillions6 hot streak with his 7th cash of the series including a win in Event #59 and runner-up finish in Event #44. He was lined up for another final table but ran into two big hands to drop out in 25th.

Even with monster hands and big pots, it still took over seven hours to play down lose a few thousand players to get to the final table. The last two tables had their share of all-in hands but the short-stacks were winning them enough to prolong hand-for-hand play. lasonit eventually succumbed to leave just seven players in the tournament with Pelckito leading the way but three players close behind.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Pelckito (3,481,686 in chips)
Seat 2: pure$stuff (630,892 in chips)
Seat 3: boatrace1965 (802,552 in chips)
Seat 4: Kosta_Zad (2,691,395 in chips)
Seat 5: güru68 (2,291,470 in chips)
Seat 6: ShAd_1337 (1,846,504 in chips)
Seat 7: JokepStar (3,325,501 in chips)

Blinds: 40k/80k with 2k ante

pure$stuff not the right stuff, eliminated in 7th

boatrace1965 and pure$stuff began the final table with the shortest stacks but boatrace1985 jumped back in the game early with a triple up against güru68 and Pelckito. That left pure$stuff as the sole small stack at the table and was soon down to less than three big blinds.

Those went in the middle on the 10th hand of the final table after action folded around which was called by boatrace1965 and Kosta_Zad. All three players drew one card and the other two players checked. Kosta_Zad showed Q♥8♣7♣5♣3♥ prompting pure$stuff to muck and boatrace1965 tabled J♥9♣8♦6♠5♥. pure$stuff slid onto the final table while others dropped but was sent out in 7th place for $128.

güru68 needs help, eliminated in 6th

güru68 lost some chips at the beginning of the final table as part of the boatrace1965 and dropped even lower as play moved along. güru68 opened to 420,000 and JokepStar called in the small blind.

Each play drew 1 card and JokePStar began the action with a shove and güru68 called off his last 276,212. JokePStar hit his draw showing 8♥7♠5♠4♣2♦ which was more than enough to beat güru68's T♦9♦8♠4♥3♥ to send the German out in 6th place for $170.

ShAd_1337 outdrawn, eliminated in 5th

ShAd_1337 was the low player on the board and found a hand to take a stand at the short-handed table. Kosta_Zad opened for a min-raise before ShAd_1337 moved all-in from the small blind for 651,016 and then stood pat.

Kosta_Zac drew one card and ShAd_1337 showed J♠T♦7♣6♣3♥. It wasn't good enough for the double when Kosta_Zac tabled T♥9♦8♠7♥4♦ and ShAd_1337 was done for the day in 5th place for $227.\

boatrace1965 sinks, eliminated in 4th

boatrace1965 did well to last this deep in the tournament when coming to the final table with just a few big blinds. It took running into a solid hand and missing a big draw to finish it.

JokepStar opened to 280,000 and boatrace1965 pushed in for 1,698,137 from the big blind. boatrace1965 drew 1 card while JokepStar stood pat with T♦9♠8♠7♦3♠ to beat boatrace1965 who finished with K♦9♦7♣6♣4♠. boatrace1965 had a big draw for the double but blanked with the King to finish the tournament in 4th place for $326.

JokepStar is no joke, eliminated in 3rd

JokepStar was running strong at the final table but lost two big pots to chipleader Kosta_Zad before gambling for a triple-up. Kosta_Zad opened the action to 500,000 and JokepStar called all-in for 266,900 in the small blind before Pelckito also called in the big blind.

JokepStar took a chance and stood pat with Q♣J♠9♦7♥5♠ while the remaining two players drew one card. Kosta_Zad bet 600,000 to get Pelckito out of the hand before showing 9♠5♦4♦3♣2♣ for the premium hand adnd the win to knock out JokepStar in 3rd place for $519.

Pelckito draws big to win Event #69

Kosta_Zad (10,792,959 in chips)
Pelckito (4,277,041 in chips)

Pelckito began heads up play with a big chip deficit but overcame it quickly by winning a pot over 8,000,000 to get back in the game. Once the match was equal, the two players battle for over 30 minutes of heads up No Limit 2-7. The chiplead swapped hands several times until Pelckito took control.

Pelckito began the action with a min-raise from the button and Kosta_Zad raised to 1,200,000 before Pelckito moved all-in. Kosta_Zac called the bet and drew 1 card then Pelckito stood pat behind with J♠9♣7♦5♦4♦. Kosta_Zac had a draw for the win but paired his hand for T♠8♥8♦4♠3♥ to finish in the runner-up spot for $759. Pelckito finished strong to win the draw title and $1,077.

MicroMillions-069: $3.30 NL Single Draw, 2-7
Entrants: 3,014
Prize pool: $9,042
Places paid: 399

1. Pelckito (Brazil) $1,077.38
2. Kosta_Zad (Russia) $759.98
3. JokepStar (Russia) $519.91
4. boatrace1965 (United Kingdom) $326.86
5. ShAd_1337 (Germany) $227.58
6. güru68 (Germany) $170.71
7. pure$stuff (Latvia) $128.21

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions