MicroMillions 6: pix n mix whips up sensational come-from-behind victory in Event #31 [$3.30 Stud Hi/Lo]

At one point deep into the final table, no one could stop a ferocious and domineering soad12ny, who had amassed a Godzilla-sized monstrous stack. Anyone who attempted to get in soad12ny's way became instant road kill. Fried and stomped. When action reached the final two players, you almost expected the heads-up battle to be over fairly quickly. And that's what happened. Sort of. The final two -- soad12ny and pix n mix -- jousted for a mere 17 hands. In that short span, pix n mix overcame a 2-to-1 chip disadvantage to catch up to the once-feared big stack. Momentum had swung pix n mix's way, who never allowed soad12ny to launch a counterattack. The United Kingdom's pix n mix quickly slayed the beast en route to a magnificent and stunning come-from-behind victory in MicroMillions Event #31.

MicroMillions 6 Event #31 $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 6,219 runners. Those old-school Stud Hi/Lo enthusiasts created a prize pool worth $18,657. The top 800 places paid out with $2,802.67 set aside to the eventual champion.

Brazil's GamarraFCP bubbled off the final table in ninth place. Without a qualifying low, GamarraFCP lost with 7♥7♦5♠6♥4♥J♥Q♠ and a pair of sevens versus pix n mix's two pair and 7♣5♦6♦3♠Q♦5♥7♠. With GamarraFCP's elimination, the final table of eight was set.


Event #31 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: qopoqop (3,097,834)
Seat 2: elipse (4,844,223)
Seat 3: pix n mix (3,723,554)
Seat 4: cp55er (2,424,218)
Seat 5: batistutto (1,009,336)
Seat 6: kodya555 (2,383,875)
Seat 7: soad12ny (9,084,364)
Seat 8: spela444 (4,527,596)

The final table commenced during Level 40 with blinds at 250K/500K and a 50K ante. Japan's soad12ny sat atop a formidable big stack worth 9 million. The short stack honors went to batistutto, who barely had 1 million.

spela444 eliminated in 8th place

The action progressed quickly at the final table, especially considering this was a split pot event. Short-stacked spela444 moved all-in with (X-X)7♥ for 152,596. Four players called: qopoqop, elipse, pix n mix, and soad12ny. On fourth street, soad12ny fired out 300,000. qopoqop and elipse called, but pix n mix folded. Four-handed. The remaining players -- soad12ny, qopoqop and elipse -- checked it down all to the river. At showdown, soad12ny, qopoqop and qopoqop all mucked their (losing) hands. Without a qualifying low, qopoqop won the main pot and side pot with two pair -- fives and fours -- holding 4♠A♠5♦4♥5♥J♠K♥. Sweden's spela444 failed to improve (X-X)7♥6♠T♦Q♥(X) and became the first player to bust at the final table. For an eighth-place finish, spela444 earned $121.27.

batistutto eliminated in 7th place

Russia's batistutto clung to the slimmest stack for a couple of orbits before the inevitable occurred and batistutto hit the road in seventh place. batistutto was all-in on third street with (X-X)Q♦. Three players -- elipse, soad12ny, and qopoqop -- called and checked it all the way to the river. At showdown, batistutto failed to improve (X-X)Q♦9♦8♦T♠(X) and mucked their hand. The other players tabled their cards:

qopoqop: A♠9♠4♠6♦5♦9♥Q♣
elipse: 7♥7♣2♦3♣4♣2♥J♠
soad12ny: T♥2♣K♣4♥8♣3♦6♠

Both soad12ny and elipse chopped the main pot and side pot. The high-end of the pot went to elipse with two pair -- sevens and deuces -- while the low-end of the pot was awarded to soad12ny with an 8-6-4-3-2 low. For seventh place, batistutto took home $223.88.

cp55er eliminated in 6th place

Another shorty bit the dust. Big-stacked soad12ny took him out as the rich got richer. kodya555 was saddled with the bring-in for 180,000 holding (X-X)5♦, soad12ny bumped it up to 600,000 with (X-X)K♦, cp55er called all-in for 374,218, and kodya555 called. By fifth street, kodya555 bailed. Heads-up. The remaining players finished up with:

soad12ny: 8♠T♠K♠2♠A♥7♠T♦
cp55er: A♣3♦K♦9♠2♦4♠2♣

Without a qualifying low, soad12ny won the pot with a King-high flush. For a sixth-place performance, cp55er collected $503.73.

kodya555 eliminated in 5th place

On the very next hand, we saw consecutive eliminations. This time, another short stack was liquidated by soad12ny. kodya555 opened with a raise to 600,000, yet couldn't shake the big-stacked soad12ny called. On fourth street, kodya555 appeared to behind with (X-X)J♥Q♥ vs. soad12ny's (X-X)A♦8♦. soad12ny checked, kodya555 fired out 600,000, soad12ny check-raised to 1.2 million, kodya555 called all-in for 283,875. By seventh street, both players tabled their cards:

kodya555: J♣7♠J♥Q♥9♥5♠K♠
soad12ny: A♥3♠A♦8♦Q♦J♦4♣

Without a qualifying low, kodya555 lost with a pair of Jacks versus soad12ny's pair of Aces. Russia's kodya555 headed to the virtual rail in fifth place, which paid out $867.55.

elipse eliminated in 4th place

It did not last four-handed very long. Big-stack bully soad12ny opened with a raise to 800,000 holding (X-X)7♣ and elipse called with (X-X)8♣. On fourth street, elipse check-raised all-in for 979,879 and soad12ny called.

elipse: 8♦6♠8♣9♦5♠Q♥A♣
soad12ny: T♣A♠7♣3♥T♦3♠K♦

By seventh street, it was apparent that elipse failed to improve to a hand better than a pair of eights. Without a qualifying low, soad12ny won the pot with two pair -- tens and treys. Canada's elipse took home $1,240.69 for a fourth-place finish.

With three to go, soad12ny's Godzilla-sized stack was in excess of 21.3 million, while pix n mix was in second with 7.7 million, and qopoqop was the shorty with a shade under 2 million.

qopoqop eliminated in 3rd place

The final three did not mess around before someone else met their fate. qopoqop opened to 1 million with (X-X)A♣ and pix n mix called with (X-X)8♣. Fireworks ensued on fourth street when qopoqop moved all-in for 149,308 and pix n mix called.

qopoqop: 6♣7♦A♣8♠4♥7♣A♠
pix n mix: 8♥4♠8♣5♣3♥2♦A♥

Although qopoqop made a valiant final stand with a worthy high and low hand (two pair -- Aces and sevens -- and a low of 8-7-6-4-A) neither could beat pix n mix's Wheel. Alas, pix n mix scooped the pot after rivering the Wheel and Greece's qopoqop was knocked out in third place, which paid out $1613.83.

HEADS-UP: soad12ny (Japan) vs. pix n mix (United Kingdom)
Seat 3: pix n mix (10,935,480)
Seat 7: soad12ny (20,159,520)

Down to the final two players with soad12ny holding approximately a 2-1 edge over pix n mix.

soad12ny eliminated in 2nd place; pix n mix wins MicroMillions Event #31!

On the second hand of heads-up, pix n mix struck first blood and dragged an 8.4 million pot without a showdown. By seventh street, pix n mix held a big hand with (X-X)K♥K♦T♦Q♦(X) and soad12ny folded to a bet on the river. It was not a positive start for soad12ny, whose lead slipped to 16.4 million to 14.6 million.

The momentum was seized by pix n mix, who then won a pair of 4.4 million pots to take a slim lead. The wheels were falling off the bus for soad12ny when pix n mix pulled away after winning an 8.4 million pot with a mere pair of tens and no qualifying low. At that juncture, pix n mix had leapfrogged soad12ny. Once down 20-10 million, pix n mix was now up 20-10 million.

Going into the final hand, pix n mix held a commanding 5-1 chip advantage. Betting was capped on third street at 4.8 million with pix n mix (X-X)5♠ up against soad12ny's (X-X)Q♣. By fourth street, soad12ny was all-in for his last 439,520. The two players finished up with:

pix n mix: 3♦8♥5♠A♣3♠9♠A♦
soad12ny: 2♠7♣Q♣8♣6♦2♥6♠

Without a qualifying low, soad12ny lost the pot with an inferior two pair -- sixes and deuces -- versus pix n mix's Aces and treys. Japan's soad12ny failed to improve and busted in second place. For an unfortunate runner-up performance, soad12ny took home $1,989.58.

Congrats to pix n mix, who earned $2,802.67 for first place in Event #31.

Here is the final hand via the snazzy re-player:

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MicroMillions-031: $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 6,219
Prize pool: $18,657
Places paid: 800

1. pix n mix (U.K.) - $2,802.67
2. soad12ny (Japan) - $1,989.58
3. qopoqop (Greece) - $1,613.83
4. elipse (Canada) - $1,240.69
5. kodya555 (Russia)- $867.55
6. cp55er (Canada) - $503.73
7. batistutto (Russia) - $223.88
8. spela444 (Sweden) - $121.27

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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