MicroMillions 6: Reindl18 reigns in title for Event #22 ($8.80 NLH Progressive Super-Knockout)

MicroMillions Event #22 wasn't your standard knockout tournament, rather it was a Progressive Super-Knockout where eliminating an opponent not only put extra cash in your pocket but would also increase the price on your own head. So while picking up a bankroll boosting bounty, it also made it worth more for players to come you.

Half of the buy-in went into the standard prizepool while the other half went into the bounty prizepool. The event drew 32,200 players creating dual prizepools both worth $135,240 for payouts and bounties. The winner would pick up $9,849 for the win but also a nice bit of change in knockout prizes along the way.

It took just over nine hours for the tournament to play down from the starting field until the final table was formed. Nine players remained when JQuintana75 lost on with A♠T♠ when two players called his all-in and lost out to Denzel1985 with K♦Q♠. Denzel1985 picked up $385.43 for the bounty as well as hitting the final table with the significant chip lead.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: mextrex (11,098,827 in chips)
Seat 2: armedand (9,904,966 in chips)
Seat 3: M. Paeta (4,907,640 in chips)
Seat 4: jokeru25 (3,008,851 in chips)
Seat 5: alexis123532 (15,548,704 in chips)
Seat 6: Reindl18 (2,398,243 in chips)
Seat 7: Fpr46 (9,192,179 in chips)
Seat 8: REBEKC (5,377,261 in chips)
Seat 9: Denzel1985 (19,063,329 in chips)

Blinds: 200k/400k with 50k ante

mextrex rivered, eliminated in 9th

The chip counts were top heavy at the start of the final table by Fpr46 was able to double near the top of the leaderboard when the German raised to 1,500,000. mextrex was getting short and found the perfect hand to double from the small and shoved with Q♣Q♠.

The move didn't cost too much for Fpr46 to call and showed A♦J♥ and looked to hit the over card. The 6♥4♣2♣ flop ran clean for mextrex as did the 7♣ turn. It wasn't until the A♥ hit on the river that the tournament ended for mextrex in 9th place for $516 while Fpr46 took over the chip lead.

armedand and jokeruu25 get doubled, eliminated in 7th and 8th

It only took one more orbit before Fpr46 got involved in another big hand and this time took on two shorter stacks at the same time. It began with Fpr46 opening to 1,800,000 and it folded to armedand who moved called all-in from the button with less chips than the raise. jokeru25 responded by shoving the rest of his stack as well for another 3,167,702 and Fpr46 called the final bet.

Fpr46: A♠8♠
jokeru25: A♣9♣
armedand: A♦Q♣

Fpr46 had the chips and odds to make the call but was behind but that didn't last for long. The 4♦8♣K♥ flop put the German ahead in the hand and nothing changed on the 6♦ turn or K♠ river. The chip difference between the two before the hand meant armedand was awarded $876 for finishing 8th while jokeru25 picked up $1,284 for 7th.

M. Paeta outraced, eliminated in 6th

After the double elimination, M. Paeta was the shortest stack at the table when Denzel1985 made an all-in move from the big blind when it folded around. M. Paeta took a stand with A♦9♦ and was flipping with 3♠3♣.

While M. Paeta needed help to stay alive, the overcards would need running miracle cards when Denzel1985 flopped a set on the 7♦5♥3♥ board. The T♥ left M. Paeta drawing dead and was sent to the rail in 6th place for $1,850.

REBEKC can't capitalize on deep run, eliminated in 5th

The elimination of M. Paeta created a run of all-in moves with the final table five-handed. This left REBEKC with just 2,358,511 and they went in the middle with Q♥T♦ and ran into Reindl18 who had a hand with A♣K♥.

They both hit the A♦Q♣8♦ flop leaving REBEKC needing help. The 8♣ on the turn made no difference and the T♥ ended the tournament for REBEKC in 5th place for $2,771.

alexis123532 goes short, eliminated in 4th

It took exactly one hand for the next shortstack to take a shot. alexis123532 was sitting with 10% of their stack already in the small blind and put the rest in with J♦8♠ with chipleader Reindl18 waiting in the big blind.

Reindl18 easily called with A♦2♦ and moved further ahead on the Q♦9♣2♣ flop. The A♣ turn card left alexis123532 drawing dead to Aces up to be knocked out of the tournament in 4th place for $3,696.

Denzel1985 gets Queened, eliminated in 3rd

Three-handed play began with Reindl18 holding more than half the chips in play but the others were holding enough chips to make a challenge. Denzel1985 was the first to take a shot at the leader but was unlucky.

Finding 4♠4♥ at a three-handed table is usually a decent hand and Denzel1985 moved in from the small blind. The unlucky part was running into the chipleader to his left with a bigger hand in Q♣Q♦. Matter were shaking for Denzel1985 but were a lot more desperate when Reindl18 hit a set on the Q♠5♦3♥ flop.

It would take running fours and straight cards to save it but the 3♠ turn ended the tournament for Denzel1985 in 3rd place for $4,627.

Reindl18 reigns in Fpr46 to win Event #22

Reindl18 (57,840,624 in chips)
Fpr46 (22,659,376 in chips)

Reindl18 began the final table as the shortest stack but worked steadily up before taking the lead late and was spotted a big advantage in the German-on-German heads up battle. Fpr46 was able to hold off on elimination with a couple of big wins and lasted nearly 20 minutes before losing the biggest hand. It was the only hand during the final table where the chips were not in the middle pre-flop.

Fpr46 min-raised from the button and Reindl18 called to see the T♥6♣3♥ flop. Reindl18 checked the flop and called when Fpr46 bet out 2,400,000 and checked once again after the J♥ flop. Fpr46 responded with a shove for their final 16,009,376 which was exactly what Reindl18 was looking to see.

Fpr46 probably thought T♦3♠ and two pair was good for the big win but found Reindl18 hit the flush draw with A♥4♥. Fpr46 was unable river a full house and was the last to be knocked out in 2nd for $7,082. Reindl18 became a MicroMillions champion to earn $9,849 plus another $2,287 in knockout bounties.

MicroMillions-022: [$8.80 NL Hold'em Progressive Super-Knockout]
Entrants: 32,200
Prize pool: $135,240
Bounty prize pool: $135,240
Places paid: 6,633

1. Reindl18 (Germany) $9,849.61
2. Fpr46 (Germany) $7,082.51
3. Denzel1985 (Russia) $4,627.91
4. alexis123532 (Russia) $3,696.10
5. REBEKC (Mexico) $2,771.06
6. M. Paeta (Portugal) $1,850.08
7. jokeru25 (Romania) $1,284.78
8. armedand (Norway) $876.35
9. mextrex (Lithuania) $516.61

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions