MicroMillions 6: RERERAISERRR romps to draw title in Event #56 ($5.50 NL Draw)

Draw poker is one of the more esoteric variants in the game. It's not quite like triple draw, where you find yourself with three chances to find the cards you need. But the option to discard does appeal, not only in a Maverick James Garner kind of way, but also for the sense of redemption it offers - that there is always a chance to make something good of yourself. Or your hand at the very least.

Be warned though, this turns out to be a costly fantasy when put into play. RERERAISERRR knew this, and that's one of the reasons why he romped home to win Event #56 today, a six-handed draw final table that he led from start to finish. It was a performance worth $1,666.76 to the Hungarian, who quite simply looked unbeatable.

E56 final pic.jpg
The final table begins with RERERAISERRR in front

Here's how things looked six-handed.

Seat 1. Petre1991 (Romania) 1,846,456
Seat 2. RERERAISERRR (Hungary) 3,721,879
Seat 3. Scuel1975 (Argentina) 1,024,247
Seat 4. Speck CHAMP (Germany) 1,351,550
Seat 5. Raxxx9 (Estonia) 1,527,212
Seat 6. legen)en (Russia) 923,656

If anyone knew how hard it was to conquer a draw final table it was Speck CHAMP, making what for him were back-to-back draw final tables. He knew what he was doing, and that meant finding more chips sooner rather than later. After a period of shoves that went unanswered, he took his chance, three-bet shoving behind a raise from RERERAISERRR.

Enjoying the trips

It was at this point that a running theme to the final would be unveiled, that being RERERAISERRR's capacity to find trips in crucial moments. This time it was trip tens, easily undoing Speck CHAMP's aces and sending him out in sixth.

Like the Ante-Up tournament earlier today, this final was made up of great moments of excitement and long period of inactivity. It was hardly surprising that players were cagey. With the blinds at extortionate levels almost everyone, with the exception of chip leader RERERAISERRR, was playing a short stack.

The all-ins were plentiful, albeit unanswered, with Raxxx9 and legen)en try again and again to make or break. In between all that RERERAISERRR found trip kings against Petre1991 to move up to 6.6 million.

Raxxx9 finally scored a double up to 2 million, with a big blind of 100,000. That helped him, as Scuel1975 joined the ranks of all-in prospectors. But it was Petre1991 who would fall next in a three-way hand.

Raxxx9 and Scuel1975 picked up where they'd left off, shoving for all they were worth without reply. RERERAISERRR must have felt they were impossible to shift, unable to get rid of them. But ultimately he didn't need to, as they turned on each other.

That left three, with RERERAISERRR still some way in front.

RERERAISERRR - 5.7 million
Scuel1975 - 2.7 million
legen)en - 1,9 million

Not unreasonably, Scuel1975 thought the time had come to strike a deal.

"No," replied RERERAISERRR. It was almost instantaneous. He must have had "no" typed already, waiting for the question to be asked. It was decisive, and it wasn't hard to see why. RERERAISERRR looked impervious to the trials everybody else was going through, and when legen)en moved all in RERERAISERRR found another set to bust him, trip queens this time.


The heads-up period would take four minutes to conclude, RERERAISERRR's advantage proving too much for Scuel1975.

RERERAISERRR - 8.63 million
Scuel1975 - 1.93 million

At one point Scuel1975 did all he could do, moving all in on each hand, only to watch RERERAISERRR fold each time. Then RERERAISERRR would win a hand worth all the blinds he'd stolen, and he was back to square one. But not for long.

Top marks for RERERAISERRR who was faultless on his way to the title. Congratulations to him.

MicroMillions-056: $5.50 NL Draw
Entrants: 2,115
Prize pool: $10,575.00
Places paid: 276

1. RERERAISERRR (Hungary) $1,666.76
2. scuel1975 (Argentina) $1,242.56
3. legenl)en (Russia) $925.31
4. raxxx9 (Estonia) $608.06
5. Petre1991 (Romania) $396.56
6. Speck CHAMP (Germany) $223.13

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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