MicroMillions 6: Robben crack euphoric after victory in Event #52 [$5.50 NL]

China's Robben crack started the final table as one of the big stacks and second overall in chips. Robben crack hung back at the start of the final table and waited until it got five-handed before he pounced and went on a rush by knocking out all four of the remaining players. Robben crack was so hot that it was apparent to everyone else was playing for second place.

MicroMillions 6 Event #52 $5.50 NL attracted 11,033 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $55,165. The top 1,440 places paid out with $7,713.16 originally set aside to the champion.

Argentina's titonofx bubbled off the final table in tenth place when K♥Q♠ lost to Robben crack's A♥9♦. Robben crack flopped a pair of nines, but titonofx took the lead on the turn with a pair of Kings, but Robben crack rivered trip nines to win the pot. With titonofx's elimination, the final table was set.


Event #52 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: qlh424933 (2,956,124)
Seat 2: loss_tuga (4,388,298)
Seat 3: robogryf (5,322,333)
Seat 4: JMDFPoker (5,786,526)
Seat 5: nyJl9I-gypa (10,637,086)
Seat 6: Willerman4 (6,357,013)
Seat 7: Robben crack (9,355,094)
Seat 8: galogcb (3,175,107)
Seat 9: chubs82 (7,187,419)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 80K/160K and a 20K ante. nyJl9I-gypa sat atop the big stack with 10.6 million, while qlh424933 held the short stack with 2.9 million.

galogcb eliminated in 9th place

It took almost two levels before someone busted at the final table. galogcb open-shoved with A♦Q♣ for 2,628,857, and qlh424933 called with A♠J♣. galogcb was ahead and improved to trip Queens on a flop of Q♥Q♦T♦, but qlh424933 flopped a Brodway gutshow draw. The turn was the K♠ and qlh424933 turned a straight. The river was the 8♠ and galogcb failed to improve. The first player to bust at the final table was Brazil's galogcb, who earned $375.12 for ninth place.

chubs82 eliminated in 8th place

A pair of medium-stacks rumbled. chubs82 opened to 555,555, loss_tuga moved all-n for 5,295,797, and chubs82 called all-in for 4,462,264. loss_tuga led with T♠T♣ against chubs82's K♦Q♦. The board ran out 8♠7♣4♥7♠A♠ and loss_tuga's pocket tens held up for the win. For an eighth-place finish, chubs82 collected $551.65.

Willerman4eliminated in 7th place

Classic race. nyJl9I-gypa min-raised to 600,000, but Willerman4 bombed it all-in with A♣K♠ for 3,615,763, and nyJl9I-gypa called with 9♦9♣. The board ran out T♥5♥3♣T♦6♥. nyJl9I-gypa won the coinflip and pocket nines held up. Willerman4's Big Slick failed to improve and got knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $1,103.30.

qlh424933 eliminated in 6th place

The table did not play six-handed for very long before we saw another bustout. qlh424933 min-raised to 600,000, JMDFPoker shoved all-in for 14,858,052, and qlh424933 called all-in for 4,869,981. JMDFPoker led with A♦K♥ versus qlh424933's A♠T♦. The board ran out J♦6♥3♥Q♥5♣. Neither hand improved, but JMDFPoker won the pot with an Ace-high and King-kicker. Outkicked, qlh424933 hit the road in sixth place, which paid out $1,654.95.

With five to go, JMDFPoker held the lead with approximately 20 million.

robogryf eliminated in 5th place

Robben crack min-raised to 1,125,000, robogryf moved all-in for 3,306,552, and Robben crack called. Another race. Robben crack led with T♥T♠ against robogryf's A♥K♠. The board ran out J♥7♥5♠2♦7♣. Robben crack's pocket tens held up and robogryf busted out in fifth place, which paid out $2,206.60.

With four to go, Robben crack led the way with 24.4 million and nyJl9I-gypa brought up the rear with 3.2 million.

nyJl9I-gypa eliminated in 4th place

nyJl9I-gypa open-shoved for 4,752,086 with A♣J♣, and Robben crack called with K♣T♣. The board ran out A♦Q♠5♥J♦3♥. nyJl9I-gypa flopped a pair of Aces and turned two pair, but lost to Robben crack's Broadway straight. nyJl9I-gypa busted out in fourth place, which paid out $2,758.25.


With three to go, action was paused so the final three could discuss a deal. Robben crack held the big stack with 32 million, JMDFPoker was second with 16.3 million, and loss_tuga was the shorty with 6.7 million. They had to leave $600 on the table to the eventual winner, but the agreed to a deal with these terms: Robben crack ($6,364.11), JMDFPoker ($5,642.34), and loss_tuga ($4,723.42).

loss_tuga eliminated in 3rd place

Robben crack min-raised to 1.2 million, loss_tuga shoved for 6,607,616, and Robben crack called. Another hand with pocket nines versus Big Slick. Robben crack took 9♦9♣ into battle against loss_tuga's A♥K♠. The board ran out J♣9♠7♠6♠7♣. Robben crack flopped middle set, but rivered a full house. loss_tuga failed to improve and headed to the rail in third place, which paid out $4,723.42.

HEADS-UP: Robben crack (China) vs. JMDFPoker (Portugal)
Seat 4: JMDFPoker (15,936,537)
Seat 7: Robben crack (39,228,463)

With two to go, Robben crack held a sizable lead. Heads-up only lasted 13 hands.

JMDFPoker eliminated in 2nd place;Robben crack wins MicroMillions Event #52!

On the final hand... Robben crack min-raised to 1.2 million and JMDFPoker called. The flop was 9♣6♣5♣. JMDFPoker bombed it all-in for 17,811,537, and Robben crack called. Robben crack held A♣A♥ and a nut-flush draw. JMDFPoker was in trouble with bottom pair and 5♦3♥. The turn was the 7♦, and JMDFPoker picked up a gutshot draw. The river was the 7♣, and JMDFPoker failed to improve. Robben crack rivered a flush and won the pot... and the tournament.

For a runner-up performance, JMDFPoker collected $5,642.34 for second place.

Congrats to China's Robben crack, who took home $6,964.11 for first place in MicroMillions Event #52!

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MicroMillions-052 $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 11,033
Prize pool: $55,165
Places paid: 1,440

1. Robben crack (China)- $6,964.11 **
2. JMDFPoker (Portugal) - $5,642.34 **
3. loss_tuga (Portugal) - $4,723.42 **
4. nyJl9I-gypa (Ukraine) - $2,758.25
5. robogryf (Poland) - $2,206.60
6. qlh424933 (Argentina) - $1,654.95
7. Willerman4 (Greece) - $1,103.30
8. chubs82 (Canada) - $551.65
9. galogcb (Brazil) - $375.12

** denotes a deal among the final three players

For more information including a schedule of remaining events, visit the MicroMillions 6 home page.

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