MicroMillions 6: Schelb turns on samba style to earn victory in Event #47 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo)

If there's any event that sums up what the MicroMillions is all about it's the $1 3x-turbo re-buys. For really not a lot you can win really quite a lot. Sure you're going to need some luck along the way and have to work your way through a big field, but it won't take all day and time is an incredibly precious commodity for most recreational poker players. And tonight Brazilian player Schelb, who's previous biggest score was $123, can add a five-figure win to his resume.

By the end of late registration 13,806 players had taken a shot at winning event#47, throw in 63,760 re-buys and 7,789 add-ons and a prize pool of $77,673.05 was created with $10,300.34 reserved for the winner. It took only another 150 minutes to reduce the field to the the final 100. At that stage the chip leader was eventual winner Scheib. Just over an hour later when only two tables remained the Brazilian was still top dog. However with 17 players left he lost a big pot with nines against aces on a rollercoaster 7♣9♠Q♠8♠A♣ board to slip back into the pack.

The Brazilian would recover to make the final table but he trailed the chip leader - shenyiyang88 - by some distance. The Chinese players rise to prominence was meteoric. With 12 players he was all-in for just four big blinds and picked up three callers. The board ran out J♦6♦J♣9♥8♦ shenyiyang88 turned over pocket sixes for a flopped full house and was back in the game. Just four hands later he was all but all-in with pocket jacks against Arial09239's aces and spiked a jack to take chip lead to the final table.


Seat 1: sherbet01, 31,901,148
Seat 2: jingforte73, 21,789,757
Seat 3: dionisis1010, 74,296,874
Seat 4: shenyiyang88, 88,200,056
Seat 5: valiko8686, 21,908,950
Seat 6: mosya#66, 41,966,587
Seat 7: Schelb, 24,412,208
Seat 8: pazz01, 72,065,209
Seat 9: emigrant616, 89,827,211

Blinds: 1.6M/3.2M, ante 320,000

Three is the magic number

Turbo by name and turbo by nature as it took just three hands for the first elimination of the final table, sherbet01 committed his final 10 blinds with A♣J♠ and mosya#66 made the call for almost all of his stack with pocket nines. The A♥4♣9♥5♣Q♥ board ruled decisively in the Russian's favour and boosted him to third in chips.

It would be a further dozen hands before another elimination but there was no let up in the action as during this time valiko8686 doubled through dionisis1010 and Schelb did likewise against pazz01. This all meant that jingforte73 was the shortstack and when it folded to him on the button with just six big blinds K♥[10s] was a more than adequate hand with which to put them across the betting line. Unfortunately shenyiyang88 found A♥2♦ and the best hand held to send jingforte73 out in eighth earning the player from the Philippines $699.05.

The up, down and up again of the chip leader

There then followed a crazy six minute period during which shenyiyang88 went from chip leader to short stack to chip leader again. First he lost a 100M chip pot to mosya#66 which you can see below.

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Despite that dent the Chinese player was still second in chips but not for long, a mistimed shove from the small blind for an effective six big blinds with J♦6♠ was snapped off by valiko8686, who held K♦Q♠. The J♣7♥8♣A♥[10h] board gave the table a fun sweat and valiko8686 a crucial double up.

This left shenyiyang88 with just eight big blinds they went in with A♦K♥ against pazz01's A♠Q♥ and held up on the 9♣9♠7♣A♥J♠ board.

It had been breakneck start to the final table and the doubles up didn't stop there. First pazz01 doubled through dionisis1010 with sixes against fives, then valiko8686 got a double up at the expense of Schelb with pocket kings against K♠Q♦ and when Schelb then doubled through mosya#66 three hands later with A♦9♥ against A♣6♦ suddenly shenyiyang88 was back in the lead. And yes that really did all happen in six minutes!

Anyone's game

On the first break of the final table you could throw a blanket over most of the final table. With blinds at 2.5M/5M, ante 500,000 just over five big blinds separated first from fifth with only emigrant6161 cut adrift.

Seat 3: dionisis1010, 56,828,202
Seat 4: shenyiyang88, 81,593,356
Seat 5: valiko8686, 71,181,600
Seat 6: mosya#66, 82,306,854
Seat 7: Schelb, 74,917,232
Seat 8: pazz01, 65,977,646

And he wouldn't stay cut adrift for long as on the second hand back from the break he called all-in with pocket fours, starting and staying ahead of pazz01's A♠8♣ to get a big double up.

It really was anyone's tournament at this stage but one player was soon to burst out of the pack and set themselves apart, that player was long time chip leader Schelb. Five hands later the Brazilian would win the biggest pot of the tournament to date and send dionisis1010 to the rail in seventh place.

With blinds at 2.5M/5M, ante 500,000 the Greek player opened to 21,000,000 with pocket fives, Schelb shoved for an effective 57M with A♦Q♣ and dionisis1010 called it off. The 9♠9♥Q♠4♣8♥ board sent Schelb from worst to first and the chip lead to boot.

Do not pazz sixth place

It wouldn't be long until the next exit and pazz01 from Australia would be the player to fall in sixth place. The major damage was done when he lost a 113M chip pot to valiko8686, the Aussie's K♥J♠ was in a world of hurt against the Russian's A♣K♣ and he couldn't spike on the 9♣6♦4♥6♠4♦ board. Down to less than one blind it went in two hands later with 5♥4♠ and Schelb mopped up the pieces with pocket eights. The Australian collected $2,252.31 for his performance.

Great wall of China crumbles in fifth

Next to go would be start of final table chip leader shenyiyang88 and yet again his exit hand was not the crucial hand that led to his demise. The Chinese player would lose two thirds of his stack when he called a shove with pocket threes, emigrant6161 had K♦J♦ and flopped a flush. He got one double up but then ran A♣8♦ into Schelb's A♦J♦ for his final seven blinds. That pot gave Schelb a commanding chip lead as he had 213M whilst his closest challenger had just 89M. And his lead was about to get a whole lot bigger.

A 150M chip coin flip

With four players left there was not much separating second to fourth by the time the blinds ticked up to 3M/6M ante 600,000. But there was a lot separating the payouts, fourth would pick up a $3,805.97 payday whilst first would get $10,300.34. Simply laddering one spot would earn you over $1,500.

I don't know if that crossed valiko8686's mind when he committed his final 12 big blinds with A♠J♠ or Schelb's when he called with pocket tens. It may well have flickered across the face of mosya#66 or emigrant6161 as they watched the board come 4♣8♣8♠Q♥3♦ to earn them an extra 1,554 buy-ins for twiddling their thumbs.

Let's talk numbers

Three handed the clock was paused to discuss a deal, the stacks at the time of the deal were as follows:

Schelb: 307,975,842
mosya#66: 101,456,854
emigrant6161: 56,935,304

The original payouts were:

1st. $10,300.34
2nd. $7,103,20
3rd. $5,359.44

And the ICM deal, which left $1,000 to play for spat out the following numbers:

Schelb: $9,113.42
mosya#66: $6,596.12
emigrant6161: $6,053.44

It became apparent very quickly that moysa#66 wasn't happy with the deal and play continued. What followed was a superb example of big stack play as Schelb went to work increasing his stack to 377M by using his chip stack like an axe.
With the other two players now both under six big blinds a clash was inevitable and so it transpired. From the small blind emigrant6161 moved all-in for just over 44M with Q♣4♠ and mosya#66 called with A♣9♥. The J♠6♦8♣[10s]5♠ board favoured the Russian and sent the Ukrainian out in third, $5,359.44.

Heads-up chip counts:

Despite that knockout going into heads-up play mosya#66 still faced a near 4:1 chip defecit.

Seat 6: mosya#66, 94,127,462
Seat 7: Schelb, 372,240,538

After one hand of heads-up play the tournament was again paused as the players tried to come to deal but yet again there was a quibble and play resumed. It wouldn't take long for Schelb to seal the deal. After eight hands of sparring he landed the knockout punch. He shoved with A♠6♦, mosya#66 called with Q♣9♣ and watched on as the board ran 7♠2♣A♦[10h]2♦ to send him out in second and send the title to Brazil.

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Congratulations to Schelb on winning event#47 of the MicroMillions for by far the biggest score of his career and congratulations to everyone who cashed.

MicroMillions-047: $1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 13,806 (63,760 re-buys, 7,789 add-ons)
Prize pool: $77,673.05
Places paid: 1800

1st. Schelb (Brazil) $10,300.34
2nd. mosya#66 (Russia) $7,103.20
3rd. emigrant6161 (Ukraine) $5,359.44
4th. valiko8686 (Russia) $3,805.97
5th. shenyiyang88 (China) $3,029.24
6th. pazz01 (Australia) $2.252.51
7th. dionisis1010 (Greece) $1,475.78
8th. jingforte73 (Philippines) $699.05
9th. sherbet01 (Germany) $466.03

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions