MicroMillions 6: vessarn takes victory in event #27 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo Sunday Spark Special Edition)

If you wanted proof that the MicroMillions is in fact big then look no further than event #27. The Sunday Spark is part of the regular rotation of Sunday Specials on PokerStars and last week's edition attracted a creditable 10,469 entrants. Not bad, not bad at all. However this week's edition, with the MicroMillions moniker attached to the front of it, topped out at 15,368 for a near 50% increase.

A bigger field meant a bigger prize pool of course and after 64,503 re-buys and 8,253 add-ons were tacked onto the initial entry fee the $50,000 guarantee was smashed to smithereens as there was $80,192.84 up for grabs to the top 2,205 players with a five figure sum of $10,033.03 up top.

It took a couple of ticks over five and a half hours to reach the final table and after F.d.L84 was eliminated in 10th it was zielony from Poland that looked favourite to claim the top prize when the final table got underway with blinds at 1.6M/3.2M, ante 320,000.


The brightest Sparks

Seat 1: Mihalich0587 (44,915,203)
Seat 2: vessarn (68,967,564)
Seat 3: jancula67 (30,518,442)
Seat 4: LRM)MaNiaTiC (55,095,005)
Seat 5: Zhancpanzho (59,413,220)
Seat 6: AlenaDiamond (88,033,157)
Seat 7: RIKSLO (35,918,532)
Seat 8: zielony (90,798,901)
Seat 9: hugo2007_vn (13,542,976)

With high blinds and five minute levels this final table was not going to be one for the purists, there would be little room for multi-street bluffs for instance and it was no surprise that it only took six hands for the first significant action of the final table to occur. hugo2007_vn moved all-in for less than three big blinds with K♥J♠, Mihalich0587 isolated with A♥Q♠ but a king on the flop kept the Finnish player alive.

Although hugo2007_vn was still short on chips the Finn joined a group of four players who had less than ten big blinds and as the blinds rose to 2M/4M, ante 400,000 it dragged another two players into the shortstack club. Meanwhile two of the big stacks played a sizable pot of some 67M chips, its denouement meant that vessarn usurped zielony at the top of the chip charts for the first time. It was a chip lead he'd never relinquish.

Still nine remained but something had to give and that something only strengthened vessarn's grip on the tournament as his K♦J♦ outflopped jancula67's pocket queens to send the Hungarian to the rail in ninth with $481.15 to boost his PokerStars balance.

The Ladies of Death

It seems, at this final table, getting all your chips in with pocket queens pre-flop was a bad idea as eight hands later RIKSLO did just that for his last two big blinds, he was unfortunate to run into zielony's pocket kings and the start of final table chip leader regained some traction. However, with a little over 86M in chips he trailed vessarn who had 205m by some distance.

The rich get richer

Although the average stack was a little over 14 big blinds at this stage, the majority of it was in the pocket of the top two and they would only get richer as they scored a knockout apiece in back to back hands and they both got lucky to do so.

First vessarn raised and then called LRM)MaNiaTiC near six big blind shove, the latter was ahead with pocket nines to vessarn's K♦3♣, a king on the flop and another on the river changed all that though and the Chinese player was out un seventh earning $1,403.37.

On the very next hand Zhancpanzho moved in with pocket kings, zielony called with A♠J♦ again the overcard hit on the flop and indeed again on the river, the Swede was out in sixth for $2,165,20.

Vroom vroom vroom for vessarn

There was, by this point, simply no stopping vessarn and eight hands later the chip leader would win the first 100M chip pot of the final table and eliminate AlenaDiamond in the process.

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As a result of winning that hand the Swede now had over half the chip sin play with four players still left. But start of final table chip leader zielony was not going to go quietly, he began playing back at vessarn, who was understandably playing aggressively with the big chip lead. A few hands passed and then the shortstack, Mihalich0587, took a stand by shoving his final five big blinds with J♦9♠ zielony called with A♠6♣ held and suddenly had a stack of 166M which could severely dent vessarn's 277M.

As for the other stack that was hugo2007_vn, remember him? He had doubled up near the start of the final table an done a superb job to ladder to at least third place and lock up $5,372.92. With just over 40M - about five big blinds - the Finn was up against it to go any further. He had a good go at trying though. Down to just one big blind he got a triple up, when that stack was then reduced to two big blinds he got a double up but he couldn't pull off the hat-trick. Down to just over one big blind it went in with A♠8♥, zielony barely had to put anymore chips in to call from the big blind and did so with 4♣2♦. A 4♥3♠K♥2♥[10c] board meant we were heads-up.

Heads-Up chip counts:
Seat 2: vessarn (306,664,312)
Seat 8: zielony (180,538,688)

Thanks to the interesting three-handed dynamic vessarn had been able to stretch his lead slightly, with blinds at 3.5M/7M, ante 700,000 there were 70 big blinds in play when heads-up play started. There was a brief feeling out period before zielony won a 99M pot with trip jacks to make the stacks 271M plays 215M. That though would be as close as the Pole would get to pole-position.

Just five hands later vessarn would win the biggest pot of the tournament, one worth 174M. The Swede flopped the nut flush on a Q♥A♥8♥ bet the flop, sneakily checked the turn and then min-raised the river after zielony had led, his opponent paid him off and was left with just 128M.

Three hands later vessarn would win another nine figure pot, this time with second pair and that left zielony with just six big blinds. Two hands later he committed them with Q♣8♣ and vessarn made the call with A♠7♦.

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Neither player connected with the J♠2♥5♣9♣3♥ board and vessarn was the winner. The Swede collects $10,033.03 for the win, whilst zielony won a none too shabby $7,000.83 for finishing as runner-up.

MicroMillions-027: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo Sunday Spark Special Edition]
Entrants: 15,368 (64,503 re-buys, 8,253 add-ons)
Prize pool: $80,192.84
Places paid: 2,025

1st. vessarn (Sweden) $10,033.03
2nd. zielony (Poland) $7,000.83
3rd. hugo2007_vn (Finland) $5,372.92
4th. Mihalich0587 (Russia) $3,769.06
5th. AlenaDiamond (Russia) $2,967.13
6th. Zhancpanzho (Sweden) $2,165.20
7th. LRM)MaNiaTiC (China) $1,403.37
8th. RIKSLO (Slovenia) $721.73
9th. jancula67 (Hungary) $481.15

It's now day four of MicroMIllions 6 you can check out all the winners here, check out the Player of the Series leader board here and see what events are coming up here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions