MicroMillions 6: YakuzaCZ comes back to win Event #50 ($4.40 NLH 4-Max, 4x Chance)

Some players like their poker games full ring, some like them heads up, and some like it somewhere in between like the 4-Max MicroMillions Event #50. Short-handed poker is a never ending game of action and a wide range of hands. That can explain why the tournament drew more than 20,000 entrants.

The $4.40 buy-in tournament was also a 4x Chance allowing players to rebuy up to four times if they are knocked out. The field grew to 21,563 and they used those rebuy chances 24,835 times to create a huge $185,592 prizepool with more than $15,000 to the winner.

The biggest name in the tournament late was Jordan "Jymaster11" Young, one of the chipleader with 20 players remaining. He was primed to add another big number to his record until he got into a blind versus blind battle with luigysk8 and lost with A♠K♣ against A♦T♥ to finish 19th.

The happiest person at the final table was probably YakuzaCZ, and the Czech Republic player was down to just a few big blinds as the tournament was six-handed. It took several double ups to make the final table and two of those were huge. The first time getting all-in with Q♠T♠ to beat A♣K♠ and the second all-in to make the final table cracking A♠A♥ with J♣8♣.

The five players joined together at the final table with YakuzaCZ on a hot streak.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Vladisk0 (93,332,997 in chips)
Seat 2: Cardiffbiker (34,014,670 in chips)
Seat 3: MAR-KAT-HEL (25,568,089 in chips)
Seat 4: SereJkee94 (23,726,344 in chips)
Seat 5: YakuzaCZ (55,347,900 in chips)

Blinds: 700k/1.4m with 175kk ante

MAR-KAT-HEL can't catch, eliminated in 5th

The tournament was temporarily paused as the remaining five players attempted to negotiate a deal. After looking at the numbers several times, every possible chop was rejected and they went back into action

The final five players came to the final table with plenty of chips to play their style but lost a big hand early on to SereJkee94. A♠4♦ was out-flopped by K♣Q♥ leaving MAR-KAT-HEL with less than two big blinds which went in the middle on the next hand.

It was SereJkee94 who once again took on MAR-KAT-HEL who called in the small blind along with YakuzaCZ in the big blind. Both players checked down the entire board of 7♠6♦6♣8♥2♠ board before SereJkee94 showed 4♠2♦ for bottom pair and the hand. MAR-KAT-HEL was unlucky at the final table to be knocked out in 5th place for $2,143.

Cardiffbiker catches a ride out, eliminated in 4th

The players once again tried to iron out a deal once they were four-handed and this time it worked out better. The three quickly worked things out giving chipleader Vladisk0 the lion's share of the prizepool before getting back underway.

UK's Cardiffbiker was the next to lose a big pot and was holding just over 10 big blinds and shove them in on the button with K♦Q♣. Chipleader YakuzaCZ called from the big blind with A♦7♣ to go further in front.

Cardiffbiker was looking for a King or Queen and missed on the 5♠3♣2♥ flop. The J♣ did nothing to change the situation and the 9♥ sent Cardiffbiker home with King-high versus Ace-high, picking up $6,694 for 4th place.

Vladisk0 gets impaled, eliminated in 3rd

Vladisk0 was very active after the deal and lost a series of hands until finding himself in a near dead heat with YakuzaCZ. The two of them ended up in a raising war pre-flop which ended with YakuzaCZ five-bet shoving with K♦K♣ and getting called with A♦T♥, two fine heads three-handed.

The former chiplead needed a lot of help but it never came as the board ran out J♠J♦3♥3♣T♦. Vladisk0 still ended up with the second biggest payout in the tournament but finished 3rd for $8,884.

YakuzaCZ completes comeback to win Event #50

YakuzaCZ (180,847,344 in chips)
SereJkee94 (51,142,656 in chips)

The hand propelled YakuzaCZ into a massive heads up chiplead but SereJkee94 put up a tough battle. They played for nearly 30 minutes during which YakuzaCZ commented "Are you immortal?".

YakuzaCZ eventually took complete control of the match and open shoved with K♥6♣ from the button and SereJkee94 called with J♥9♥. SereJkee94 was behind but stormed ahead for the double up on the T♦9♠3♦ flop. YakuzaCZ proceeded to hit pair on the 6♥ turn and then lock up the tournament K♠ river for the MicroMillions championship and $10,756.

MicroMillions-050: $$4.40 NL Hold'em [4-Max, 4x Chance]
Entrants: 21,563 (24,835 re-buys)
Prize pool: $185,592
Places paid: 2,800

1. YakuzaCZ (Czech Republic) $10,756.84*
2. SereJkee94 (Russia) $7,750.27*
3. Vladisk0 (Slovakia) $8,884.84*
4. Cardiffbiker (United Kingdom) $6,694.26*
5. MAR-KAT-HEL (Cyprus) $2,143.58
* - denotes four-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions