MicroMillions 6: Mak3don1ja leads from wire to wire to win Event #54 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

In as masterful a performance as I've seen in MicroMillions 6 Mak3don1ja led from wire to wire to wrap up the final table of event #54 in under an hour to claim the first prize of $4,834.38

By the end of late registration 6,177 players had taken their seats to create a guarantee smashing prize pool of $30,885. It took a little over eight hours to reach the final 10, hand for hand play would last for 16 hands until Zenzindo pushed for just under four big blinds with K♦3♥ and got looked up by Nord-John's A♣K♠ which held. The elongated nature of hand for hand play meant there were a few short stacks as the final table got underway with blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 20,000.


Seat 1: Mak3don1ja (Canada) 7,532,614
Seat 2: goldfinge585 (Greece) 3,632,720
Seat 3: Nord-John (Russia) 7,425,008
Seat 4: PjayA16 (Canada) 670,894
Seat 5: 26sk8er (Australia) 1,742,517
Seat 6: radamantis24 (Peru) 1,295,964
Seat 7: MissPokStars (United Kingdom) 2,993,221
Seat 8: galaxys-don (India) 3,043,962
Seat 9: Ravan95 (Australia) 2,548,100

Action from the off

It was of little surprise then that it took just two hands to see an all-in and call at the final table. radamantis24 was the second shortest stack and moved his 1,255,964 stack (roughly eight big blinds) over the line with [10h][10d] and MissPokStars isolated with A♣Q♣. The board was one cruel card after another for radamantis24 as it ran 2♦4♣3♦6♣A♥ to send the Peruvian to the rail in ninth.

With the first exit out the way PjayA16 shoved the very next hand for less than three big blinds with pocket fives and 26sk8er looked him up from the big blind with [10d]6♣. The overcards flopped a straight draw on the J♦K♣Q♥ flop but couldn't complete on the 4♦ turn or 3♠ river.

The Canadian's reprieve would be short lived as seven hands later he would fall in a big three-way all-in. From middle position galaxys-don shoved for 1,513,962 with A♦6♠, Nord-John called from the small blind with 5♥5♣ and PjayA16 called all-in from the big blind for 891,788 with pocket kings. The A♥[10d]2♦Q♦3♣ board meant galaxys-don scooped a pot worth more than 4M and PjayA16 was out in eighth winning $386.06.

Computer says Nord-John will lose another three-way all-in

Amazingly less than an orbit after losing a three-way all-in Nord-John would lose another and this time the Russian had the best of it.

Blinds had gone up to 125,000/250,000 ante 31,250 by this point, 26sk8er moved all-in for 1,106,623 from under-the-gun with A♥2♥, Ravan95 shoved over the top for 2,061,850 with A♣[10s] only for Nord-John to wake up with A♠K♦ and overcall. The 5♦J♥7♠[10h]5♣ board sent the 5.5M chip pot to Ravan95, dropped Nord-John to 4.8M and eliminated 26sk8er in seventh place. "So sick, sorry brah," typed Ravan95 in the chat box. Two hands later Nord-John had those chips back when he won a 3.8M chip pot against galaxys-don when he forced the latter to fold on the turn of a J♣Q♦3♥9♦ board, flashing the J♠ as he did.

galaxys-don runs out of lives

Having earlier spiked a three outer to survive the Indian based player repeated the trick against Mak3don1ja, who despite losing the following hand retained the chip lead. The latter opened to 900,000 with A♠K♦, galaxys-don shoved for 1,707,212 with A♣9♦, Mak3don1ja called off the extra but couldn't hold as the board ran 2♦9♥8♠7♥Q♦.

Just three hands later nines wouldn't prove so lucky for goldfinge585 as he called Ravan95's seven big blind shove with them only to lose out to the Australian's A♠4♠ when an ace flopped. That hand left the Greek player with just 12 big blinds, whilst MissPokStars with 10.5 big blinds was the table shortstack. Neither would be the next to exit though.

With blinds having ticked up to 200,000/400,000 ante 50,000 galaxys-don open shoved for 4,476,924 with pocket jacks and Mak3don1ja reraised all-in with A♠K♦. The Canadian would get revenge for the earlier beat as the 5♥A♦A♥K♠[10d] board eliminated galaxys-don in sixth place, good for $1,003.76.

Meanwhile Mak3don1ja now had almost 13M of the 30.8M chips in play and he was just getting started as he was about to eliminate the second biggest stack.

Better be lucky than good

Earlier today a Dutch player called hielkuh hit a lucky river on his way to winning the Super Tuesday for $78,846.17 he typed, "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good I guess," into the chat box and its likely those are sentiments now shared by Mak3don1ja.

Two hands after winning a near 10M chip pot he'd eliminate Nord-John by winning a 13M chip pot, hitting a lucky river to do so. Pre-flop Mak3don1ja opened to 1.6M (four big blinds) from under-the-gun and Nord-John called from a stack of 6.2M. On the Q♠9♦3♣ flop Mak3don1ja simply set Nord-John in for 4.6M and the Russian called it off.

Nord-John: K♠Q♦
Mak3don1ja: A♥J♣

At this stage Nord-John was a 85% favourite to win a 13.3M chip pot and take the chip lead, the 6♦ turn was a brick but the A♦ river was anything but as Mak3don1ja spiked a three outer to eliminate Nord-John in fifth.

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goldfinge585 busts in fourth

With four players left goldfinge585 was on the shortstack and they'd be no recovery. Down to just over four big blinds he shoved for 2.1M with K♠9♠ and Ravan95 called off almost their entire stack with 4♣4♠ and it was off to the races. The Q♥5♥A♣7♦A♠ board favoured the pocket pair and just three remained.

Confidence in their own ability

So with three players left the stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: Mak3don1ja, 21,352,894
Seat 7: MissPokStars, 4,504,063
Seat 9: Ravan95, 5,028,043

Despite one player having over two thirds of the chips in play it didn't stop the other players broaching the subject of a deal. Unsurprisingly this was met with a swift rebuttal by Mak3don1ja

Ravan95 said, "up for a deal>"
MissPokStars said, "yes i'm"
Mak3don1ja said, "i got over 2/3 of the chips i gotta play it out guys"
Ravan95 said, "fair enough"

What followed then was what some would call bravado and others arrogance:

Mak3don1ja said, "almost over"

Many a poker player has come a cropper from the premature celebration but Mak3don1ja would not be added to that ledger as he dispatched his opponents in consecutive hands.

First to go was MissPokStars, with blinds at 250,000/500,000 ante 62,500 she shoved from the button for 3,566,563 with K♦Q♠ and Mak3don1ja called with A♥8♠. The [10s]J♦5♣4♠[10h] board sent the chips Mak3don1ja's way and a payday of $2,543.37 the way of MissPokStars.

Then on the first hand of heads-up play Ravan95 moved all-in for just under 5M with K♥6♦ and Mak3don1ja called with A♣[10s]. There was no doubting the winner as the board ran [10c]Q♠Q♦J♦2♥.

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Congratulations to Mak3don1ja who led the final table from start to finish and takes home $4,834.38 for the win.

MicroMillions-054: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 6,177
Prize pool: $30,885
Places paid: 810

1st. Mak3don1ja (Canada) $4,834.38
2nd. Ravan95 (Australia) $3,598.10
3rd. MissPokStars (United Kingdom) $2,543.37
4th. goldfinge585 (Greece) $1,745
5th. Nord-John (Russia)$1,312.61
6th. galaxys-don (India) $1,003.76
7th. 26sk8er (Australia) $694.91
8th. PjayA16 (Canada) $386.06
9th. radamantis24 (Peru) $247.08

Over $4.4M has already been paid out during the first half of MicroMillions 6 and there's plenty more up for grabs. Check out the remaining schedule here.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions