MicroMillions5: No sleep, Elk burgers, and that hat - SScopeSHARK turns Event #53 into spectator sport ($3.30 NLH Ante Up)

There are several things the rail bird should know about ante up tournaments. First the blinds do not increase. They remain at $5/ $5 for the duration. Second, it is instead the ante that increases, changing the tactical dynamic somewhat. The last thing to remember is that historically ante-up events take several months to finish.

So it was with considerable relief that the player who would go on to win Event #53 actually managed to turn poker into a spectator sport with a display of almost "performance poker" fuelled either by a lack of sleep or considerable alcohol consumption. Whatever it was, we shouldn't care, for his antics should place SScopeSHARK among MicroMillions' most memorable winners.

That it took him nearly an hour and a half to complete the final was all the better. Ante-up finals can drag like double geography. The blinds, usually a good gauge as to how things are progressing, serve little purpose. It's left to a slow grind until one player remains.

SScopeSHARK turned it into a show. We may never know the motives for SScopeSHARK's capers, but somehow he managed to cram all the best parts of British eccentricity into 90 minutes.

53 final pic.jpg
The final table begins

Supposed hilarity aside, his performance with the cards was equally notable given that on arrival at the final he was trailing the leader by some way, and spent most of the time catching up with someone.

Final table line-up

Seat 1. TeaBrown8, 3,913,913
Seat 2. Twa1020, 4,167,632
Seat 3. SScopeSHARK, 4,003,792
Seat 4. FENOMENICO, 3,007,721
Seat 5. Imorro16, 11,128,102
Seat 6. Clickhear, 1,663,830

SScopeSHARK began the final table by wishing his opponents the best. He then suggested that his prize money would be going to his local Mosque, with perhaps the first "Alluha Akbar" to grace the chat box of MicroMillions final.

At this stage Imorro16 held a considerable lead. With the ante at 70,000 his stack of 11 million would take about three days to fold away. Instead he got stuck in, seeing off FENOMENICO in sixth place with one of a series of pocket aces. FENOMENICO was joined on the rail in fifth place by Twa1020 who was easily dismissed by TeaBrown8.

What fresh lunacy is this?

By this point SScopeSHARK was offering commentary on every shown hand. "Wow" he said as Imorro16 tabled his aces. Then his attention turned to what was at stake.

"OMG," he said, trying out a different religious salutation. "Just realised whoever is winner gets a champions hat. If we deal I am happy to take 500 if I get the hat."

Not for the only time the others would have to make up their own minds as to whether he was serious or a lunatic. Clickhear didn't have to wonder for long, out in fourth place when his ace-eight was out-kicked by TEAB's ace-king.

Imorro16 - 16.5 million
TeaBrown8 - 6 million
SScopeSHARK - 5.5 million

Imorro16 was extending his lead, flashing cards that others could only pine for, including another pair of aces.

"How many aces you have now?" asked SScopeSHARK. "Good player. You definitely need to go to Mosque. Church/ Synagogue/ Temple."

"jajaja," replied Imorro16, perhaps sensing bullshit. Then again we all sensed bullshit. But SScopeSHARK was slowly turning it into art as meanwhile TeaBrown8 took the lead from Imorro16 with a pair of tens.

SScopeSHARK was thrilled for TeaBrown8, asking the Canadian if he spoke French, mainly so that in the next hand he could ask, on the flop, how to say "full house" in French. Then, fearing perhaps that Imorro16 was feeling left out he urged him to be patient: "More aces are coming."

Then he confessed to having been awake for two day. As a story it certainly checked out. But then they'd all been up for some time, TeaBrown8 pointing out that he had to be in work in two hours managing a packaging shop. SScopeSHARK took this to mean that, as a manager, he was already rich and didn't need the win.

Talked into a deal

Whether that was true or not TeaBrown8 had by now extended his lead to 18 million against the 5 million each of SScopeSHARK and Imorro16 - perfect timing, in the eyes of SScopeSHARK, for a straight three-way chop.

"Don't be fooled by stacks. I am genius player and Imorro16 makes aces for fun," he said. Then, to add weight to his argument: "I have play in las vegas 25 times. Sure I lose 24 times but I still play there."

It seemed odd that TeaBrown8 might consider a deal, but his stipulation that, as massive chip leader, he should receive an extra "hundy" from the others caused no disquiet, although SScopeSHARK insisted on the hat. Everyone agreed on the numbers, but not on the hat, and was asked to type "I AGREE" in the chat box, the uniform method of confirmation.

"I agree because they are my two friends," said SScopeSHARK, albeit the type of friend you hope never to meet in real life.

So when play restarted, with SScopeSHARK immediately moving up to 10 million, crippling Imorro16, it all seemed perfectly predictable.

Imorro16 was out second later, his ace out-kicked by TeaBrown8 who turned now to the pending heads-up battle. Not before SScopeSHARK had had his say.

"u r the true champion," he wrote. "Imorro16 is the people champion." Getting into the spirit of things TeaBrown8 agreed.

TeaBrown8 - 18.2 million
SScopeSHARK - 5.5 million

As if chips really mattered anymore. TeaBrown8 and SScopeSHARK got to it, a good natured tussle for the title, another 200 bucks and the hat.

The poker never faltered, with both playing at their best, at one point SScopeSHARK actually folding a set of aces.

SScopeSHARK: "I need the hat."
TeaBrown8: "I want the 200."

By now SScopeSHARK was offering to show TeaBrown8 any hand he wanted to see. "u my friend," he would add, sounding inadvertently sinister. By now he was playing poker's equivalent of trick shots on a pool table. All-in on the flop, SScopeSHARK announced that the three diamonds on the board had given him an ace-high flush, even offering to show. When TeaBrown8 folded SScopeSHARK turned over the ace of diamonds, and a black nine.

"u see... the flush was coming."

TeaBrown8 agreed.

Time ticked on, with no definitive hands to speak of. "if you see me in las vegas I will buy you beer," said SScopeSHARK, adding: "and let you borrow the 'lucky MicroMillions hat'."

It's all about the hat

Still there was no change to TeaBrown8's advantage, with a lead of some 13 million. Then a hand came along to change all that. It wasn't that SScopeSHARK had predicted it but by now it was impossible to begrudge him.

SScopeSHARK had already typed "gg" before he made his two pairs, crushing Imorro16 In the process and leaving him with a mere 2 million. SScopeSHARK was apoplectic.

"If I win this I'll transfer the cash for an Elk burger," he said. "so even if you lose 200 you get a free lunch."

TeaBrown8 laughed and said it was unnecessary. SScopeSHARK insisted, claiming he was trying fast tracking his way to heaven. What he didn't realise was that he was probably already there.

After several attempts at a double-up a conclusion finally arrived.

SScopeSHARK typed "gg friend" as a last act of graciousness after a bizarre final. Was there a Mosque to raise funds for? Had he been to Las Vegas even once? Had he been awake for two days? Had he tasted an Elk burger? Who really cares? An excellent win for SScopeSHARK worth $1,977. And that hat.

MicroMillions 5 Event #53 Results
Entrants: 5,673
Prize pool: $17,019.00
Places paid: 720

1st. SScopeSHARK (United Kingdom), $1,977.00*
2nd. TeaBrown8 (Canada), $1,994.19*
3rd. imorro16 (Peru), $1,777.00*
4th. clickhear (Russia), $808.40
5th. twa1020 (Argentina), $482.48
6th. FENOMENICO (Russia), $255.28
* Denotes three-way deal

If SSSSS hasn't won it all by now, there is more than $5 million guaranteed throughout the entire MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 events running until July 28th in all poker disciplines. The homepage of MicroMillions 5 features a full schedule as well as all the statistics so far, as well as coverage, leader boards and everything else.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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