MicroMillions5: 700bucks wins 4,560 bucks in good-natured final of Event #44 ($11 NLHE)

When you've been playing for more than eight hours a good natured finale must come as a relief. That was the overriding feeling at the conclusion of Event #44, an $11 no-limit hold'em contest, the bread and butter of a series like MicroMillions 5. Chief propagator of these good spirits was 700bucks, who also turned out to be the eventual winner, collecting $4,560.74 and a bag of good karma courtesy of the good people at PokerStars.

Actually the good people have no jurisdiction when it comes to karma. But this was a place of gg's and gl's as the chips flew first one way, then another.

E44 final.jpg
The final of Event #44 gets underway

Final table line up

Seat 1. Artur8902 - 4,056,671
Seat 2. I_wanna_be_m - 1,486,089
Seat 3. BigWhiteSki - 2,071,396
Seat 4. 700bucks - 3,724,777
Seat 5. Pokeyou02 - 1,643,248
Seat 6. Lioha499 - 390,304
Seat 7. Ljgcgc - 2,477,299
Seat 8. Wildwolf_rin - 3,195,150
Seat 9. Xandre84 - 1,745,066

700bucks had reached the final in good shape, but it was Artur8902 who led at the bell, albeit for four minutes until the first big hand came between the two. It set up 700bucks but left Artur8902 in position to become the unlikely ninth place finisher just minutes later.

That boosted 700bucks to more than 8 million as Xandre84 made way, departing in eight place. With ten minutes played players took a scheduled break.

Breaks are a curious time in events such as this. Judging from the chat box no one really ever takes a break. They just sit there waiting for the five minutes to be up, using the time to type longer messages.

Where you from son?

But as I said this was a good-natured contest, and the chat box became a cease fire zone, each player asked the other where they were from, that kind of thing. It's the online poker equivalent of the soldiers in war films sharing photos of their families prior to an big attack. It rarely ends well for all of them.

Like Lioha499 for example. He busted minutes after the restart, running ace-six into ace-nine and ace-ten, which boosted I_wanna_be_m holding the latter, but cut 700bucks down to 5 million. At the same time BigWhiteSki was launching his campaign, doubled up through 700bucks with a set of fives to take the lead. 700bucks then did what anyone would do looking to protect what they had left. He called on everyone for a deal.

Polite through and through the others agreed, all except for Wildwolf_rin, the Russian, who you could imagine standing in the shadows, away from the love fest, perhaps smoking a filter-less cigarette. He said nothing. To be fair I may be that he understood nothing. Nevertheless, play went on with another deal plea from 700bucks who seemed to be offering the three short stacks a lifeline.

Whether it would have helped I_wanna_be_m it's hard to say, but he would depart in sixth place a moment later. His ace-king looked good against Wildwolf_rin ace-seven, but Wildwolf_rin ace was a diamond, and so were the first four cards on the board. An unlikely flush left him with 6 million and I_wanna_be_m on the rail.

Back to life

Quiet up to now, Ljgcgc came to life with ace-queen, doubling against Wildwolf_rin's ace-four. Using this as a lesson for his own life, Pokeyou02, who had also been quiet, tried to emulate his new hero, shoving for 700,000 with no takers. Ljgcgc, fearing the loss of copyright on this move, shoved for 3.2 million, with no takers. Not to be outdone, Pokeyou02 shoved again. Only this time with jack-seven. Ljgcgc called with king-eight. No more shoving for Pokeyou02, out in fifth.

As if Pokeyou02 wasn't feeling bad enough, a deal was immediately called for and agreed by all. Whether Wildwolf_rin spoke English was immaterial. He spoke money, and took the lion's share - the wolf's share. The gls and ggs were plentiful as play continued.

If Wildwolf_rin was feeling in control at this point it wasn't obvious. Within three minutes he would be out in a pot worth 11 million to BigWhiteSki.

Possible distraught and racked with survivor's guilt Ljgcgc busted in the hand that followed. The ace-jack he shoved with looked good against 700bucks's ace-ten, but you can never count on the board, which made two pairs for his opponent. Ljgcgc out in third.

Heads-up then began with 700bucks, who had struggled to hold onto the chip lead, and BigWhiteSki, who had amassed more than 11.5 million chips without any of the drama the others had struggled with.

BigWhiteSki - 11.6 million
700bucks - 8.7 million

But then, it only takes a single pot - albeit worth 19 million chips -- to mess up the best laid plans.

After that, well, 700bucks would not be beaten. BigWhiteSki was ready with his "gg" before the last hand had been dealt when, all in with ace-jack he saw 700bucks turn over pocket kings. Congratulations to 700bucks on a hard fought and well-earned win. The full result is as follows:

MicroMillions 5 Event #44 Results
Entrants: 4,208
Prize pool: $42,080.00
Places paid: 540

1st. 700bucks (Colombia). $4,560.74
2nd. BigWhiteSki (Canada). $4,312.09
3rd. Ljgcgc (Argentina). $3,987.73
4th. wildwolf_rin (Russia), $4,562.81
5th. pokeyou02 (Australia), $1,788.40
6th. i_wanna_be_m (Canada), $1,367.60
7th. Lioha499 (Russia), $946.80
8th. xandre84 (Brazil), $526.00
9th. Artur8902 (Poland), $336.64

There's more than $5 million guaranteed throughout the entire MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 events running until July 28th in all poker disciplines. The homepage of MicroMillions 5 features a full schedule as well as all the statistics so far, as well as coverage, leader boards and everything else.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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