MicroMillions-087: SensiSeeds24 smokes the competition to win Event #87 ($3.30 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo)

SensiSeeds24 started the final table of Event #87 Limit Hold'em as the short stack, but blazed a trail to victory with a dominating come-from-behind performance. Out of five final table opponents, SensiSeeds24 quickly picked off four of them. SensiSeeds24 went from last-to-first and racked up such a huge chip advantage that heads-up lasted only six hands before SensiSeeds24 waltzed into the victory circle.

MicroMillions 8 Event #87 $3.30 FL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo] attracted 5,846 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $17,538.00. The top 780 places paid out with $2,678.30 set aside to first place.

Team Online Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara made a deep run by securing a cash in 507th place.


MicroMillions Event 087 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: teccch (7,217,298)
Seat 2: odd ivar5 (2,705,911)
Seat 3: 34Sokol (2,814,384)
Seat 4: SensiSeeds24 (2,112,731)
Seat 5: CALLToBeFree (9,714,532)
Seat 6: Geany2121 (4,665,144)

The final table commenced during Level 46 with stakes at 300K/600K. CALLToBeFree held the lead with 9.7M, meanwhile, SensiSeeds24 clung onto the short stack with 2.1M.

34Sokol eliminated in 6th place

34Sokol opened to 800K and SensiSeeds24 called. The flop was T♦9♥7♣. 34Sokol fired out 400K and SensiSeeds24 called. The turn was the 5♣. 34Sokol bet 880K and SensiSeeds24 called. The A♦ fell on the river. 34Sokol shoved for 364,384, and SensiSeeds24 called. At showdown...

34Sokol: 6♦6♣
SensiSeeds24: K♣T♠

34Sokol turned a gutshot, but whiffed on a straight draw. Alas, SensiSeeds24 dragged the pot with a pair of tens. 34Sokol became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place finish, 34Sokol collected $263.07.

odd ivar5 eliminated in 5th place

Very next hand. More fireworks. SensiSeeds24 limped from the button for 400,000, teccch called from the small blind, and odd ivar5 raised to 800,000 from the big blind. Both SensiSeeds24 and teccch called 400,000 more. Three-way. The flop was J♣T♣T♠. teccch checked, odd ivar5 fired out 400,000, SensiSeeds24 called, but teccch folded. Heads-up. The J♠ fell on the turn. odd ivar5 shoved all-in for 305,911, and SensiSeeds24 called.

odd ivar5: K♠4♠
SensiSeeds24: J♦8♥

odd ivar5 turned a flush draw, but it was meaningless because SensiSeeds24 flopped two pair and turned a full house. The K♣ spiked on the river. SensiSeeds24 won the pot with a boat. For fifth place, odd ivar5 took home $497.20.

With four remaining, SensiSeeds24 held the lead with 10.1M, while Geany2121 was the shorty with 5.3M.

Geany2121 eliminated in 4th place

Action did not last four-handed very long before two short stacks rumbled. teccch opened to 1.6M and Geany2121 called. The flop was Q♠J♥8♥ and then things got a little crazy. Geany2121 checked, teccch moved all-in for 745,874, and Geany2121 called all-in for 745,474.

Geany2121: K♦6♥
teccch: 9♠9♦

teccch held a pair of nines and a gutshot. The turn was the 5♥ and the T♦ fell on the river, which filled in a Queen-high straight for teccch. Geany2121 did not imrpove beyond King-high. For a fourth-place performance, Geany2121 earned $833.05.

With three to go, SensiSeeds24 held a significant amount of the remaining chips in play with 17.1M, while teccch was the shorty with 5M.

CALLToBeFree eliminated in 3rd place

SensiSeeds24 limped, CALLToBeFree raised to 1.6M, and SensiSeeds24 called. The flop was 9♣5♦3♥. SensiSeeds24 fired out 800,000, and CALLToBeFree called all-in for 325,918.

SensiSeeds24: shows T♠3♠
CALLToBeFree: shows K♦8♦

The board ran out 9♣5♦3♥3♣2♦. SensiSeeds24 turned trip treys, which held up. CALLToBeFree was knocked out in third place, which paid out $1,359.19.

HEADS-UP: SensiSeeds24 (Germany) vs. teccch (Slovenia)
Seat 1: teccch (6,182,696)
Seat 4: SensiSeeds24 (23,047,304)

With two to go, SensiSeeds24 held approximately a 4-1 chip advantage. If you blinked, you missed the heads-up battle. SensiSeeds24 blew away teccch in a mere six hands.

teccch eliminated in 2nd place; SensiSeeds24 wins Event #87!

On the final hand... teccch min-raised to 1.6M, SensiSeeds24 three-bet to 2.4M, teccch four-bet to 3.2M, and betting was capped so SensiSeeds24 called. The flop was 8♥3♠2♣, SensiSeeds24 bet 800,000 and teccch called all-in for 182,696.

SensiSeeds24: T♣7♥
teccch: K♦2♦

teccch actually hit the flop with bottom pair of deuces. The turn was the 5♠ and the river was the T♠. SensiSeeds24 backdoored a better pair (of tens) to win the pot and teccch was sent to the virtual rail.

For a strong runner-up performance, teccch earned $1,885.33.

Congrats to Germany's SensiSeeds24 for becoming the newest MicroMillions champion. First place in Event #87 paid out $2,678.30.

MicroMillions-087: $3.30 FL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 5,846
Prize Pool: $17,538.00
Places Paid: 780

1. SensiSeeds24 (Germany) $2,678.30
2. teccch (Slovenia) $1,885.33
3. CALLToBeFree (Switzerland) $1,359.19
4. Geany2121 (Romania) $833.05
5. odd ivar5 (Norway) $497.20
6. 34Sokol (Russia) $263.07

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