MicroMillions 7: 100$talker captures Event #13, $2,660.96 ($3.30 Stud)

Event #13 of MicroMillions 7 saw the only seven-card stud event on the 100-tourney schedule take place, a $3.30 buy-in affair for which the $10K guarantee was easily crushed when 5,728 took part, building a $17,184 prize pool ultimately split between the top 720 finishers.

Making the final table ensured each of the final eight at least $120.28 while four-figure paydays awaited the top four finishers. And for the winner a cool $2,660.96 was the reward, and that's just what 100$talker of Russia took away after topping all in a little less than eight-and-a-half hours to become the newest MicroMillions champion.

It would take about four hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 720 players left the top of the leaderboard was occupied by Kingkajman1, rogga61, and s1as_ts.

Among those making the cash was Team Online member Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara with an above average stack.


Team Online member Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara

Kihara would continue to battle with the rest until close to the five-hour mark when he finally found himself short-stacked and then all in by fifth street holding A♦6♣ / A♠4♥Q♣ versus B4NG_IT_H4RD's Q♥J♦ / 8♥J♠K♦.

Kihara would draw 8♦T♣ to end with a pair of aces while B4NG_IT_H4RD picked up 2♠K♥ to make kings and jacks, knocking Kihara out in 168th for a $9.96 cash.

About 20 minutes after that 100 players remained, with ViTaMin_F22 and Kihara vanquisher B4NG_IT_H4RD the only ones among them with more than 1 million chips.

About an hour-and-a-half later they were down to 16 players gathered around the final two tables, with ViTaMin_F22 still holding onto the chip lead. Thirty minutes more and they'd be down to eight, with 100$talker having moved out in front.

During that stretch pokerbird74 (16th), georgetheo85 (15th), B4NG_IT_H4RD (14th), and ataman1365 (13th) each cashed for $73.03, while Julia*Nuts (12th), Jackarama (11th), ladzi (10th), and nicacer (9th) took away $85.92 apiece.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: Skarabey (Russia) -- 1,488,785
Seat 2: AA_AK_AA_AK (Ukraine) -- 2,573,046
Seat 3: Yeahboiiiii (United Kingdom) -- 4,762,143
Seat 4: 100$talker (Russia) -- 7,366,432
Seat 5: ViTaMin_F22 (China) -- 1,355,018
Seat 6: norissz17 (Hungary) -- 2,015,161
Seat 7: IvicaP (Germany) -- 4,055,883
Seat 8: MK82178 (Estonia) -- 5,023,532

The stakes were a big 200k/400k, which meant it didn't take long before more eliminations started to come, with two players getting knocked out just before the tournament reached the seven-and-a-half-hour break.

The first came in a hand that saw 100$talker complete and ViTaMin_F22 call with a 3♦ showing, then AA_AK_AA_AK raise to 400,000 with the T♦ up. 100$talker and the others folded, but ViTaMin_F22 three-bet and AA_AK_AA_AK called. ViTaMin_F22 was dealt a pairing 3♠ and AA_AK_AA_AK picked up the 9♦, and when ViTaMin_F22 bet AA_AK_AA_AK called all in with the 193,046 left.

The two players' down cards were turned up and their boards were completed as follows:

AA_AK_AA_AK: Q♠K♥ / T♦9♦6♣3♣ / A♠
ViTaMin_F22: J♦J♥ / 3♦3♠9♣J♠ / K♣

It was a much better start and finish for ViTaMin_F22 in the hand who ended with a full house to crush AA_AK_AA_AK's ace-high and send the latter out in eighth.

Soon after that the stakes were 250k/500k when a three-way hand arose that saw norissz17, IvicaP, and MK82178 cap the betting on fourth street, then norissz17 fold on fifth to MK82178's leading bet. IvicaP raised enough to go all in, however, and MK81278 called.

IvicaP: A♦T♣ / Q♥A♣4♣ -- a pair of aces
MK82178: J♥9♥ / K♠8♥8♠ -- a pair of eights

IvicaP would then be dealt 7♠2♣ which brought no improvement, but MK82178 picked up 7♣K♥ to earn a second pair and knock IvicaP out in seventh.

Soon after the break Skarabey would get into a raising war with ViTaMin_F22 on third street to end up all in for 958,785 total (not quite two big bets).

Skarabey had J♦6♠ / 6♣ to start with a pair, then drew 5♥9♣J♠ / T♠ to end with jacks and sixes. But ViTaMin_F22 had begun with rolled up aces with A♦A♣ / A♠, making the 9♥5♦2♣ / 4♣ run out inconsequential as ViTaMin_F22's trips remained best throughout to knock Skarabey out in sixth.

The remaining five battled for nearly 15 minutes more as the stakes rose again to 300k/600k. Then ViTaMin_F22 raised with a T♠ showing, norissz17 reraised with J♦, and ViTaMin_F22 called. ViTaMin_F22 led again after picking up the Q♣ on fourth, norissz17 raised after being dealt 7♥, ViTaMin_F22 three-bet, norissz17 raised again all in for 1,085,644 total, and ViTaMin_F22 called.

ViTaMin_F22 then showed Q♦T♣ / T♠Q♣ for two pair already, well ahead of norissz17's J♣4♣ / J♦7♥. ViTaMin_F22 ended up drawing three clubs -- 5♣8♣K♣ -- to make a flush, better than the two pair norissz17 ended with after getting A♦2♦4♦, and they were down to four.

Yeahboiiiii then became short, and after the stakes increased to 400k/800k was all in from the start of a three-way hand that ultimately saw ViTaMin_F22 bet 100$talker out of the hand on fourth street.

ViTaMin_F22 had J♦5♣ / 3♥J♣ and would pick up 9♣K♣5♦ to make two pair, while Yeahboiiiii had 8♣T♥ / 7♦A♠ and couldn't improve with 5♦9♦4♦, thus falling in fourth.

Three-handed play lasted for a while, with 100$talker initially pushing out to a big lead over ViTaMin_F22 and MK82178, then the latter eventually winning enough pots to challenge for that lead as ViTaMin_F22 slipped back to short-stacked status.

Then with the stakes up to 600k/1.2m, ViTaMin_F22 and MK82178 raised back and forth to put ViTaMin_F22 all in on third street.

ViTaMin_F22: K♥Q♠ / T♦
MK82178: 9♠7♣ / 7♥

MK82178 had a pair but ViTaMin_F22 had some overcards and the start of a Broadway draw. But while MK82178 would pick up T♥9♣K♠4♥ to end with two pair, ViTaMin_F22 got no help from 8♦5♦3♥A♣ and the latter's Event #13 run ended in third.

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Heads-up play began with the final two players close in chips with MK82178 ahead with 15,374,272 to 100$talker's 13,265,728.

There was some initial chat about a possible deal between the two:

100$talker: 8)
100$talker: deal 50 50
100$talker: MK yah or no
MK82178: i dont know

But as the first couple of hands played out, MK82178 made a decision:

MK82178: lets play

Alas for MK82178, after a few small hands passed by 100$talker won a quick sequence of four hands in a row to push up over 23 million while MK82178 fell back to just over 5 million. One more hand then saw MK82178 lose more than half of those chips, then with the stakes still 600k/1.2m the final hand took place.

After MK82178 bet with the 4♠ showing and 100$talker raised with 7♠, MK82178 three-bet, 100$talker raised again, and MK82178 called all in. Their down cards were flipped up:

100$talker: A♣J♥ / 7♠
MK82178: T♦Q♣ / 4♠

Both players saw four more cards dealt to complete their hands, with the result as follows:

100$talker: A♣J♥ / 7♠J♠7♥8♣ / J♣
MK82178: T♦Q♣ / 4♠T♥K♦J♦ / 2♣

100$talker had drawn a full house, much better than MK82178's pair of tens, and the last of the chips and the title belonged to 100$talker.

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Congratulations to 100$talker for outlasting more than 5,700 opponents to turn a $3.30 investment into $2,660.96 while claiming the MicroMillions 7 Event #13 title!

MicroMillions-013: $3.30 Stud
Entrants: 5,728
Prize pool: $17,184
Places paid: 720
1. 100$talker (Russia) $2,660.96
2. MK82178 (Estonia) $1,847.28
3. ViTaMin_F22 (China) $1,503.60
4. Yeahboiiiii (United Kingdom) $1,159.92
5. norissz17 (Hungary) $816.24
6. Skarabey (Russia) $472.56
7. IvicaP (Germany) $214.80
8. AA_AK_AA_AK (Ukraine) $120.28

Stud fans should note that the only seven-card stud hi/lo event on the MicroMillions 7 schedule (Event #31) kicks off at 14:00 ET on Saturday, March 16. Check the MicroMillions 7 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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