MicroMillions 7: 1bloodflood goes low to win Event #91 ($5.50 Razz)

The final day of MicroMillions 7 kicked off with an entertaining little Razz tournament. Most of the remaining events on the schedule are of the No Limtt Hold'em variety but the day started with the polarizing 7-card Stud variant that players love to hate.

Event #91 tempted 1,623 players to put up the $5.50 buy-in to easily surpass the $5,000 guarantee. The $8,115 prizepool would be chopped up between the final 208 players with the top money $1,421 going to the winner. Play moved along at a nice clip despite the great structure as the players neared the final table bubble six hours into play.

Players were given sizable stacks with ten minute levels but the limit betting and extra street put pressure on a lot of stacks. Chasing a hand could be expensive and multiple bets per street get a lot of players in trouble. 1bloodflood began the final table with the chip lead but there was little difference among most of the stacks.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Ceschi7 (1,508,531 in chips)
Seat 2: ermac0808 (1,206,491 in chips)
Seat 3: Bucksy88 (1,089,140 in chips)
Seat 4: burning1337 (1,045,076 in chips)
Seat 5: svetle4ok123 (643,314 in chips)
Seat 6: jigsaw789 (472,022 in chips)
Seat 7: 1bloodflood (1,884,414 in chips)
Seat 8: gloria1986 (266,012 in chips)

Limits: 50k/100k with 10k ante

svetle4ok123 pipped, eliminated in 8th

It seemed certain the final table would be a quick affair from the start but several players were able to double their stacks while chopping up others. svetle4ok123 was one of those who lost traction almost immediately but it took a bad beat to knockout the Russian.

Bucksy88 was the bring-in before svetle4ok123 completed with (X-X)8♥ and 1bloodflood called with (X-X)5♦. They both checked with svetle4ok123 drawing (X-X)8♥6♠ and 1bloodflood (X-X)5♦3♣. 1bloodflood finally took the initiative after getting (X-X)5♦3♣2♥ and svetle4ok123 called with (X-X)8♥6♠7♦. The check-call all-in came on 6th street with svetle4ok123 showing (A♠7♥)8♥6♠7♦5♥ which was good enough for the lead against 1bloodflood's (4♦J♠)5♦3♣2♥5♣.

Bad beats on 7th street started right off the bat as svetle4ok123 improved to a 7-6 with the final card (A♠7♥)8♥6♠7♦5♥3♠ but 1bloodflood did one better to make a 7-5 thanks to the river (4♦J♠)5♦3♣2♥5♣7♣. svetle4ok123 was one card away from a double but fell just a little short to go out in 8th for $81.

Bucksy88 bucked, eliminated in 7th

One tough beat deserves another and this time it was Bucksy88 getting all-in with the lead but getting a payout notification instead of chips. Bucksy88 completed with (X-X)3♣ and burning1337 came along with (X-X)7♥ followed by Bucksy88 check-calling with (X-X)3♣7♣ when burning1337 bet out with (X-X)7♥6♥.

Bucksy88 took the lead with a bet after catching (X-X)3♣7♣5♣ and burning1337 just called with (X-X)7♥6♥T♥. Bucksy88 and led out until he was all-in on 6th street showing (2♥J♣)3♣7♣5♣6♦ for the lead against burning1337 with (3♠8♠)7♥6♥T♥4♣.

The lead didn't last long as burning1337 drew 2♦ for a 7-6-4 which was just good enough to beat Bucksy88 who didn't improve with the 8♦ for 7-6-5 and go out in 7th place for $162.

jigsaw789 puzzled, eliminated in 6th

jigsaw789 didn't have many chips to begin the final table and did little to improve while the other players were eliminated. The German finally took a chance with just 128,0444 and put them all-in with (8♦6♥)8♠ against 1bloodflood with (7♣6♣)Q♦. It was going to be a race the entire way.

jigsaw789 paired again on 4th street with 6♠ and 1bloodflood hit a 4♠. Those cards left jigsaw789 needing to run three streets of perfect to make a hand and did just that to finish with (8♦6♥)]8♠6♠2♠7♥5♦ good enough for 8-7-6-5-2. 1bloodflood did just a little bit better to catch (7♣6♣)Q♦4♠8♣J♦2♦ for 8-7-6-4-2 and the win. jigsaw789 had a chance but was gone in 6th place for $243.

Ceschi7 can't catch, eliminated in 5th

One of the frustrating parts of Razz is getting all-in with a bunch of outs before bricking to the river. Ceschi7 found this out the hard way to be the next eliminated after raising with (X-X)3♣ and gloria1986 completed with (X-X)6♥. Cheschi7 stayed aggressive with a raise showing (X-X)3♣8♥ and gloria1986 bet out with (X-X)6♥3♥ then was all-in after getting (X-X)3♣8♥8♦ against (X-X)6♥3♥J♠.

Ceschi7: (2♠A♥)3♣8♥8♦
gloria1986: (8♣A♦)6♥3♥J♠

Ceschi7 had a slight edge to outdraw gloria1986 but bricked out with A♠ and K♠ to finish with K-8. It wasn't good enough to beat gloria1986 who improved to an 8-6 to send Ceschi7 out in 5th place for $405.

No glory for gloria1986, eliminated in 4th

gloria1986 picked up the last elimination but the tournament was reaching a point where no one was safe. burning1337 was trying to talk the table into making a deal but wasn't finding anyone willing to go along despite the danger of going out quickly.

gloria1986 took the next shot and began a raising war with ermac0808 before getting all-in with (5♠4♣)2♠ against (2♦8♣)A♥. ermac0808 improved with the 4♠ on 4th while gloria1986 paired the 2♣. ermac0808 made an 8-4 on 5th with the 3♠ while gloria1986 paired again thanks to the 5♥ and was left drawing very thin. The hand was locked up for ermac0808 on 6th street with (2♦8♣)A♥4♠3♠7♥ for 7-4 while gloria1986 was drawing dead even after improving with (5♠4♣)2♠2♣5♥7♠. No card could come on 7th to save gloria1986 and was gone in 4th place for $568.

ermac0808 not low enough, eliminated in 3rd

ermac0808 picked up the previous KO but was left looking up at burning1337 and 1bloodflood atop the leaderboard with near equal stacks. They all played a big hand after ermac0808 completed with (X-X)2♠ before burning1337 called with (X-X)8♠ and 1bloodflood with (X-X)T♥.

ermac0808 pushed the action with a bet showing (X-X)2♠8♦ and only 1bloodflood stuck around with (X-X)T♥6♥. ermac0808 bet once again on 5th street with (X-X)2♠8♦9♣ and called all-in after 1bloodflood raised with (X-X)T♥6♥6♠.

ermac0808: (8♣6♦)2♠8♦9♣
1bloodflood: (5♣7♠)T♥6♥6♠

The raw numbers show ermac0808 wins the hand 62% of the time but drew out T♦9♥ while 1bloodflood caught Q♠A♥ with the Ace giving him the better T-7 to capture the hand. ermac0808 did well to run deep in the tournament was gone in 3rd place for $770.

1bloodflood goes low to win Event #91

Seat 4: burning1337 (3,340,378 in chips)
Seat 7: 1bloodflood (4,774,622 in chips)

There was a little gap between 1bloodflood and burning1337 but it was a small difference when compared to the bet sizes. The two exchanged hands several times until 1bloodflood took a big lead by dragging a pot worth 5,184,000 with a T-9. The Russian kept the pressure up, collecting another 3,000,000 size pot, and finally forced burning1337 all-in early.

While the final hand was anti-climatic, it was the previous hand which set the stage. 1bloodflood was the bring-in with (X-X)9♦ and burning1337 only called with (X-X)A♣. 1bloodflood then check-called after getting (X-X)9♦Q♥ against (X-X)A♣K♥ then called again when burning1337 took the lead with (X-X)A♣K♥T♦. 1bloodflood was paired with (X-X)9♦Q♥9♠ and called down the rest of way to finally catch up.

1bloodflood ran out 7♠6♥ to finish with (8♦A♠)9♦Q♥9♠7♠6♥ for 9-8 while the best burning1337 could manage was 4♣A♥ for (9♥7♦)A♣K♥T♦4♣A♥ and T-9. The hand sent 3,000,000 extra chips to 1bloodflood and the tournament was soon complete. burning1337 battled tough at the final table but went out in 2nd for $1,014 while 1bloodflood was the last Razz champion of MicroMillions 7 for $1,421.

MicroMillions-91: $5.50 Razz
Entrants: 1,623
Prize pool: $8,115
Places paid: 208

1. 1bloodflood (Russia) $1,421.21
2. burning1337 (Belarus) $1,014.37
3. ermac0808 (Russia) $770.92
4. gloria1986 (Thailand) $568.05
5. Ceschi7 (United Kingdom) $405.75
6. jigsaw789 (Germany) $243.45
7. Bucksy88 (Russia) $162.30
8. svetle4ok123 (Russia) $81.15

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions