MicroMillions 7: aleixosk outlasts everyone to win Event #55 ($2.20 No Limit Hold'em)

Nothing fancy for MicroMillions Event #55, it was a straight-up No Limit Hold'em tournament with deepstacks, great structure, and huge prizepool. Players showed up en masse to more than double the $10,000 guarantee.

The tournament drew 10,987 players to create a $21,974 prizepool and the winner picking up $3,082. The event offered players great value for the $2.20 buy-in and 1,440 of them shared in the spoils. Play lasted more than nine hours from beginning to end and the average stack hovered around the 20-25 big blind mark.

The final table was quickly formed without the process of hand-for-hand play as both SilentJay858 and MaDDog_ST went out at the same time on separate tables. kacakoC began the final table with a healthy chiplead while Krolik71 was very short.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: aleixosk (7,256,377 in chips)
Seat 2: portillo23 (3,849,520 in chips)
Seat 3: ViTiV2010 (4,780,214 in chips)
Seat 4: pokeralexus (8,590,067 in chips)
Seat 5: Soelvis (5,384,998 in chips)
Seat 6: igrovoi_kz (7,534,747 in chips)
Seat 7: kacakoC (10,916,762 in chips)
Seat 8: sh.lion (5,085,734 in chips)
Seat 9: Krolik71 (1,536,581 in chips)

Blinds: 125k/250k with 31.25k ante

portillo23 flips, eliminated in 9th

While the tournament played down with sizable stacks for most, the extended action getting to the final table left many of them below standard. portillo23 was one of those hovering around the magic 10 big blind line and shoved when first to act under the gun for 4,312,020. No one looked him up until it was all the way around to aleixosk in the big blind.

aleixosk: T♠T♦
portillo23: A♥K♥

It was a good old fashioned coin flip and portillo23 needed to hit one of those overcards to stay alive. The board was unfortunate for the Romainian as it ran out all low 5♦4♣2♦9♣8♥ to send portillo23 to the showers in 9th place for $149.

ViTiV2010 out-kicked, eliminated in 8th

Next on the short stack list was ViTiV2010 and he was probably happy with his hand right up until he saw the chipleader's hand. aleixosk min-raised from the button before ViTiV2010 shoved for 4,111,464 with A♠Q♦.

It was a premium hand at the 8-handed final table but was desperate straights up against A♣K♠. Bad timing for a good hand. The virtual dealer kept things clean for aleixosk on the J♠T♦5♠ flop, through a gutshot draw for ViTiV2010 on the 8♦ turn but ended it all with the 4♣ river.

sh.lion roars, eliminated in 7th

All was quiet for just three more hands when Krolik71 tripled up shortly before sh.lion tried for a personal double. For the second time at the final table, it was Big Slick against pocket Tens. sh.lion began the action with a raise to a cool million before Krolik71 moved all-in from the button with the bigger stack.

sh.lion: T♥T♦
Krolik71: A♥K♦

sh.lion was ahead and hoping to stay that way. The flop was a mixed bag for sh.lion as his opponent missed the overcards but picked up a flush draw thanks to Q♦J♦3♦. The J♥ turn was safe for sh.lion but there were too many outs to dodge including the K♣ river to send him out in 7th place for $439.

kacakoC not ok, eliminated in 6th

Krolik71 was making a serious bid to win the tournament after beginning the finally table with just six big blinds and grabbed even more with a second knockout. kacakoC shoved from the button for 4,195,183 before Krolik71 came over the top for 8,711,470 from the small blind.

aleixosk got out of the way and kacakoC saw he was having kicker problems holding A♥8♣ against A♠J♠. kacakoC completely missed the K♥7♦5♦ and picked up chop outs on the 5♥ turn. The kickers played after the T♠ river to send kacakoC out in 6th place for $659.

Soelvis isn't king, elminated in 5th

Nothing was slowing down Krolik71 and he was back in the mix just a few hands after knocking out kacakoC. He min-raised from under the gun to see Soelvis three-bet all-in from the small blind for 4,444,583. Krolik71 quickly called and this time was behind in the hand.

Krolik71: A♦9♥
Soelvis: A♣T♦

It was the first slight misstep by Krolik71 and the Q♠6♥5♦ flop kept the status quo but that all changed with the 9♣ turn. The bad beat was locked up when the river came 5♣ and Soelvis was the next out in 5th place for $878.

pokeralexus runs into buzzsaw, eliminated in 4th

Krolik71 didn't need to come from behind to pick up the next skin and he did it with the top hand. pokeralexus was the next on the list and started the action with a raise under the gun. Krolik71 just called in the small blind in an unsuccessful attempt to drag aleixosk along for the ride.

He checked the 8♠5♥2♥ flop and let pokeralexus put in the last of his chips. It was an easy call with Krolik71 holding A♣A♠ and pokeralexus was way behind with J♦J♣. No miracle was forthcoming on the Q♣ turn or 5♣ river for Krolik71 to knockout pokeralexus in 4th place for $1,098.

igrovoi_kz takes a shot, eliminated in 3rd

Three-handed play last longer than any other stages of the final table and they shifted chips among themselves. igrovoi_kz was the odd player out and looking up at two much bigger stacks before moving all-in for 8,692,680 which was just over 10 big blinds.

aleixosk called in the big blind with 9♣9♦ which was well ahead of igrovoi_kz's A♣6♣. The 7♠7♣3♦ flop was not good for igrovoi_kz and was looking for an Ace or Four after the 5♥ turn. None of the seven out came on the 8♣ river and igrovoi_kz was gone in 3rd place for $1,582.

aleixosk outlasts Krolik71 to win Event #55

Seat 1: aleixosk (31,419,457 in chips)
Seat 9: Krolik71 (23,515,543 in chips)

aleixosk began the final table among the leaders with Krolik71 at the bottom, each coming to heads-up play via different paths. aleixosk was holding a small lead and the match had few major swings. The two paused the tournament to look at numbers but aleixosk shot down the negotiations to play it out.

Ten minutes later and the tournament was complete. aleixosk pulled further into the lead when the two began a raising war. aleixosk limped from the button before Krolik71 raised his option prompting the rare limp-raise. Krolik71 put in the last bet and aleixosk called all-in to see a big cooler hand.

aleixosk: Q♣Q♦
Krolik71: J♦J♥

Krolik71 was in dire straights and the board ran completely clean with 9♥4♥4♣4♠A♠ to end the great run. Krolik71 did well to move his small stack to a 2nd place finish while aleixosk played a patience game to win Event #55 for $3,082.

MicroMillions-55: $2.20 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 10,987
Prize pool: $21,974
Places paid: 1,440

1. aleixosk (Switzerland) $3,082.69
2. Krolik71 (Poland) $2,241.34
3. igrovoi_kz (Kazakhstan) $1,582.12
4. pokeralexus (Ukraine) $1,098.70
5. Soelvis (Ukraine) $878.96
6. kacakoC (Greece) $659.22
7. sh.lion (Uzbekistan) $439.48
8. ViTiV2010 (Belarus) $219.74
9. portillo23 (Romania) $149.42

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions