MicroMillions 7: andr98n with a dominant victory in Event #15 [$5.50 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo]

Limit hold'em is like your unfashionable grandfather who hasn't updated his wardrobe in thirty years. No-limit hold'em will always be king; it's hard to upend the "Cadillac of poker." Limit hold'em tournaments are on the verge of becoming extinct and sort of got lost in the shuffle during a PLO revolution and mixed-game renaissance in the modern era. Adding a short-handed, 6-max twist was a brilliant idea because limit hold'em desperately needed an injection of risk and excitement.

Latvia's andr98n began the final table of MicroMillions 7 Event #15 as the chipleader and never looked back. With four remaining, andr98n methodically took out each of the remaining players and soared to victory in this rare limit hold'em event.

MicroMillions 7 Event #15 $5.50 Fixed-Limit Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo] attracted 2,256 runners. Those limit enthusiasts contributed to a prize pool worth $11,280. The top 288 places paid out with $1,778.03 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online Tyler "frosty012" Frost was the only notable taking a shot at a MicroMillions title. Frost busted in 703rd place. He was short-stacked and got it all-in with K♠J♥ against pelado782's J♣J♠. Frost flopped an open-ended straight draw but never improved.

With seven remaining on the final two tables, action went hand-for-hand. Jenna0019 got crippled after running 5♣5♦ into roepcke's 7♣7♦. Jenna0019 busted on the next hand in seventh place, and unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


MicroMillions Event #15 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: andr98n (4,830,980)
Seat 2: roepcke (1,433,699)
Seat 3: Santiagop63 (2,114,308)
Seat 4: ACAB_buhtla (256,275)
Seat 5: 88Rumble (2,296,208)
Seat 6: dwayno44 (348,530)

The final table commenced during Level 53 with blinds at 160K/320K. Latvia's andr98n held the lead with 4.8 million, while ACAB_buhtla clung for dear life with a super-short stack worth 256K.

ACAB_buhtla eliminated in 6th place

Santiagop63 min-raised to 320,000 and ACAB_buhtla called all-in from the big blind for 96,275. Santiagop63 led with A♥4♦ against ACAB_buhtla's Q♠7♠. The board ran out A♠T♣3♦2♥6♣. Santiagop63 flopped a pair of Aces, which held up. ACAB_buhtla failed to improve and became the first player to exit at the final table, taking home $236.65 for sixth place.

dwayno44 eliminated in 5th place

Another quickie elimination... roepcke min-raised to 320,000 and dwayno44 called. The flop was K♦3♠3♥. dwayno44 moved all-in for his last 28,530 and roepcke called.

dwayno44: 5♦4♣
roepcke: A♦8♠

The turn was the Q♥ and the river was the 3♦. Neither player improved, but roepcke dragged the pot with trip fives and an Ace-high kicker. For a fifth-place finish, dwayno44 earned $423.00.

With four remaining, andr98n held the lead with over five million.


Action was paused to discuss a money chop among the final four. andr98n held a dominant lead with approximately 5 million, while roepcke was the short stack with a shade over 2 million. Deal numbers were floated (with $200 left on the table for the eventual champion): andr98n ($1,321.57), Santiagop63 ($1,086.26), 88Rumble ($1,078.57), and roepcke ($1,052.63). The players quickly agreed to those terms and play resumed.

88Rumble eliminated in 4th place

A raising war broke out pre-flop. 88Rumble kicked it off with an opening bet of 200,000 and betting was capped at 800,000 against andr98n. The flop was 8♦6♥2♠, 88Rumble opened to 200,000 and betting was capped again at 800,000. The turn was the 8♣. 88Rumble moved all-in for 356,208 and andr98n called.

88Rumble: T♥9♣
andr98n: J♥J♣

88Rumble turned a gutshot draw, but was behind andr98n, who led with two pair -- Jacks and eights. The river was the A♠. 88Rumble whiffed on a straight draw and failed to improve. andr98n won the pot with two pair. 88Rumble was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $1,078.57.

Santiagop63 eliminated in 3rd place

It did not last three-handed for very long before we saw another elimination. andr98n min-raised to 400,000 and Santiagop63 called. The flop was Q♦9♥2♦. Santiagop63 check-called a 200,000 bet from andr98n. The J♥ fell on the turn. Santiagop63 checked, andr98n bet 400,000, Santiagop63 check-raised to 800,000, andr98n re-raised to 1.2 million, Santiagop63 moved all-in for 1,310,583, and andr98n called.

Santiagop63: 5♥2♥
andr98n: A♠J♠

Santiagop63 held bottom pair and a flush draw. andr98n held just a pair of Jacks. The river was the T♦. andr98n faded a flush and won the pot. Santiagop63 failed to improve and hit the virtual rail in third place, which paid out $1,086.26.

HEADS-UP: andr98n (Latvia) vs. roepcke (Brazil)
Seat 1: andr98n (9,197,771)
Seat 2: roepcke (2,082,229)

With two to go, andr98n held a comfortable lead.

roepcke eliminated in 2nd place; andr98n wins MicroMillions Event #15!

Heads-up lasted 26 hands. roepcke avoided an elimination after waking up with A♠K♦ and doubling through andr98n. However, that was as close as roepcke would get. andr98n delivered a fatal blow four hands later.

On the final hand... andr98n opened with a raise to 500,000, roepcke bumped it up to 750,000, and andr98n called. The flop was 8♥8♠6♣, roepcke bet 250,000, and andr98n called. The turn was the 7♦. roepcke bet 500,000, andr98n raised to 1 million, roepcke called all-in for 364,458.

roepcke: A♥T♥
andr98n: A♣8♣

andr98n flopped trip eights, but roepcke picked up a gutshot draw. The river was the 4♣. roepcke failed to improve and lost the pot. andr98n won the pot and knocked out roepcke in second place.

Brazil's roepcke collected $1,052.63 for a runner-up performance.

Latvia's andr98n earned $1,521.57 for first place. Congrats on winning Event #15!

View the final table in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-015: $5.50 FL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 2,256
Prize Pool: $11,280
Places Paid: 288

1. andr98n (Latvia) $1,521.57**
2. roepcke (Brazil) $1,052.63**
3. Santiagop63 (Peru) $1,086.26**
4. 88Rumble (New Zealand) $1,078.57**
5. dwayno44 (Canada) $423.00
6. ACAB_buhtla (Canada) $236.65

** Denotes a deal among the final four players

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