MicroMillions 7: andruta09 dominates to capture Event #82 title ($2.20 NL Hold'em)

The penultimate day of MicroMillions 7 kicked off with 10 more tournaments on the schedule. Players had plenty of options and the second tournament drew one of the biggest fields of the day. Event #82 was a nice little No Limit Hold'em tournament with a $2.20 buy-in and $10,000 guaranteed prizepool.

Reaching that number was never in doubt as grinders came out in force, the tournament drew 12,177 entrants to create a $24,354 prizepool. The payout schedule had the winner set to receive $3,394 and the top four all ready to earn four-digit paydays. The slow, steady structure provided players with a ton of chips to work and the average stack was over the 25 big blind mark for most of the critical portions of the tournament.

It took them more than eight hours to shrink the field small enough to fit on two tables when action slowed even further. Several players found an interesting path to the final including VampireMagic catching a two-out river and grzenia777 finding an fun way to win a coin flip with Queens versus Big Slick.

Just a click of the clock past nine hours and the final tables was underway when German derodo was sent packing by morris130. It was all set when his A♦7♥ was outdone by the almighty 6♣2♣ and Quad Ducks. andruta09 brought in the top stack while three players were looking for help to get back in the game.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: K111K (1,900,931 in chips)
Seat 2: grzenia777 (8,462,007 in chips)
Seat 3: VeliIsla (2,100,008 in chips)
Seat 4: VampireMagic (2,784,082 in chips)
Seat 5: andruta09 (17,660,702 in chips)
Seat 6: morris130 (7,349,166 in chips)
Seat 7: portretika (5,170,308 in chips)
Seat 8: NuFacBluf (5,771,858 in chips)
Seat 9: afganj (9,685,938 in chips)

Blinds: 150k/300k with 37.5k ante

K111K kicked out, eliminated in 9th

K111K was one of those three players holding stacks firmly in danger but found a big Ace to take into battle. morris130 sent out the 10th place finisher and took a shot at the next elimination with a raise from the early position. K111K shoved all-in from the cutoff for less than a min-raise and morris130 quickly came along for the ride.

morris130: T♣T♦
K111K: A♠T♠

K111K was in tough shape before the flop but things went really bad when the board came out T♥8♥7♥. morris130 had a near lock on the hand and K111K actually had a better chance for a chop (7.58%) than a win (.30%). The 2♥ left K111K drawing dead for the win but one card closer to a chop. Nine outs missed on the 8♠ river and K111K was the first sent off the final table in 9th for $153.

VampireMagic staked, eliminated in 8th

VampireMagic did well to survive and make the final table courtesy of a two-outter, but was riding a small stack before finding a middling pair. Holding 8♥8♣, VampireMagic moved all-in for just 1,659,082 from early position and looked good until grzen1a777 called in the big blind withh T♥T♦.

The rainbow Q♠7♥2♦ flop left VampireMagic looking for a miracle Eight but missed again on the 5♦ turn and Q♣ river to be the next gone in 8th for $243.

afganj can't chop, eliminated in 7th

afganj was not among those in trouble but quickly moved in that direction after losing a 9,000,000 pot to portretika with A♣J♠ versus J♣J♦. The hand left afganj with just 1,674,358 and they went in the middle on the very next hand with K♥7♣.

NuFacBluf called in the big blind with K♣9♦ and the A♥J♣T♦ flop made things interesting. They were both holding the same gutshot draw and combined with the high card flop left them with a better chance of chopping than seeing a winner. Things did not progress that way as the board ran out low 6♦ turn and 2♦ river to put the kickers in play. afganj had a chance to stay alive but was sent out in 7th place for $487.

grzenia777 rivered, eliminated in 6th

There was a long, steady stream of hands during six-handed action and the blinds began to put pressure on the everyone. grzenia777 was healthy to start the final table but was not among those adding chips to the stack. It took a hard beat to send him out.

morris130 min-raised from the cutoff and grzenia777 came along to see the 9♥5♦3♦ flop then instantly moved all-in for 5,300,781 holding top pair T♣9♦. morris130 called with two overs and flush draw J♦T♦, a lot of outs for grzenia777 to dodge. The K♠ turn was clean but the J♣ ended the tournament for grzenia777 in 6th place.

morris130 flushed, eliminated in 5th

The elimination of grzenia777 began a quick run of big hands as the next set of players dropped quickly. In a live tournament, morris130 would still be stacking chips from the previous hand when he got involved with the chipleader.

andruta09 opened to 1,800,000 and just called after morris130 popped it up to 3,600,000. morris130 againt bet 3,600,000 after the A♦T♠2♠ flop and andruta09 came over the top to put morris130 all-in. He called the bet with top-top A♣K♣ and needed to dodge a nut flush draw A♠8♠.

The K♥ turn gave morris130 top two but the lead was short-lived as the river 9♠ flushed andruta09. morris130 was a big player at the final table but was unlucky to drop in 5th place for $974 while andruta09 was pulling away for the title.

VeliIsla stranded, eliminated in 4th

VeliIsla did a nice job staying out of trouble with a small stack while the big stacks battled it out. But there was nowhere to hide when the tournament became four-handed and took a shot with a shove after NuFacBluf opened from under the gun.

The blinds dropped their hands and NuFacBluf called with A♣7♣ ahead of the K♠Q♣ of VeliIsla. The J♠4♥2♥ made no difference and VeliIsla was left looking for a King or Queen. Neither came on the 5♣ turn and NuFacBluf made an unneeded wheel on the 3♥ river to send VeliIsla out in 4th place for $1,217.

portretika sent packing, eliminated in 3rd

portretika was left out of the big hands to this point of the final table with andruta09 and NuFacBluf holding significantly more chips. It was time to take a shot to advance and portretika shoved for 6,784,348 after NuFacBluf put in a raise.

NuFacBluf called the bet with A♠8♠ to dominate portretika's A♣6♥ before NuFacBluf paired the 8♣7♠7♥ flop. portretika picked up a gutshot on the T♠ but that was just three outs to stay alive with NuFacBluf picking up a flush draw. The river came 5♣ to give the hand to NuFacBluf while portretika was gone in 3rd place for $1,704.

andruta09 goes wire-to-wire to win Event #82

Seat 5: andruta09 (32,541,353 in chips)
Seat 8: NuFacBluf (28,343,647 in chips)

The elimination of portretika set up an all-Romanian heads-up match and they were relatively equal to the task. They quickly paused the tournament to work out an amicable deal with $200 left behind to the winner before getting underway.

The two battled back and forth with neither taking a big advantage until NuFacBluf gave up a 25,800,000 pot without a showdown. That win put andrut09 clearly in the driver's seat and the tournament was done quickly after. The final hand began with NuFacBluf shoving the remaining 8,743,647 from the button with 8♣6♥ and andruta09 quickly called with K♥Q♣.

The 9♥4♥3♠ flop changed little but the K♠ turn left NuFacBluf drawing dead to the runner-up finish. andruta09 began the final table with the chiplead and carried it through to the title in Event #82 for a nice $3,052 payout.

MicroMillions-82: $2.20 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 12,177
Prize pool: $24,354
Places paid: 1,530

1. andruta09 (Romania) $3,052.53*
2. NuFacBluf (Romania) $2,777.72*
3. portretika (Russia) $1,704.78
4. VeliIsla (Germany) $1,217.70
5. morris130 (Panama) $974.16
6. grzenia777 (Poland) $730.62
7. afganj (Russia) $487.08
8. VampireMagic (Russia) $243.54
9. K111K (Russia) $153.43
* - denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions