MicroMillions 7: angelofm fights monster field to win Event #78 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max, 2x Chance)

This was a big one.

Lots of players jump at any chance to play 6-max tournaments with large guarantees. Even more jump when you give them a second chance.

Event #78 drew 19,212 players and 10,076 took that second chance. At $5.50 a pop, the prize pool turned out to be a whopping $146,440, nearly double the guarantee. While 2,700 players cashed, the big money was up top and angelofm was the big winner of the day.

After making a five-way deal at the final table and enduring a grueling heads-up match, angelofm walked away with $13,069.47. Here's how it happened:

The final table


Seat 1: odonkoor - 14,090,594
Seat 2: redden_boxer - 13,519,692
Seat 3: am.fencing - 17,120,839
Seat 4: QQUADRA - 40,888,563
Seat 5: angelofm - 51,711,204
Seat 6: Zimic_cz - 9,109,108

Whilie Zimic_cz started as our short stack, odonkoor would be the first to risk all his chips at the final table.

With 300,000/600,000 blinds and a 75,000 ante, QQUADRA raised to 1.2 million from the hijack. Action folded to odonkoor on the small blind and he re-raised to 3 million. The big blind released and QQUADRA moved all-in for 44.04 million.

With just 4.72 million behind, odonkoor called all-in.

odonkoor showed a pair of tens with [10d][10h] and was drawing slim against QQUADRA's A♥A♦. The board ran 8♥4♦Q♦J♥2♠ and we had our first final table elimination. odonkoor was out in 6th and earned $1,670.88.

Early deal

After a few more hands, players decided to cut a deal. At the time, the counts were:

QQUADRA - 53,891,049
angelofm - 43,907,206
am.fencing - 21,670,839
Zimic_cz - 17,276,216
redden_boxer - 9,694,690

With those chips, the numbers came out to:

QQUADRA - $12,396.17
angelofm - $11,569.47
am.fencing - $8,594.64
Zimic_cz - $7,689.13
redden_boxer - $5,723.68

This deal also left players fighting for the title and $1,500.

With fresh, guaranteed cash and 400,000/800,000 blinds, Zimic_cz raised to 1.6 million from under-the-gun.

QQUADRA called and angelofm re-raised to 4,878,654 from the big blind. Zimic_cz moved all-in for 15.47 million and QQUADRA folded while angelofm called.

Zimic_cz was holding A♠9♥ while angelofm tabled J♠J♦. The board ran K♠4♦8♦2♠Q♠ and Zimic_cz hit the rail. For the 5th place finish, Zimic_cz earned $7,689.13.

This hand also extended angelofm's lead to 62.72 million.

Staying alive

redden_boxer was the next player to go, but not before he put up a fight.

Blinds were up to 500K/1M and redden_boxer moved all-in for 17.77 million from the button. am.fencing called from the small blind and QQUADRA let go of the big.

It was an old-fashion flip when redden_boxer showed 3♦3♠ to am.fencing's A♥J♣. There was a monotone 6♠8♠4♠ flop and then a Q♠ on the turn gave redden_boxer a flush. am.fencing was down to just 6.58 million while redden_boxer doubled up to 37.05 million.

But am.fencing wasn't going anywhere for a while. A few hands later, angelofm raised to 2 million from the button and the short stack moved all-in for 6.21 million from the big blind.

am.fencing was flipping with 6♣9♣ to angelofm's A♥9♣. The 7♦6♠5♣ flop gave am.fencing a set and then running nines gave him a full house.

am.fencing doubled, but was still short with 13.41 million. Then am.fencing doubled again. redden_boxer called 1 million from the button and am.fencing did the same from the small blind. QQUADRA moved all-in for 21.90 million from the big blind and only am.fencing called.

QQUADRA had K♦8♦ and was up against am.fencing's A♣Q♦. The board brought all low cards and am.fencing doubled up to 27.08 million while QQUADRA fell to 9.11 million.

Leading with quads

QQUADRA was going to have to double or bust, but it was redden_boxer who was at-risk just two hands later.

angelofm raised to 2.34 million from the small blind and redden_boxer called from the big blind. The flop came 7♣3♣5♠ and redden_boxer bet 5 million when checked to. A 3♦ came when angelofm called and then angelofm checked again.

redden_boxer upped the bet to 15 million and angelofm moved all-in for 58.43 million. redden_boxer called all-in and we had the largest pot of the tournament.

redden_boxer showed a pair of sevens with K♦7♦ while angelofm had trip threes with K♥3♥. The river brought angelofm the fourth three and he took down the pot with quads.

redden_boxer won $5,723.68 for finishing 4th while angelofm took a monster lead with 111.25 million.

Then QQUADRA fell a few hands later.

am.fencing raised to 2 million and QQUADRA moved all-in for just 6.36 million. QQUADRA showed J♥2♥ and am.fencing had him dominated with Q♥2♦.

The board ran Q♠4♥3♣[10s]7♥ and QQUADRA was out. For finishing 3rd, QQUADRA took the agreed-upon $12,396.17 and the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

angelofm - 113,000,162
am.fencing - 33,439,838

Despite angelofm's staggering lead, it turned out to be a lengthy battle. am.fencing doubled up early on and then took the lead.

am.fencing went on a rollercoaster of barely gaining the lead and then being chipped down to about 25 million.

It looked like am.fencing was going to pull it off yet again, but his luck ran out. With 1.25/2.5 million blinds, am.fencing had 29.23 million and raised to 7.5 million. angelofm made it 100 million and am.fencing called all-in.

angelofm showed K♠9♣ and am.fencing was in the lead with A♠8♠. There was an A♦ on the turn and am.fencing doubled up again.

angelofm was down to 84.85 million while am.fencing was up to 61.60 million. Then am.fencing went all-in again the following hand. In the last hand of the tournament, angelofm raised to 5 million and am.fencing called.

There was a 4♦6♠3♠ flop and am.fencing bet 10 million. angelofm raised to 27.47 million and am.fencing moved all-in for 56.28 million. angelofm called with J♠[10s] while am.fencing had A♥4♥ for his tournament life.

A K♠ landed on the turn to give angelofm the flush and the tournament was over. am.fencing got $8,594.64 for his runner-up finish while angelofm won Event #78 for $13,069.47.

MicroMillions-078: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em [6-max, 2x Chance]
Entrants: 19,212 (10,076 rebuys)
Prize pool: $146,440.00
Places paid: 2,700

1. angelofm (United Kingdom) $13,069.47*
2. am.fencing (Portugal) $8,594.64*
3. QQUADRA (Philippines) $12,396.17*
4. redden_boxer (United Kingdom) $5,723.68*
5. Zimic_cz (Czech Republic) $7,689.13*
6. odonkoor (Uruguay) $1,670.88

*Denotes a five-way deal.

There are no more second chances for Event #78, but there are still plenty of chances left this MicroMillions. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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