MicroMillions 7: any2push shoves to the win in Event #94 ($5.50 NL Hold'em, 1R1A)

Sunday was already a regular big deal on PokerStars and the final day of MicroMillions just added to it. Ten huge tournaments on the schedule to send the small buy-in, big prizepool series out in style. Event #94 was a No Limit Hold'em tournament where players had one rebuy and one add-on option to get them through.

The tournament was advertised with a $75,000 guarantee but the field more than doubled that number with 20 minutes left in rebuy time and before the add-ons. The final stats showed 18,355 entrants plus 13,260 rebuys/6,496 add-ons to create a prizepool worth $190,555. A big number for just a $5.50 buy-in. The last 2,475 would all get a piece of the prizepool but the big payouts are loaded at the top, more than $20,000 to the winner and the entire final table will earn four-digit paydays.

The added chips from the rebuy period, along with the slow structure, meant players had plenty of moves to use throughout. It took over nine hours for the field to play down close to the final table bubble, then play really slowed down and it was finally set when Parham J8 took down Pädy90 with 9♥9♦ over A♣Q♦. Parham J8 found an even more interesting way to grab chips from that by knocking out Sh0rty0ne with K♥Q♥ versus 4♣A♣ and hitting the gutshot straight flush.

Those two big hands were enough to put Parham J8 among the leaders at the final table with Chernukha.S up top and Turkawka the low man. No player was in imminent danger going into final table play and they had plenty of options to win the title.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: 87homme (13,089,911 in chips)
Seat 2: Rinat44 (14,441,874 in chips)
Seat 3: Chernukha.S (26,588,251 in chips)
Seat 4: seven_spb70 (18,178,748 in chips)
Seat 5: any2push (16,719,216 in chips)
Seat 6: Parham J8 (21,692,658 in chips)
Seat 7: grasshoz (23,010,651 in chips)
Seat 8: Turkawka (11,685,864 in chips)
Seat 9: The Borsh (45,147,827 in chips)

Blinds: 400k/800k with 100k ante

Chernukha.S knocked down, eliminated in 9th

The lead didn't last long for Chernukha.S as the Russian almost immediately lost most of those chips in two big hands to Parham J8 and grasshoz to be left with less than five big blinds. Those chips went in the middle under the gun with A♦4♦ and was called by 87homme in the small blind after waking up to K♣K♠.

Chernukha.S was left looking for an Ace or some big draw but missed on the Q♥T♥7♠. The board continue to run out clean with 5♦ on the turn and the Q♣ river to send the one time leader out quickly at the final table in 9th for $1,143.

Turkawka fried, eliminated in 8th

It was a bad start to the final table for Chernukha.S and not much better for Turkawka. While he was the low man on the leaderboard, there were enough chips in the stack to cause problems. Then Turkawka was dealt a top hand and lost most of his chips with Q♦Q♥ against any2push's K♠K♣ to be left with just 1,516,640.

Turkawka survived two more hands before those went in with A♠T♣. The bet was less than a min-raise so 87homme, seven_spb70, and any2push joined in the fun. seven_spb70 checked the 3♣2♣2♦ flop before any2push bet out 2,626,636 to get the others to fold. any2push was ahead with 5♣5♦ to leave Turkawka looking for an Ace, Ten, or running fun cards. None showed on the 9♦ turn or 9♥ river and Turkawka was the next sent out, picking up 8th place money for $1,714.

Rinat44 beated by 44, eliminated in 7th

Rinat44 was one of the quiet ones at the hectic final table, not making many drastic moves in either direction, until running into the chipleader to drop under 2,000,000. Rinat44 put those in the middle after 87homme opened for a min-raise under the gun while any2push and The Borsh came along to the A♣4♠3♦ flop. The Borsh checked, 87homme bet out 4,800,000, any2push let his hand go before The Borsh check-raised all-in. 87homme called the bet and two players were at risk.

Rinat44: J♣T♥
The Borsh: A♥J♥
87homme: 4♦4♣

87homme had a near lock on the hand with top set and the other two drawing thin. The 2♥ left The Borsh and Rinat44 drawing dead for the win but four outs for the chop. The 9♠ river ended the hand to knock The Borsh down short and send Rinat44 out of the tournament in 7th place for $2,858.

grasshoz hops out, eliminated in 6th

It was grasshoz's turn to make some noise but he ran into some trouble along the way against the big stacks. A tough hand evolved against 87homme when he was dealt an Ace Face but found he was behind. 87homme began the action with another min-raise and any2push came over the top for 5,200,000 before grasshoz shoved his 18,621,302.

The move did not scare 87homme who moved in over the top to get any2push out of the hand. grasshoz took his shot with A♦J♦, dominated by 87homme's A♠Q♠, and the 6♦5♣4♣ kept the status quo. The 2♣ turn left grasshoz looking with three Jacks for the win or four Treys to chop. The kickers played when the river came A♣ to send the pot to 87homme while grasshoz was eliminated in 6th place for $4,763.

Parham J8 gets jacked, eliminated in 5th

Parham J8 was one of the more active players at the final table, sending and receiving chips on a regular basis, and was holding onto the second biggest stack when the Iranian got unlucky. The ultimate hand for Parham J8 began with any2push open for his standard early position min-raise and Parham J8 three-bet to 8,000,000.

any2push was having none of that and moved over the top all-in for 32,438,376 with A♠J♣. Parham J8 quickly called with the better hand A♣K♣ looking to knock out the German. The T♦4♦3♠ flop was perfectly harmless though the turn 2♥ once again added chop outs.

The river didn't bring a wheel, instead dropping the J♠ three outter on Parham J8 to send the huge 68,000,000 pot to any2push. Parham J8 was left with just a few chips and was quickly shown the door in 5th place for $6,669.

The Borsh beaten, eliminated in 4th

There was a lot of chatter in the box about making a deal after Parham J8 was sent out but massive leader any2push did not seem remotely curious. They paused the clock to discuss but neither the ICM or chip chop numbers piqued his interest and he actually took some of that time for a quick break away from the table.

This did not set well with the other three players and they were soon back underway to get chips flying in the middle. None of the all-ins were called but The Borsh finally found a chance to double by getting a shot at any2push.

any2push: A♣T♦
The Borsh: A♠4♣

The rich get richer as the leader was holding a dominating hand even with The Borsh picking up the popular wheel draw on the K♦5♠3♠ flop. The turn paired the board with 3♣ and the tournament was over for The Borsh on the river 9♥ to be sent out in 4th place for $8,574.

87homme sent home, eliminated in 3rd

Seat 1: 87homme (38,168,213 in chips)
Seat 4: seven_spb70 (50,515,848 in chips)
Seat 5: any2push (101,870,939 in chips)

They decided to take another look at the numbers with any2push now holding more than half the chips in play and they agreed to a deal. any2push picked up the lion's share of the prizepool and the other two were looking to catch up to win the bonus $1,500 left behind for the winner.

Soon after reaching the deal, 87homme lost in a brutal fashion in a hand which could have changed the outcome of the tournament. any2push min-raised and the other two players came along to the 8♥6♦5♥ flop. 87homme and seven_spb70 checked before any2push bet out 4,080,000.

87homme pulled a check-raise and popped it up to 12,800,000 to get seven_spb70 to fold but any2push went the other way with a move all-in. 87homme called with top pair, open end straight draw 8♠7♣ and quickly found any2push holding nearly the same with 8♦7♥. The drama came with any2push freerolling the heart flush, then getting there with the 2♥ turn and A♥ river.

It was a tough way for 87homme to exit the tournament but he made $3,000 ($15,027 total) extra in the deal for the 3rd place exit while any2push cemented his lead.

any2push shoves to the win in Event #94

Seat 4: seven_spb70 (45,915,848 in chips)
Seat 5: any2push (144,639,152 in chips)

any2push was a beast at the final table but seven_spb70 was not about to go down without a fight. A credit to the Russian as he never gave up during the heads-up match and even managed to work all the way back for a small, short-lived lead. The two exchanged several big hands and any2push was finally able to complete the win after both were dealt a small pair.

The chips didn't get in the middle until the fourth bet when seven_spb70 shoved with 6♣6♥ but was in trouble when any2push called with the better 7♠7♦. Unlike the previous big hands at the final table, the board ran out drama free 9♥4♦3♣A♦4♥ to eliminated seven_spb70 in 2nd for $15,101. any2push took command early at the final table, built a huge lead with the heart freeroll, then shutdown seven_spb70 to win Event #94 and $19,021.

MicroMillions-94: $5.50 NL Hold'em, 1R1A
Entrants: 18,355 (13,260 re-buys, 6,496 add-ons)
Prize pool: $190,555
Places paid: 2,475

1. any2push (Germany) $19,021.49*
2. seven_spb70 (Russia) $15,101.36*
3. 87homme (Singapore) $15,027.16*
4. The Borsh (Russia) $8,574.97
5. Parham J8 (Iran) $6,669.42
6. grasshoz (Canada) $4,763.87
7. Rinat44 (Russia) $2,858.32
8. Turkawka (Poland) $1,714.99
9. Chernukha.S (Russia) $1,143.33

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions