MicroMillions 7: ArmoDjan rides crazy table to victory in Event #47 ($1+R NLH 3x-Turbo)

Poker players sure love their low buy-in rebuy tournaments. MicroMillions Event #47 was no different as they came out in force and then pushed the prizepool ever higher one $1 rebuy at a time. The rebuy/registration period lasted 12 levels but that was just one hour in turbo standard time.

The tournament drew 11,785 entrants but the big numbers came when the rebuy stats were viewed. Those players hit the rebuy button 58,650 times, nearly 1,000 per minute, and were combined with another 6,114 add-ons during the break. All told, the entrant fee/rebuys/add-on all totaled up to a $69,659.59 prizepool with $9,697.52 going to the winner.

Even with 350,000,000 chips in play, the turbo structure did its job to keep the action moving. Play was complete in under seven hours and they were gambling most of the time. This created an atmosphere ripe for odd hands and bad beats. Barsar777 was the beneficiary of several of those hands and went from short stacked with two tables remaining to chipleader at the final table.

That hand was just one example of the tough hand going on as the tournament played down. It was one of many hands Bursar777 used to grab the chiplead but there was no guarantee that advantage would hold if the hand history was any indicator.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: FejsikRejsik (42,475,898 in chips)
Seat 2: Bursar777 (99,124,137 in chips)
Seat 3: Alexander89s (20,090,742 in chips)
Seat 4: LuckerOneee (31,629,928 in chips)
Seat 5: bakos121 (28,714,320 in chips)
Seat 6: MeetBucks (96,392,059 in chips)
Seat 7: YodaIRL (28,950,116 in chips)
Seat 8: ArmoDjan (37,155,100 in chips)
Seat 9: manu2010 (10,192,700 in chips)

Blinds: 1.2m/2.4m with 240k ante

Alexander89s rivered, eliminated in 9th

Players picked up the pace after making the final table and they produced a big pot on just the second hand. Alexander89s was among the smaller stacks and three-bet shoved from the small blind after FejsikRejsik min-raised from the button.

FejsikRejsik called the bet and Alexander89s was dominating with A♠Q♣ versus A♣T♠. The two would swap stacks if nothing changed and they both hit the A♦K♦2♦ flop. The turn stayed clean with the 4♦ which meant Alexander89s needed to dodge two outs and picked up a bunch of chop outs to stay alive. The river brought a non-Diamond Ten in the T♥ for the tough beat and Alexander89s was out in 9th place for $438.

manu2010 punted, eliminated in 8th

manu2010 slid to the final table with less than five big blinds and was able to wait it out before picking up a playable hand to take a shot. YodaIRL open-shoved from the cutoff for 22,350,116 and manu2010 called for half of that in the small blind with 9♠9♦.

Another short stack was looking good for a double when YodaIRL showed the less formidable A♦8♠. manu2010 was still in good shape when the flop came T♦7♠2♠ but the A♥ turn was a different story. manu2010 was left looking for magic but wasn't able to pull a rabbit on the 3♠ river to be sent out in 8th place for $696.

bakos121 flips out, eliminated in 7th

It wasn't all bad beats at the final table and the next elimination was an old fashioned coin flip without drama. bakos121 was among the chipleaders in the latter parts of the tournament but came into the final table with work to get done.

A big Ace was good enough to take into battle and bakos121 three-bet all-in from the small blind after YodaIRL opened under the gun. bakos121 was holding two overcards A♠Q♥ against the T♥T♠ of YodaIRL. Looking for big cards, bakos121 missed when the board ran out all low cards 8♣5♦5♥3♣8♦ to be eliminated in 7th place for the first four-digit payout.

LuckerOneee not a lucky one, eliminated in 6th

FejsikRejsik was running roughshod over the final table with a series of big hands and bad beats. Slovakian LuckerOneee was next in the crosshairs when he shoved from the big blind for 29,459,712 after FejsikRejsik min-raised from the button.

FejsikRejsik was riding a hot streak and called with K♥4♦ which was statistically bad against LuckerOneee's 5♦5♠. Nothing happened on the J♦J♦3♣ flop and it was even better for LuckerOneee after the 2♦ turn. But FejsikRejsik kept the final table bad beat theme going when the river came a three-out K♣ to send LuckerOneee out of the tournament in 6th place for $2,098.

MeetBucks meets Aces, eliminated in 5th

At this point of the final table, the other players could be forgiven for having no read on the range of FejsikRejsik. The Polish grinder was winning with any two cards and MeetBucks ran into a problem after a flop.

FejsikRejsik min-raised from the button at the five-handed table and MeetBucks called from the big blind to see the Q♦J♥8♦ flop. MeetBucks wasted no time in shoving in his final 24,521,659 with middle pair/gutshot draw J♣9♣ and was instantly called by FejsikRejsik with a real hand A♠A♦.

MeetBucks still had a shot to stay alive but missed both the 6♥ turn and 5♣ river to be the 5th place finisher for $2,786. FejsikRejsik stayed hot and atop the leaderboard.

FejsikRejsik gets FejsikRejsik'd, eliminated in 4th

FejsikRejsik lucky streak lasted exactly five hands before things went sour. The turbo structure kept forcing the action and FejsikRejsik took another shot for a knockout when he went against ArmoDjan. FejsikRejsik was unable to hit another board when his A♣7♦ lost against 5♥5♦ for a 178,000,000 pot.

Fortunes quickly change at this level and that hand knocked FejsikRejsik from the penthouse to the outhouse before being dealt his own bad beat. YodaIRL raised under the gun before FejsikRejsik moved all-in for 55,253,727 with Q♣Q♠. It was another premium hand to get him back in the match when YodaIrl tabled 8♦8♠.

The flop was a harmless J♣T♠7♥ but no last minute river was needed when YodaIRL jumped ahead on the 8♣ river. FejsikRejsik spent the final table laying some rough beats on opponents but was unable to do it one more time on the 3♥ river to go out in 4th place for $3,482.

Bursar777 drops out, eliminated in 3rd

The tournament could have easily gone quickly from three players to a winner. Instead there was a parade of chips moving from one to another while they each took turns as the chipleader and the short stack. There were all-in hands that lead to doubles instead of eliminations as the blinds kept climbing high.

There were a few chat attempts to pause the clock to work out a deal when all were relatively equal but nothing came of it. Bursar777 seemed ready to give it a shot but turned out to be the next gone.

ArmoDjan opened from the button before Bursar777 moved all-in for 96,901,988. ArmoDjan was holding just a few more chips and called the bet with Q♦J♣ against A♣8♦. The 9♠5♠3♦ flop brought them three cards closer to another double but the Q♣ turn put ArmoDjan ahead. Finally, the J♦ river gave ArmoDjan the overkill Queens up to knockout former chipleader Bursar777 in 3rd place for $4,876.

ArmoDjan conquers crazy final table to win Event #47

Seat 7: YodaIRL (180,823,212 in chips)
Seat 8: ArmoDjan (213,901,788 in chips)

ArmoDjan began heads-up play with a small chiplead but it was erased early while the two swapped the lead several times without a major pot. They both seemed to be feeling each other out until the blinds reached 4m/8m and things exploded.

ArmoDjan raised to 24,000,000 from the button and YodaIRL called to the J♦4♦4♣ flop. YodaIRL check-raised to 64,000,000 after ArmoDjan bet out 24,000,000. ArmoDjan three-bet all-in with top pair (and foreshadowed backdoor flush draw) K♦J♠ and was in trouble when YodaIRL called with 5♠4♠.

ArmoDjan was less than 13% to close out the hand but picked up some of those flush outs when the Q♦ hit the turn. Keeping the theme of the final table, the running flush cards completed when the 2♦ spiked the river to miracle the hand, and tournament, to ArmoDjan. YodaIRL played a fine game throughout but ended up in 2nd place for $6,965 while ArmoDjan survived a crazy final table to win Event #47 and $9,697.

MicroMillions-47: $1+R NL Hold'em, 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 11,785 (58,650 re-buys, 6,114 add-ons)
Prize pool: $69,659.50
Places paid: 1,530

1. ArmoDjan (Russia) $9,697.52
2. YodaIRL (Ireland) $6,965.95
3. Bursar777 (Russia) $4,876.17
4. FejsikRejski (Poland) $3,482.97
5. MeetBucks (Germany) $2,786.38
6. LuckerOneee (Slovakia) $2,089.78
7. bakos121 (Greece) $1,393.19
8. manu2010 (Germany) $696.59
9. Alexander89s (Norway) $438.85

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions