MicroMillions 7: DevilShark69 in wire-to-wire win in Event #53 ($3.30 NL Hold'em 6-Max, Ante Up)

It's normally right to be apprehensive when poised to watch the final table of an ante--up event. They have a habit of turning into agonizing trials, like the slide show of your great uncle's camping holiday, or reading the instructions to any electrically operated kitchen device.

But Event #53 of MicroMillions 7 was saved from a similar fate, not by its tempo, for it lasted a not unusual one hour and 17 minutes, but for the underlying aggro caused by two proposed deals, both of which collapsed, or were torpedoed, by the same player. Not, that is, by DevilShark69, the eventual winner who took the full first prize of $2,351.52 for his wire-to-wire efforts which, in ante-up, are almost herculean.

E53 final table.jpg

The line up for the Event #53 final table

Here's how they lined up.

Seat 1. osmarogo (Colombia) 5,712,442
Seat 2. xenophe (Canada) 2,397,689
Seat 3. bjarki5 (Iceland) 1,713,245
Seat 4. who be do (Canada) 3,625,124
Seat 5. DevilShark69 (Canada) 8,162,766
Seat 6. tovervorst (Netherlands) 3,608,724

Within a couple of minutes of the start bjarki5 was heading for the door. Arriving at the six-handed final as the short stack he shoved promptly with jack-nine off-suit but ran into tovervorst with ace-nine of clubs, the ace making all the difference.

True to form the eliminations would be separated by long periods of play. Not much of note would take place before bjarki5's departure and that of osmarogo who followed in fifth place. He went in betting before and after the flop with queen-ten of hearts with DevilShark69 calling to the turn. At this point the chip leader moved all-in with seven-six of hearts.

DevilShark69 now had an even bigger lead as the excitement ebbed and normal service resumed for the next eight minutes. During this time who be do doubled with ace-king and then busted in fourth place against the invincible DevilShark69. Who be do shoved with ace-seven and got a seven on the flop, but DevilShark69's nine-six became a winner when he caught a nine on the river.

DevilShark69 - 15.3 million
xenophe - 7.2 million
tovervorst - 2.8 million

Time then for a deal thought tovervorst who suggested such in the chat box.

Traditionally in these moments the short stack is routinely ignored and play continues. That didn't exactly happen, although only thanks to the "nope" typed by DevilShark69. At least it was an acknowledgement. But as play reached the break players decided they might as well have a look at the numbers, as tovervorst had suggested.

The first problem was that DevilShark69 wanted $2,151, only $200 less than the $2,351 available to the winner. The deal though would give him $2,091 which on reflection DevilShark69 was happy to agree.

So too did xenophe, who would receive $1,766. But tovervorst, who had prompted this discussion in the first place, was eerily silent.

"1,500 for me" he typed, playing the part of the spanner in these works.

Xenophe pointed out that the numbers were posted and he should take them or leave them. But tovervorst wanted another $50 from each of them. DevilShark69 replied with a now familiar "nope".

"I flop and I'm in good spot" said tovervorst but he wasn't winning any favour. "Ugh" said DevilShark69 as tovervorst then lowered his demand, asking now for just $35 from each.
Xenophe and then DevilShark69 decided they should simply play on. And so they did, with tovervorst suddenly proclaiming his love for playing the short stack anyway.

Of course now this meant all eyes were on the new villain tovervorst. Could he pull off a seemingly impossible comeback and prove them all wrong, or would the Gods of fate strike him down?

It would be 18 minutes before we got our answer, during which things got a little tense. Nobody, certainly not xenophe, would be content to let tovervorst prove his point and risk their own elimination in third. This meant that both tovervorst and xenophe, with the ante increasing, were in a race to stay alive, both allowing their stacks to dwindle as far as they dared before being forced to move in.

Tovervorst was most active on the shove front, but each time he failed to find a caller, and when he did, it didn't really lift his stack to a point where he could stop worrying for a while. DevilShark69 was also doing his hardest to spoil both parties, forever using his mammoth stack to pick up chips as the other two held on tight.

So xenophe took his turn moving all in. Like tovervorst he got no reply, until he chanced it with ten-eight. DevilShark69 found ace-queen.

Tovervorst had won a small victory but he was now the thin end of the heads-up wedge, with DevilShark69 on 24.3 million to tovervorst's 1.4 million. But while things looked set to be over presently there was still time for some more dramatics. Tovervorst doubled up twice, cracking aces in the first hand and then immediately again, making two pairs on the flop with an inferior hand. How about a deal, said tovervorst.

DevilShark69 - 19.1 million
tovervorst - 6.1 million

And so they checked the numbers, with things sounding rather familiar. Surely, though, there would be agreement this time? Well no. The numbers gave tovervorst $1,833.23 and DevilShark69 $2,212.51. But tovervorst wasn't happy.

"I get only $139 extra," he said. "No deal."

"Really?" replied DevilShark69. "You get more money now."

Tovervorst then explained the simple arithmetic he'd done to work this out. One can only imagine that none of this stopped DevilShark69 from banging his head on his keyboard. So they played on, tovervorst with an iron clad reputation as a bit of a tease, happy to propose deals, just not to accept them.

He then went on to shove eight times, doubling up on the eight attempt but not to anything that might threaten DevilShark69. Finally, with the Ante now 250,000, the chips went in for the last time.

In hindsight it had perhaps been an easy final for DevilShark69, leading as he did from start to finish. But plenty happened in between that had to potential to cause a wobble, so credit to DevilShark69 on withstanding that to earn a well-deserved title. The full results are below.

MicroMillions 7: Event #53 $3.30 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Ante-Up)
Entrants: 5,134
Prize pool: $15,402.00
Places paid: 660

1. DevilShark69 (Canada) $2,351.52
2. tovervorst (Netherlands) $1,694.22
3. xenophe (Canada) $1,232.16
4. who be do (Canada) $780.11
5. osmarogo (Colombia) $462.06
6. bjarki5 (Iceland) $246.43

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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