MicroMillions 7: efoplistis flies through Event #18, earns nearly $5.5K ($3.30 NLHE Turbo)

Good morning, poker peoples! Event #18 of MicroMillions 7 has already come and gone before the coffee pot could be emptied, a $3.30 buy-in, turbo-structured no-limit hold'em tourney that saw Greece's efoplistis top a huge field in just under five hours to earn a handsome $5,490.50 first prize.

The event sported a $20K guarantee, with the prize pool ultimately settling at double that and more when 14,615 entered, meaning there would be $43,845 to divided among the top 2,025 finishers.

Also guaranteed thanks to the five-minute levels dictated by the turbo format was a rapid-fire pace, and indeed the huge field immediately began to shrink quickly as the tourney rushed through the early and middle stages to race toward the end.

robnuts21 was the first player to build the starting stack of 5,000 chips up over 1 million, taking just over three hours to do so. About 275 players remained by then, and it would only take about an hour and 15 minutes more for the field to be carved down to just 18, with robnuts21 becoming short-stacked and then being sent railward in 28th place ($75.41).

By then everyone had seven-figure stacks, with -Q-Zephyr the pace-setter with just over 7.44 million. Less than half an hour later nine more had fallen. Zimzlim (18th), ONGGO197 (17th), and Votec74 (16th) earned $92.07 apiece. STONE 5780 (15th), angewandte (14th), and NapaKoru (13th) took away $131.53 each. And AAligator33 (12th), Petr N M (11th), and Sty.Ungar (10th) each made $175.38 for just missing the final table.

With efoplistis having claimed the top spot with more than 20.7 million, just nine remained.


Seat 1: cunzreyy (Argentina) -- 4,210,689
Seat 2: efoplistis (Greece) -- 20,708,319
Seat 3: lovelyloz (United Kingdom) -- 4,019,404
Seat 4: Lotus909 (Russia) -- 5,083,984
Seat 5: MuoMadre (Germany) -- 5,527,478
Seat 6: viktor7120 (Russia) -- 2,343,396
Seat 7: xzbit333 (Russia) -- 15,365,631
Seat 8: -Q-Zephyr (Denmark) -- 12,223,941
Seat 9: Leit2010 (Belarus) -- 3,592,158

Just a few minutes into the final table the blinds were 400k/800k when cunzreyy open-raised all in for 1,310,689 from early position and got three callers in MuoMadre (cutoff), xzbit333 (small blind), and -Q-Zephry (big blind).

The flop came J♦7♥2♠ and when it checked around MuoMadre bet 800,000 and only xzbit333 called. The pair then checked down the 4♥ turn and K♦ river, and when xzbit333 showed T♥T♣ both MuoMadre and cunzreyy mucked, the latter having been eliminated in ninth.

A short while later a big three-way all-in arose involving viktor7120 who called all in for just 61,792 from under the gun, Leit2010 who shoved for 1,567,158 from the hijack seat, and MuoMadre who called from the big blind.

MuoMadre: A♠4♥
Leit2010: K♦6♦
viktor7120: A♠4♠

The board ran out 5♣T♥4♦2♠Q♠, that four pairing MuoMadre and viktor7120. Meanwhile Leit2010 was out in eighth.

viktor7120 was in the big blind the next hand and with just 523,584 to start and was all in before the cards were dealt as the blinds were up to 500k/1m.

It folded around to MuoMadre in the small blind who would be viktor7120's lone opponent, showing K♣9♠ to viktor7120's A♣3♥. The board came 9♦T♣7♥5♥3♦, and viktor7120 was done in seventh.

Just two hands after that it was lovelyloz open-shoving from UTG for 1,302,616 (just over a big blind) with J♦7♦ and efoplistis calling from the big blind with Q♥9♠. The community cards came 4♦Q♦4♥, then 2♥, then K♠, giving efoplistis queens and fours and sending lovelyloz railward in sixth.

The remaining five battled for a few hands. Then with the blinds still 500k/1m, -Q-Zephyr open-pushed for 5,685,164 from the button and efoplistis called from the small blind.

-Q-Zephyr had J♣J♠ and was hoping the pair would hold against efoplistis's A♠Q♠. But the 8♥9♣6♥A♦J♦ board gave efoplistis the better pair and the run of -Q-Zephyr had ended with a fifth-place finish.

That hand helped efoplistis push even further out in front with four left, and just a couple of minutes later efoplistis had over 50 million -- well over half the chips in play.

Then with the blinds up to 600k/1.2m a hand arose that saw xzbit333 open-raise all in for 2,276,959 from the button and Lotus909 call from the big blind. xzbit333 had T♥6♥ and needed improvement against Lotus909's J♠2♠, and in fact the 5♥9♣T♦ flop did put xzbit333 out in front. The K♣ turn was good for xzbit333 as well, but the river brought the J♣ to give Lotus909 the better pair and reduce the field to three.

Soon Lotus909 was putting those chips and then some at risk, open-pushing for 11,897,887 from the button and getting a call from chip leader efoplistis in the big blind. Both players had aces, but efoplistis's A♦8♦ sported a better kicker than Lotus909's A♥4♥.

As it happened, the community cards would pair both players' side cards, coming 8♠9♣[10h]4♣9♠, but it wasn't enough for Lotus909 who was eliminated in third.

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Heads-up play began with efoplistis way, way, way ahead with 68,733,522 to MuoMadre's 4,341,478. The final table had only started 20 minutes before, and it would only last three hands more before the end arrived.

MuoMadre had managed to chip up to just over 7.33 million during the first two heads-up hands, and with the blinds still 600k/1.2m MuoMadre chose to push all in from the button with K♥8♥. But efoplistis was ready with a quick call after being dealt A♠Q♠. The flop came 3♠A♣2♦ to pair the leader's ace, and the T♣ turn made the river 5♦ no matter -- efoplistis had won!

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Congratulations to efoplistis for topping a field of 14,615 in less than five hours to claim the latest MicroMillions title and an excellent $5,490.50 return on a $3.30 investment!

MicroMillions-018: $3.30 No-Limit Hold'em (Turbo)
Entrants: 14,615
Prize pool: $43,845.00 

Places paid: 2,025
1. efoplistis (Greece) $5,490.50
2. MuoMadre (Germany) $3,827.66
3. Lotus909 (Russia) $2,937.61
4. xzbit333 (Russia) $2,060.71
5. -Q-Zephyr (Denmark) $1,622.26
6. lovelyloz (United Kingdom) $1,183.81
7. viktor7120 (Russia) $767.28
8. Leit2010 (Belarus) $394.60
9. cunzreyy (Argentina) $263.07

There are still more than 80 events left to go in MicroMillions 7 -- many chances to follow efloplistis's path and win a lot for a little! Check the MicroMillions 7 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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