MicroMillions 7: egzekutor776 bulldozes final table to win Triple Turbo Event #23 [$1+R NL Hold'em]

Although "egzekutor" in Polish does not mean "bulldozer", the literati in Poland should consider adding "egzekutor" to the dictionary after egzekutor776 decimated the final table of MicroMillions 7 Event #23. With two remaining, egzekutor776's opponent did not even have a fighting chance as a determined egzekutor776 won 14 out of the last 16 pots en route to a MicroMillions championship.

MicroMillions 7 Event #23 $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo] attracted 30,103 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $187,497.31 with a whopping 159,424 re-buys and 16,514 add-ons. The top 3,960 places paid out with $17,370.58 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online members in the hunt for a MicroMillions title included Caio "Pessagno" Pessagno and Tyler "frosty012" Frost. Both cashed with Pessagno securing a finish in 1,492nd place, while frosty012 cashed in 1,781st place.


MicroMillions Event #23 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: cashandflow (119,893,762)
Seat 2: drrron88777 (115,004,433)
Seat 3: falken-adler (253,268,617)
Seat 4: Gaby101972 (90,899,018)
Seat 5: egzekutor776 (73,096,195)
Seat 6: crowbar49 (43,011,278)
Seat 7: Buda85 (126,410,672)
Seat 8: alin0422 (80,303,977)
Seat 9: loopers33 (162,113,048)

The final table commenced during Level 64 with blinds at 2.5M/5M and a 550K ante. Germany's falken-adler held the lead with 253M, while crowbar49 clung onto the short stack with 43M.

drrron88777 eliminated in 9th place

After three levels of action, we finally saw the first knockout at the final table. Short-stacked drrron88777 moved all-in for 62,304,433 from the button and big-stacked falken-adler called from the small blind. Although drrron88777 made a valiant final stand with A♠6♦, falken-adler held 7♠7♣. The board ran out 6♥4♣4♥5♣5♥. falken-adler's pocket sevens held up and drrron88777 was busto. Russia's drrron88777 collected $913.11 for ninth place.

alin0422 eliminated in 8th place

A quickie bustout... alin0422 open-shoved for 40,453,977 with A♥6♥, and Gaby101972 called with A♣Q♥. The board ran out A♦7♦5♠5♥8♥. Both players flopped an Ace, but Gaby101972  won the pot with a better kicker. For eighth place, Romania's alin0422 took home $1,552.47


With seven to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. Germany's falken-adler retained the lead with 271M, while loopers33 sat on the short stack with 45M. The chip chop numbers were as follows (with $2,500 left on the table for first place): falken-adler ($11,653.47), Gaby101972 ($11,028.08), Buda85 ($10,070.35), egzekutor776 ($6,508.86), crowbar49 ($5,411.54), cashandflow ($4,198.35), and loopers33 ($3,848.11). A seven-way chop is difficult to negotiate and both small stacks wanted at least 5K. That notion was quickly shot down by the bigger stacks. Deal talks quickly broke down, so play resumed without a money chop.

cashandflow eliminated in 7th place

Shorty cashandflow open-shoved for 36,087,524 with A♣Q♠, and egzekutor776 called with A♥9♣. Both players flopped an Ace, however, cashandflow was ahead with a better kicker. The board finished up A♦8♥7♣5♣6♦ and egzekutor776 caught a runner-runner (gutshot) straight to drag the pot with a nine-high straight. Norway's cashandflow busted out in seventh place, which paid out $2,281.84.

loopers33 eliminated in 6th place

Another short stack bit the dust... loopers33 bombed it all-in for 20,752,376 with 8♠8♣ and falken-adler attempted to pick off one of the shorties with K♠9♦. The board ran out 6♣6♦3♦4♣K♣ and falken-adler rivered a King to win the pot with a better two pair. Alas, loopers33 two pair -- eights and sixes -- was not good enough to stave off elimination. Denmark's loopers33 took home $3,286.82 for sixth place.

With five remaining, falken-adler still held onto the lead with 370M, but Gaby101972 was right behind with 315M, Meanwhile crowbar49 was last with 33M.

crowbar49 eliminated in 5th place

Buda85 open-shoved for 138,921,344 and crowbar49 called all-in for 28,935,336. crowbar49 took A♣6♣ into battle against Buda85's more potent A♠K♣. The board ran out K♦9♣6♥2♠5♦. The King on the flop sunk crowbar49's hopes of doubling up and Buda85 won the pot. Canada's crowbar49 hit the road in fifth place, which paid out $4,929.30

With four to go, falken-adler was still out in front with 340M, egzekutor776 was second with 269M, Gaby101972 slipped to third with 261M, and Buda85 brought up the rear with 191M.

falken-adler eliminated in 4th place

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. falken-adler's big stack came under assault and tumbled out of the top spot. But then it happened. Massive fireworks. Ginormous rumble between the two big stacks. The biggest pot of the tournament up until that point worth 540M. When the dust settled, falken-adler went busto.

Here's how it went down... falken-adler opened with a raise to 63M and egzekutor776 flat-called from the big blind. The flop was 9♥6♥5♠. egzekutor776 checked, falken-adler shoved for 197,693,577 and egzekutor776 called. falken-adler flopped top pair with K♠9♠, but egzekutor776 flopped bottom set with 5♦5♥. The turn was the 4♠ and falken-adler picked up a flush redraw. The river was the T♦. franken-adler whiffed on a flush draw and lost the hand, while egzekutor776 dragged the pot with a set of fives. Germany's falken-adler was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $6,571.78.

With three to go, egzekutor776 surhed to over 546M, while Gaby101972 was second with 278M and Buda85 was last with a shade under 240M.

Gaby101972 eliminated in 3rd place

Buda85 min-raised to 48M and Gaby101972 called all-in for 35,644,869. Gaby101972 was in trouble with A♣3♠ versus Buda85's A♥9♣. The board ran out Q♥T♣9♥Q♣4♥. Buda85 hit the flop and won the pot with two pair -- Queens and nines. For a third-place finish, Gaby101972 collected $8,216.13.

HEADS-UP:  egzekutor776 (Poland) vs. Buda85 (Portugal)
Seat 5: egzekutor776 (656,865,937)
Seat 7: Buda85 (407,135,063)

With two remaining, egzekutor776 led by almost 250M.


With blinds astronomically increasing, the final two discussed a money chop. The had to leave $2,500 on the table for first place, but the chip chop numbers were: egzekutor776 ($14,044.60) and Buda85 ($13,388.29). Alas, egzekutor776 did not like those numbers and nixed the deal. Negotiations ended and play resumed after another deal talk fell apart.

Buda85 eliminated in 2nd place; egzekutor776  wins MicroMillions Event #23!

It wasn't even close. egzekutor776 the bulldozer won 14 out of the last 16 hands of heads-up against helpless Buda85. Going into the final hand, egzekutor776 was closing in on 1 Billion chips. Yeah, that's right... 1 Billion. At that point, egzekutor776 had 935M to Buda85's 128M.

Buda85 open-shoved for 126,335,063 with 5♣2♣ and egzekutor776 called with T♥7♥. The board ran out K♣J♠T♠Q♥2♦. egzekutor776 hit the flop and won the pot with a pair of tens. Buda85 didn't even have a chance and hit the virtual rail in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Buda85 collected $12,562.31.

Congrats to Portugal's egzekutor776 for winning MiroMillions Event #23. First place in this Triple Turbo event was $17,370.58.

View the final table in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-023: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo]
Entrants: 30,103 (159,424 re-buys, 16,514 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $187,497.31
Places Paid: 3,960

1. egzekutor776 (Poland) $17,370.58
2. Buda85 (Portugal) $12,562.31
3. Gaby101972 (Sweden) $8,216.13
4. falken-adler (Germany) $6,571.78
5. crowbar49 (Canada) $4,929.30
6. loopers33 (Denmark) $3,286.82
7. cashandflow (Norway) $2,281.84
8. alin0422 (Romania) $1,552.47
9. drrron88777 (Russia) $913.11

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