MicroMillions 7: YouDead412 plays final table banshee, wins Event #45 [$0.11 Re-buy, NLH, Hyper-Active]

Eleven cents. That's it, that's all -- all you needed to get your piece of the $5,000 guaranteed for Event #45's humdinger of a tournament. And you could re-up, should you be knocked out unceremoniously in the first hour of play, at a cost of, you guessed it, eleven cents. Nineteen-thousand nine-hundred and fifty-four PokerStars players took the large financial risk, and like grains of sand filling an hourglass, they amassed a prize pool of $9,393.10 through 67,587 re-buys, and 6,390 add-ons. It was que linda for
Peru's YouDead412, who eschewed premature elimination, and in less than four hours had won $894.09 and the title of one of the more unique formats in the MicroMillions series.

A huge number of players reached the money, 2,700, but the $0.75 starting payout by no means ensured a positive return on investment given the unlimited number of re-buys available during the first hour of play. One would have to finish 63rd or better just to crack the $10 mark. You get what you pay for!

Hyper-active, for those wondering, is a format with 6 minute blind levels and considerable jumps level to level (no 50-100 level for instance, or 300-600). Not quite a turbo to start, but a hyper-turbo to finish, blinds would cut to 3 minutes after an hour of play following the remaining players' decision to add-on or not. This would mean extremely shallow stacks on the final table bubble (and for the final table, for that matter).

Canadian ::Isseh:: was unfortunately not going to be bringing three figures home, sitting on the final table bubble with a smidgen over one big blind, they were forced to put half of that in the pot by virtue of being one spot left of the button. When it came around said button, leshik008, moved all-in with a considerably deeper six big-blind stack, and ::Isseh:: called all-in with 9♣ 8♠. boganflash had started the hand with a monster eleven big blinds and had the luxury of folding, ::Isseh:: would now need to improve facing A♥ 6♣. The flop changed little, it was K♦ 6♥ J♥, and it was looking more and more like the at-risk player would need to pull a Nick Brody to survive. The 3♥ turn and the T♦ was certainly not television script-worthy as ::Isseh:: was out tenth for $35.22.

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Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: Alex-VBG -- $14,630,929 in chips
Seat 2: faQ111 -- $30,140,579 in chips
Seat 3: AugustusZab -- $24,767,329 in chips
Seat 4: DomasLTWin -- $21,687,830 in chips
Seat 5: YouDead412 -- $19,240,637 in chips
Seat 6: NikoJuly -- $17,359,490 in chips
Seat 7: jack-com -- $33,764,226 in chips
Seat 8: boganflash -- $29,705,458 in chips
Seat 9: leshik008 -- $24,044,522 in chips

Despite extremely short stacks, no one busted for the first seven hands of the final table, everyone reluctant to chance their tournament life with $56.35 for 9th and nearly $1,000 up top. It was Alex-VBG who got the eliminations going, shoving one off the button for 25M with A♥ Q♠ and five big blinds. DomasLTWin had started the hand with 13.8M and had already put 2.5M of it in the small blind, called all-in with a dominated A♣ T♠.

The A♦ paired both in the door, the 9♦ and 6♣ completing the flop. The 2♠ and 3♣ finished the board and DomasLTWin would have to be content with ninth place and the $56.35.

That got a string of eliminations going -- that, or the unavoidably large 5M chip big blind. Next YouDead412 moved in for their last 32M from the hijack and jack-com on the button understandably chose to go with their 3♣ 3♥ for their last 12M. It was A♣ 5♦ for YouDead412 who would need all five shots to pair up, the J♣ 8♣ 7♠ 6♦ 5♣ board connecting with them on the final card, knocking jack-com out in eighth $83.54 richer.

The location of the button was the single most decisive player in this final table, typified by the next hand. NikoJul shoved for 29M with five players left to act, one of whom was AugustusZab who had 5M of their 12M already in the pot because of the BB. Thus, they were priced to call off their tournament life with K♦ 9♥ -- there were certainly worse holdings in this situation, but they would need to improve facing the A♥ T♥ of NikoJul. The T♣ 4♠ 5♠ flop shut the door on some options, and the A♣ turn sealed it. When the 3♠ fell on the river AugustusZab was already out in seventh, cracking the three-figure payouts with $140.89, an amazing return considering the likelihood they had invested less than a dollar.

The big blind was already at 6M to start the next hand and the break-neck pace prompted leshik008 of Belarus to go all-in with 25.8M, their cute German Shepherd avatar, and K♣ J♠. YouDead412 moved all-in over the top from the small blind, covering them, and showed A♦ Q♣. The board was uneventful, 8♠ 9♣ 2♠, 2♦, 7♦, nothing but a pair sweat materializing, and leshik008 was out in sixth winning $234.82.

With the big blind skyrocketing, to 8M chips now, faQ111 moved all-in for 12M under the gun five-handed with A♠ 6♥, hoping for the best and fortunate to have found an ace. The Romanian had been crippled when their ace-rag had run into the pocket kings of boganflash two hand earlier. Alex-VGB already had 8M of their 22M in chips invested in the big blind and made a sympathetic call with K♠ 3♠. It was all looking good for play to continue five-handed, the first three cards flopping on the table read A♣ Q♠ 5♥. faQ111 could have clinched the double on the turn if not for the 3♥ interloping. The K♦ completed the comeback for Alex-VGB and the ugliest draw out of the final table had faQ111 departing fifth with $328.75 added to their PokerStars account.

Once again a player's hand was forced by big brother big blind, this time Kiwi boganflash had 8M of their 26.6M in the pot when NikoJul moved all-in before them with slightly more than 33M in blind versus blind. The New Zealander's 5♣ 6♣ was quite live facing A♣ T♦ from their Georgian opponent on the other side of the globe. The J♥ T♠ 7♥ flop was not in the short-stacks wheelhouse whatsoever and once again drama ended prematurely on the turn, which was the K♥. The Q♠ river completed the board and boganflash was out fourth with $422.68.

All that carnage had passed within the space of three minutes, which mean the big blind rose again, to an even eight figures. NikoJul was under the gun in three-handed play and moved all-in with A♣ 3♥. YouDead412 was in the big blind with 100M back, having to call just 16.6M to play a 61M chip pot. They did so, with 3♦ 5♠, and were in rough shape. But fortune favoured a speedy termination to this tournament, because the flop was 7♦ 5♣ 6♥, the turn the 9♠ and the river 9♦. Any pair would do at this point and the fives meant the Peruvian lived up to their name, NikoJul was evicted from the tournament in third, paid out an astounding $563.58.

The final two players made an amicable ICM-deal straight away, after all any hand could end matters and stacks were on the order of 7 and 15 big blinds. The next hand, it was over. Alex-VBG moved all-in on the button for 67M total (big blind at 12M now) with 8♥ 7♥ and YouDead412 understandably snap-called with A♠ 2♠. They were now a nearly 54% favourite to win the tournament! The flop was a sweaty affair, 9♠ 6♠ Q♦ and the chip-leader was now a 70% favourite to put things to bed. The A♣ turn meant Alex-VBG would need to make a straight that didn't complete the flush draw, six cards in the deck fitting that description. The Q♠ paired the board, completed the flush, and left them with eight-high. Russian Alex-VBG finished second and after having chopped heads-up was paid out $808.20.

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Congratulations y felicationes to YouDead412 who plowed through a field of nearly 20,000 runners and picked up -- eleven cents at a time -- $894.09 for their victory in MicroMillions 7's Event #45!

MicroMillions-045: $0.11 NL Hold'em, Re-buy, Hyper-Active
Entrants: 19,954, 67,587 re-buys, 6,390 add-ons
Prize Pool: $9,393.10
Places Paid: 2,700

1. YouDead412 (Peru) $894.09*
2. Alex-VBG (Russia) $808.20*
3. NikoJul (Georgia) $563.58
4. boganflash (New Zealand) $422.68
5. faQ111 (Romania) $328.75
6. leshik008 (Belarus) $234.82
7. AugustusZab (New Zealand) $140.89
8. jack-com (Netherlands) $84.53
9. DomasLTWin (Lithuania) $56.35

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Gareh Chantler is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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