MicroMillions 7: Faithhealer_ keeps the faith, wins Event #49 ($8.80 HORSE)

Being the chip leader going into the final table is never a sure thing, but Faithhealer_ never gave up. Despite doubling up some competitors and losing a bit of ground, Faithhealer_ stayed aggressive and took the lead into heads-up, winning just several hands later. The friendly banter between the two German finalists showed how fun poker can be, as both players seemed happy to be there and thrilled with the money that came with the exciting tournament.


While many players enjoy poker games of the Hold'em variety, some like the challenge of a game like HORSE. Players get to switch games - Limit Hold'em, Limit Omaha H/L, Limit Razz, Limit Stud, and Limit Stud H/L - every five minutes. That was the setup for Event 49 of this edition of the MicroMillions. Of course, there was also a guaranteed prize pool - $15K in this case - and the low buy-in of only $8.80. Players were intrigued.

Players: 3,396
Guarantee: $15,000.00
Total prize pool: $27,168.00
Paid players: 440

The tournament moved along quickly and was reduced to three tables by the six-hour mark, though it took another half hour to get to hand-for-hand play. It took a few minutes of split pots, but eventually, it was Idabi68 all-in in Stud against nastasjyap. Idabi68 ended up with 7♥6♠A♣Q♣J♦7♦8♣, but nastasjyap showed 5♣9♣9♠9♦8♥3♦2♥ and collected the pot. Idabi68 departed in ninth place with $183.38.

Faithhealer_ healthy with chip lead

Limit Stud H/L was the game at play when the final table began. Level 70 offered 120K/240K blinds and a 24K ante, along with these player chip counts:

Seat 1: regularkat (714,114 in chips)
Seat 2: bellababy (1,952,726 in chips)
Seat 3: domenko (1,129,616 in chips)
Seat 4: lewizsz (3,328,742 in chips)
Seat 5: sadam83 (2,056,998 in chips)
Seat 6: nastasjyap (2,735,047 in chips)
Seat 7: Faithhealer_ (3,538,837 in chips)
Seat 8: Spoli4tor (1,523,920 in chips)

MM7 - Event 49 FT.JPG

Play moved on to Omaha H/L before the first elimination took place. The hand started with a raised flop of T♥9♠Q♥. Samad83 bet, and regularkat raised all-in with Q♦K♣A♦2♣. Sadam83 called with 8♣2♠8♠4♦ and improved after the 3♦ on the turn when the 8♥ came on the river. Regularkat exited in eighth place with $251.30.

Bellababy doubled through Faithhealer_ when Razz came around but remained the short stack. Soon after but still in Razz, bellababy had the bring-in and got involved in a raising war with Spoli4tor. Bellababy ended up all-in, and Spoli4tor called. The final hand for bellababy was 8♦A♣T♠8♠3♦T♣3♥, but Spoli4tor had T♥4♦3♣Q♠5♣6♦K♥ to send bellababy out in seventh place with $515.92.

In the next round of Stud H/L, nastasjyap got involved with Faithhealer_ with betting and calling on every street. On sixth street, nastasjyap moved all-in and showed A♥T♦9♣4♣Q♥T♥3♦, but Faithhealer_ had 2♣5♠8♦8♥4♥5♦T♣ for two pair. With no qualifying low, nastasjyap exited in sixth place with $815.04.

Lewizsz took a chance in Omaha H/L. Preflop betting was capped, and lewizsz made the all-in raise after the T♠9♦Q♥. Domenko called with K♥A♥A♠Q♠, and lewizsz showed A♣5♣K♦4♦. The 8♠ and K♠ completed the board and domenko's flush. Lewizsz departed in fifth place with $1,358.40.

By the time Razz came around again, Spoli4tor was ready for the all-in move, and Faithhealer_ was along for the ride. Spoli4tor ended up with A♣3♦9♣K♣7♦2♠8♥, but Faithhealer had the better low with 4♦7♥5♣A♠J♥9♦2♣. Spoli4tor accepted $1,901.76 for the fourth place finish.

On the very next hand, sadam83 had the bring in, Faithhealer_ raised showing 6♠, and sadam83 called showing 7♦. It was after fifth street that sadam83 called all-in with capped betting. Faithhealer_ accumulated 5♣7♥6♠J♥4♣2♠T♠, which bested the 9♥5♦7♦T♦3♣7♠J♣ of sadam83, who exited in third place with $2,445.12.

Deal for two

The final two players immediately asked to pause the tournament to discuss a deal, and the two Germans quickly agreed to chop the prize pool and play for the extra $300. That put the payouts as follows:

Seat 3: domenko (6690974 in chips) = $3,790.39
Seat 7: Faithhealer_ (10289026 in chips) = $3,790.39

Faithhealer_ proceeded to grab a pot worth 13.32 million upon their return to action, and domenko was left with little more than 30K chips. Domenko doubled up twice in their current round of Razz.

As the two exchanged quite a few friendly words and smiley-faces in the chat box, domenko risked it all again in the hopes of another double. Faithhealer_ went along and ended with 9♥8♦6♥4♥5♦A♣5♥. Domenko could only muster K♥6♣A♠8♠6♦4♦K♦ and had to accept second place.

Faithhealer_ won the tournament and a total of $4,090.39 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions-049: $8.80 HORSE
Entrants: 3,396
Prize pool: $27,168.00
Places paid: 440

1. Faithhealer_ (Germany) $4,090.39*
2. domenko (Germany) $3,790.39*
3. sadam83 (Poland) $2,445.12
4. Spoli4tor (Germany) $1,901.76
5. lewizsz (Lithuania) $1,358.40
6. nastasjyap (Russia) $815.04
7. bellababy (Canada) $515.92
8. regularkat (Russia) $251.30

*Payouts reflect two-way deal.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
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