MicroMillions 7: FeMoDantas dominates to win Event #99 ($3.30 NL Hold'em, Turbo)

MicroMillions 7 was winding down to its conclusion late Sunday evening, 100 tournaments designed to provide big numbers for small buy-ins. The series was another success and there were just a few more tournaments left to run, both turbos and both full of action.

Event #99 was a $3.30 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament for those looking to get another shot at glory. The tournament drew 21,431 players for a $64,293 prizepool that was more than double the posted guarantee. The final 2,700 players would receive a piece of the action and winner was set to grab $6,443 along with the title.

The turbo structure kept the chips flying around the table and the 21,431 player field was shrinking towards the final table in a snappy five hours. Players were taking shots with any two cards except for those the top stacks, they could afford to be a little more picky about their had range.

The stand-out player in the latter stages was FeMoDantas. The Brazilian began running over the rest of the players over the last few tables to take more than his share of the chips. Some of the big hands were standard but there a few fun ones including knocking out RusKirpich when 4♥4♠ four flush cracked J♦J♣

FeMoDantas carried over the hot streak to hit the final table with nearly half the chips in play, an amazing lead with nine players remaining. That also meant a lot of the remaining players were coming in with less than optimal stack and would have to work to get back in the game.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: ktel53 (14,721,045 in chips)
Seat 2: oitarvioi (10,479,280 in chips)
Seat 3: geor09gia (5,887,510 in chips)
Seat 4: Nonakz (4,112,485 in chips)
Seat 5: FeMoDantas (47,515,619 in chips)
Seat 6: RACOON18 (8,333,016 in chips)
Seat 7: killonaces (3,402,572 in chips)
Seat 8: 777RENGEN777 (9,662,905 in chips)
Seat 9: $SD-MORAN$ (3,040,568 in chips)

Blinds: 400k/800k with 100k ante

Nonakz runs into royalty, eliminated in 9th

The final table could be excused for playing things fast and loose with their hands, the turbo structure and FeMoDantas had a lot to say about the action. Despite the big lead, FeMoDantas wasn't involved in the first elimination.

Nonakz only had a few million to begin play but lost a bit folding through the blinds early until finally shoving for 2,662,485 from middle position. 777RENGEN777 woke up with big hand on the button and moved all-in over the top to isolate.

777RENGEN777: Q♠Q♦
Nonakz: A♦J♥

Nonakz was in tough shape with only one over and nothing changed on the 9♦9♥6♠ flop. Three outs twice for Nonakz but they did not show on the 2♦ turn or 2♥ and the other Brazilian at the table was gone in 9th for $385.

$SD-MORAN$ runs into leader, eliminated in 8th

Most of the players were still trying to avoid tangling in pots with FeMoDantas but sometimes it was impossible. $SD-MORAN$ open-shoved for 2,871,704 from the under the gun so FeMoDantas was free to join in the fun. He three-bet enough to put anyone else at the table all-in and isolated against $SD-MORAN$

$SD-MORAN$: A♣4♦
FeMoDantas: A♥2♦

$SD-MORAN$ was ahead in the hand but there was a fair chance for a chop as well. Those thoughts were erased quickly as FeMoDantas hit the A♦9♣2♣ flop and $SD-MORAN$ needed help. The 6♥ turn meant only a deuce could save the day but it was a blank K♣ to send $SD-MORAN$ out in 8th place for $578 while FeMoDantas padded his lead.

killonaces killed by tens, eliminated in 8th

killonaces was next to fall victim to their leader but it wasn't nearly as dramatic. Just a few hands after $SD-MORAN$ was sent packing, killonaces lost a big pot to FeMoDantas to be left with just a small percentage of a small blind. Those chips went in the middle before ktel53 and FeMoDantas began a raising battle, plus a little dead money from geor09gia in there for good measure.

FeMoDantas quickly lead out for 5,6000,000 after the J♦9♣6♥ flop and ktel53 decided to fight a different battle. FeMoDantas did not connect with the flop holding A♣T♠ but was still ahead once killonaces showed A♠5♠. It was another long shot but the 3♠ did nothing and FeMoDantas paired on the T♦ river to send killonaces out in 7th place for $964.

oitarvioi straightened out, eliminated in 6th

They weren't all crazy hands involving any two cards from the leader but it did seem that way. FeMoDantas continued to show a complete disregard for hand strength, instead using the brute force of a big stack to push people around or get there when needed.

But he didn't play every hand, he let other players do some heavy lifting including a fold after oitarvioi open-shoved for just 1,417,120. The bet was less than a big blind and ktel53 was given a rebate on his posted money.

oitarvioi: A♥6♦
ktel53: J♣T♥

The super-shorty was looking for a possible comeback and had the best hand until they both paired the J♥8♦6♠ flop. oitarvioi needed to hit an Ace or Six but ktel53 dodged both on the 7♣ and hit a straight on the 9♥ to send oitarvioi out in 6th place for $1,607.

geor09gia flushed, eliminated in 5th

The cracks began showing in FeMoDantas' game plan as they moved into five-handed play. Some of his big gambles were adding up to big chip swings for his opponents and he wasn't quite as intimidating as before. He doubled up some dangerous players and his big stack moves were no longer respected.

While this was going on, ktel53 made a move of his own with a bet from the small blind large enough to put geor09gia all-in from the big blind. It was an easy call from geor09gia as the short stack but the Ukranian was in a dominating position with Q♠7♦ against Q♦2♦.

There didn't seem to be any danger on the 9♣6♦3♥ flop but the K♦ looked to make things interesting. The bad beat, and knockout, was complete as ktel53 went runner-runner flush on the A♦ river. geor09gia was the latest unlucky player and was gone in 5th place for $2,250. A nice compensation pack for the beat.

ktel53 told to go, eliminated in 4th

ktel53 was having success at the final table, including several knockouts, but none of these hands were adding significant chips to his stack. Knocking out a few shorties wasn't going to put him in competition with FeMoDantas for the lead.

ktel53 tried for a full double with three-bet all-in after RACOON18 opened for a min-raise. RACOON18 made an easy call with A♣K♥ and ktel53 was in trouble with Q♠9♦. Things were looking brighter for the Canadian when the flop ran out Q♥T♦6♣ and top pair. The turn 7♣ made little difference in the outcome but the ten-out, gutshot Broadway J♠ hit on the river to send the pot to RACOON18. ktel53 had a nice run at the final table but was sent out in 4th place for $2,893.

777RENGEN777 teamed up, eliminated in 3rd

The temporary dip south for FeMoDantas was over and he extended his lead with a series of smaller pots when players were again avoiding his action. While holding such a big lead, a situation occurred where the tournament might end without a single hand of heads-up action.

777RENGEN777 open-shoved from the button and FeMoDantas just called from the small blind. RACOON18 decided it was time to move over the top for 20,559,007 and FeMoDantas came along on that ride as well to have the rare three-handed double all-in.

FeMoDantas: A♥9♠
RACOON18: A♦9♣
777RENGEN777: K♥4♠

It wasn't quite as dramatic once the cards were tabled but it could have been worse for 777RENGEN777. It didn't get any worse for 777RENGEN777 but it also didn't get any better as the board ran out Q♦J♠5♥5♣3♥. FeMoDantas and RACOON18 chopped up his chips while 777RENGEN777 was sent out in 3rd for $3,857.

FeMoDantas dominates to win Event #99

Seat 5: FeMoDantas (84,892,919 in chips)
Seat 6: RACOON18 (22,262,081 in chips)

It was a crazy final table, exactly what is expected from a huge turbo tournament. FeMoDantas built a huge chip lead as the tournament moved towards the final table with a combination of fast play and well timed luck. He was the leader until this point of the tournament, even with some stumbles along the way.

That edge lasted just a few hands as RACOON18 quickly doubled once and then doubled again to finally wrestled away the lead. That set up a longer than expected heads-up match and they traded the lead several times before it was settled.

FeMoDantas had just moved back ahead with a small lead when the two pushed back on each other enough to get everything in the middle. FeMoDantas handed out a few bad beats along the way but began the final hand with the better holding with Q♦T♠ versus Q♣8♣. Neither would end up pairing on the 5♥4♠3♥J♥6♣ board and RACOON18 had to settle for the runner-up finish and a $5,134 consolation prize.

FeMoDantas was a beast throughout the final table and the huge stack allowed him to play with little fear. He used the chips to his advantage and ran over most of the table to pick up the Event #99 victory for $6,443.

MicroMillions-99: $3.30 NL Hold'em (Turbo)
Entrants: 21,431
Prize pool: $64,293
Places paid: 2,700

1. FeMoDantas (Brazil) $6,443.37
2. RACOON18 (Canada) $5,134.43
3. 777RENGEN777 (Russia) $3,857.58
4. ktel53 (Canada) $2,893.18
5. geor09gia (Ukraine) $2,250.25
6. oitarvioi (Estonia) $1,607.32
7. killonaces (Portugal) $964.39
8. $SD-MORAN$ (Netherlands) $578.63
9. Nonakz (Brazil) $385.75

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions