MicroMillions 7: FireZ94 blazes a trail to win Event #52 ($5.50 NLHE)

Dispensing with variety and all the unique formats MicroMillions 7 offers, Event #52 was a good, old-fashioned No-Limit Hold'em freezeout, with a huge field (10,797 runners), and a giant prize pool ($53,985).

After ten hours it was all over, FireZ94 of the Czech Republic had burst into flames and run amok across the final table, eliminating players left and right, on their way to capturing the title with no deal, good for $7,716.85, all for just $5.50.

As with all MicroMillions tournaments, many players cashed, 1,350 to be precise, which meant that the period playing down from the bubble to the final table was attenuated. With fifteen players remaining FireZ94's fire was lit when they ran pocket kings into the aces of hugui2s. All the money had gone in before the community cards were revealed to anyone, no surprise there, but the board had run out Q♦ Q♣ 9♦ J♣ T♣. That made a king high straight the winner and the ostensible cooler inaugurated a massive heater that FireZ94 would ride the rest of the way.

Viffer91 had been one of the most active players on the final table bubble and on the button they predictably raised once again to 500k with the big blind at 250k. matchew2 cold called out of the small blind with just twelve big blinds to start the hand, looking particularly strong. Viffer91 faced a leading bet equal to their preflop raise, 500k, on 4♥ 6♦ Q♠ and min-raised to 1M betting units. Stacks were quite shallow, not much had to be done to get money into the pot. When matchew2 called the raise, an all-in was nearly assured. On the 9♥ turn matchew2 check-called all-in for their last 1,457,734 with J♦ J♣, and Viffer91 revealed Q♣ J♥.

With one card to come, one spot from the final table, the Canadian had just one out in the deck. The river was no miracle, the 2♥ left matchew2 to munch on their decision to not three-bet all-in before the flop, and they received a sizable $280.72 payday for outlasting such a large number of entrants.

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Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: Gremista1981 -- $2,670,593 in chips
Seat 2: manhoso18-- $5,765864 in chips
Seat 3: Viffer91-- $12,137,939 in chips
Seat 4: FireZ94 -- $9,930,540 in chips
Seat 5: rufusricci-- $2,514,952 in chips
Seat 6: cashboy86 -- $3,446,140 in chips
Seat 7: Lexs1975 -- $5,384,671 in chips
Seat 8: Reimon100-- $7,741,386 in chips
Seat 9: decov -- $4,392,915 in chips

Being the shortest stack at a final table can be a lot of pressure, not only are your opponents out to get you but the blinds and antes are as well. rufusricci began the third hand of the final table with 2.45M under the gun, basically ten big blinds, and moved all-in with A♣ J♠, the eyes of the puppy in their avatar pleading for the kindness of strangers. Brazilain Reimon100 cold called in middle position and when everyone else folded, showed A♥ K♣. There was never a real sweat in this one, the flop peeling off T♥ 4♦ 3♦, the turn another brick the 8♥, and the Q♦ river not the broadway card the at-risk canine lover was hoping for. The Australian rufusricci would walk away with $337.89 for their ninth place finish.

Blinds were up to 150k-300k and FireZ94 raised third to act to 600k and out of the small blind decov raised to 1.2M. FireZ94 moved all-in for 8.2M total with A♦ K♦ and decov called off their 6.5M off with A♠ Q♠ and was in bad shape on the 2♣ 9♦ 5♦ flop, drawing to two cards. The J♣ and 4♣ meant decov was out eighth for $593.83.

Three orbits passed and Fire94 increased their stack from 13.5M to 21.6M without showdown, a considerable feat. No clear contender rose as Viffer91 doubled manhoso18 and Lexs1975 doubled cashboy86, ensuring relative parity among the second place through seventh place stacks.

Once blinds rose to 200k-400k, however, matters turned somewhat dire for the short stacks. Two off the button Lexs1975 moved all-in for 2.2M with K♦ J♥ and Gremista1981 called nearly all-in on the button with A♠ K♥. All was set for the dominated Russian to be ousted as the board rolled out 2♥ 8♦ 7♥ 7♦, but the J♠ was doom for the Brazilian's ace-king, and once the pot was awarded they had a simple ante remaining. They were out two hands later in seventh for $1,079.70.

In tournament poker, a rising tide doesn't raise all boats. Six-handed manhoso18 moved all-in under the gun for 5.1M with A♣ Q♥, blinds still at 200k-400k. When it folded around to Lexs1975 in the small blind, they called all-in with A♠ K♦, and an 11M pot had formed with a familiar flavor of no-limit hold'em domination. Again another pedestrian board was produced, 2♥ 9♣ 4♣, 5♠, 8♣ and the Portuguese manhoso18 was dispatched in sixth, cashing for $1,619.55.

Viffer91 had been active leading to the final table, but was constrained to a large degree by circumstances and stack sizes after that. Blinds were up to 250k-500k and Viffer91 had 4.7M back in the big blind. FireZ94 still had their mountain of 22M chips, min-raised under the gun five-handed, it fodled around, and this prompted Viffer91 to defend their blind.

The flop was Q♦ 9♦ 5♥ and with 2.5M in the middle Viffed91 moved all-in for 165% of pot, 4.2M. FireZ94, ahead of every draw with A♣ K♥, made the call, and was right. Viffer91 showed K♣ J♦ and would need running diamonds, a jack, or a ten, to be dealt in the next hand. The turn and river was a red brick road, 4♥ 2♥ and Viffer91 was eliminated in fifth, scooping $2,159.40.

FireZ94 would take a nearly 6M pot away from Reimon100 the next hand to push their stack past 30M, easily covering the rest of the table combined. As a consequence deal discussions never gained traction. A very curious hand would end four-handed play and it began with the shortest stack, Brazilian Reimon100, min-raising to 1M under the gun with only 6.5 big blinds. FireZ94 elected to simply flat call on the button, which provoked a cold-call from cashboy86 in the small blind and Lexs1975 turned down excellent odds with 12M back in the big blind and folded. In sum, the four most unlikely actions for each player were the ones each chose in turn.

The flop came A♥ 9♦ 2♦ and it checked through with 3.75M in the pot. The turn was the A♣ and this would prove the case ace as Reimon100 bet 1M when checked to and FireZ94 raised to 2M, Reimon100 committing their final 260k behind with A♦ 7♠. They were pipped by A♠ 8♠ and the 3♠ river ensured the eight played. Reimon100 was out fourth for $2,699.25.

FireZ94 now had full reign over the table, cashboy86's ten big blind stack hamstringing Lexs1975's ability to gamble with no deal in place. Four trips around the table for the dealer button and the deck became rather cold. Cashboy86 folded their button and Lexs1975 moved all-in for 22 big blinds in blind versus blind, clearly unhappy to risk their tournament life with a third player short. The Russian had a real hand as it happens, 9♦ 9♠. FireZ94 had a real hand too, A♦ Q♥ and called. 22M in the pot represented a great deal of the chips in play for the tournament, nearly 40%. The A♠ 3♣ 5♣ flop was in lock step with the no drama policy of this final table, the Q♣ turned and the J♦ completed the board. Lexs1975 was finished in third and added $4,019.18 to their bankroll.

It was a real David versus Goliath situation entering heads-up, cashboy86 facing a twelve to one deficit. It turns out life doesn't always imitate parable, both players trading blinds for nearly twenty hands, cashboy86 unable to surpass the ten big blind mark. Finally FireZ94 shoved all-in on the button and cashboy86 found K♠ T♦ in the hole, good enough to call off their last 5.3M. They were in fine shape to double facing the suit-dominated J♦ 8♠.

The flop would reverse the situation, it was 8♦ 7♣ 2♦ and FireZ94, who had been el fuego for a while now, was looking to put a bow on matters early. The 9♥ turn meant any six, jack, or king would sustain cashboy86's hopes of slaying Goliath. It was the T♣ on the river, top pair for the short-stack, but a jack high straight for FireZ94. They had run the table down, the entire tournament's 54M chips in their possession! For their sustained efforts, cashboy86 of Romania was treated to a hefty $5,668.42.

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Congratulations are in order to FireZ94 of the Czech Republic. They made their victory look as if it was never in doubt, not easy to do in a capricious format like No-Limit Hold'em. For the win they took home the lion's share of the prize pool, $7,716.85, the satisfaction of reigning fire upon a field of over ten-thousand players, and a MicroMillions 7 title!

MicroMillions-052: $5.50 NLHE
Entrants: 10,797
Prize pool: $53,985
Places paid: 1,350
1. FireZ94 (Czech Republic) $7,716.85
2. cashboy86 (Romania) $5,668.42
3. Lexs1975 (Russia) $4,019.18
4. Reimon100 (Brazil) $2,699.25
5. Viffer91 (Denmark) $2,159.40
6. manhoso18 (Portugal) $1,619.55
7. Gremista1981 (Brazil) $1,079.70
8. decov (Brazil) $593.83
9. rufusricci (Australia) $377.89

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