MicroMillions 7: Gremlinbett gobbles up Event #63 ($5.50 NLHE)

A gremlin is described as a mischievous creature that is capable of destruction. Gremlinbett may not be mischievous, but the player certainly knew how to destroy a final table. Event 63 seemed to belong to gremlinbett from the start of the final table. Continuing to accumulate chips and push other players around was the plan, and it worked to give gremlinbett the MicroMillions victory.


The MicroMillions is more than half over, but opportunities abound for players to get in on the rest of the action. The first of those on Thursday was a $5.50 NLHE with a $15K guarantee. It was simple enough - no fancy structures, no knockouts, and no restrictions. Just a great tournament with an attractive guarantee. And when the players lined up for it, the guarantee was left in the distance for a much greater prize pool.

Players: 5,741
Guarantee: $15,000.00
Total prize pool: $28,705.00
Paid players: 720

The tournament moved along quickly, with only two tables remaining during the seventh hour. And in that hour, hand-for-hand play saw StarWoks move all-in with A♠Q♦ against the K♥K♣ of RamyrezChina. The kings held up to the 9♦6♥8♥5♥J♠ board, though, and StarWoks had to leave in tenth place with $170.79.

Gremlinbett goes for it

The final table got underway in Level 47, with blinds of 125K/250K and a 31,250 ante, and these players:

Seat 1: klimzowiec (4,865,995 in chips)
Seat 2: benny-mush (856,135 in chips)
Seat 3: maurogynppp (704,176 in chips)
Seat 4: hatekrot (3,763,992 in chips)
Seat 5: Dainiux (2,847,494 in chips)
Seat 6: alex_sk87 (2,940,248 in chips)
Seat 7: Boozin12 (2,759,967 in chips)
Seat 8: RamyrezChina (4,810,993 in chips)
Seat 9: gremlinbett (5,156,000 in chips)

MM7 - Event 63 FT.JPG

Maurogynppp quickly doubled through klimzowiec, and benny-mush did the same through Boozin12. Maurogynppp then scored another double, that time through gremlinbett.

Benny-mush tried it again as well. The hand started with an UTG+1 raise from Dainiux and call from RamyrezChina. Gremlinbett raised, and benny-mush reraised all-in from the small blind. Dainiux and RamyrezChina folded, but gremlinbett called with T♥T♠. Benny-mush dominated with Q♣Q♦, but the flop came 5♦2♥T♣. The set for gremlinbett held up to the 6♦ turn and 3♣ river, eliminating benny-mush in ninth place with $229.64.

After starting the final table in second chip position, RamyrezChina had a tough time and lost quite a few chips during the first few rounds of play. Ultimately, a hand with gremlinbett started with a reraised flop of 7♣9♣5♠. RamyrezChina bet all-in with K♣T♣ for the flush draw, but gremlinbett showed 7♠7♥ for the flopped set. The 2♠ and T♦ finished the board without the completed flush, so RamyrezChina had to leave in eighth place with $358.81.

Boozin12 doubled through gremlinbett, but the latter continued to soar, climbing over 11 million in chips and appearing unstoppable.

Dainiux was the next to risk everything. Hatekrot raised UTG+1, and Dainiux reraised all-in with 7♠7♦. Hatekrot called with 5♣5♠, but the board of Q♠T♦A♣5♥8♦ made the set of fives to eliminate Dainiux in seventh place with $645.86.

Soon after, hatekrot was the player at risk, shoving UTG with A♠K♦. Boozin12 called with 5♣5♠, and those fives again made a set on the A♣5♦Q♦7♠J♦ board. Hatekrot was on the wrong side of the fives that time and exited in sixth place with $932.91.

Klimzowiec doubled through Boozin12 and then scored this one on the very next hand:

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Alex_sk87 had been rather quiet during final table play and finally made a move with 2♠2♦. Gremlinbett called with A♣7♥ and caught the river of the 6♥9♥T♣J♣7♣ board to oust alex_sk87 in fifth place. The payout for that finish was $1,219.96.

Gremlinbett was still active and raised UTG a few hands later. Maurogynppp reraised all-in with K♥T♥, but gremlinbett showed A♦K♠, which only turned into two pair on the 8♠A♣6♣5♥5♦ board. Maurogynppp was eliminated in fourth place with $1,621.83.

Klimzowiec then scored another double through gremlinbett during three-handed play:

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Boozin12 tried to go up against gremlinbett, pushing with A♠T♥ against the A♥9♠ of gremlinbett. But the board produced K♥7♦9♣9♦6♣ for trip nines. Boozin12 had to leave in third place with $2,368.16.

Unstoppable gremlinbett

The two remaining players began heads-up play with these chip counts:

Seat 1: klimzowiec (4,289,802 in chips)
Seat 9: gremlinbett (24,415,198 in chips)

Klimzowiec took a chance on the 11th hand of the match with K♦T♥, and gremlinbett called with 4♠4♣. The dealer offered 8♥8♦J♠A♣5♥, which ousted klimzowiec in second place with $3,344.13.

Gremlinbett devoured the tournament and grabbed the MicroMillions title, not to mention $4,493.87 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions-063: $5.50 No Limit Hold'em
Entrants: 5,741
Prize pool: $28,705.00
Places paid: 720

1. gremlinbett (Canada) $4,493.87
2. klimzowiec (Poland) $3,344.13
3. Boozin12 (Canada) $2,368.16
4. maurogynppp (Brazil) $1,621.83
5. alex_sk87 (Colombia) $1,219.96
6. hatekrot (Belarus) $923.91
7. Dainiux (Lithuania) $645.86
8. RamyrezChina (China) $358.81
9. benny-mush (Australia) $229.64

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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