MicroMillions 7: kalugy draws low and wins big in Event #69 (NL 2-7 SD)

Players were trying to get low in Event #69.

There was no limit to bet sizes but players only had one draw to get the lowest hand possible. In total, 3,207 players signed up for the $3.30 buy-in event and created a $9,621.00 prize pool. Out of those 3,207, only 427 got a piece of the delicious prize pool pie.

The player who got the biggest slice and who consistently got low this event was kalugy. After a heads-up deal, kalugy took the title and $1,027.80.

kalugy made quick work of his heads-up opponent but overcame a tough final table.

The final table


Seat 1: bezerdicova1 - 1,743,580
Seat 2: 99977999 - 1,818,230
Seat 3: janinho42 - 977,445
Seat 4: manic_ger91 - 2,148,195
Seat 5: PsyDCC - 4,891,268
Seat 6: LuckyIwan - 2,290,138
Seat 7: kalugy - 2,166,144

janinho42 came in as the short stack and struggled to survive. After being chipped down to 627,445, janinho42 moved all-in from under-the-gun. LuckyIwan re-shoved for 1.72 million from the cutoff and everyone else folded.

Both players drew one card and the final table had its first showdown. LuckyIwan showed K♦8♣7♣4♦2♠ while janinho42 hit 9♠8♦7♦6♠2♠.

janinho42 was up to 1.58 million while LuckyIwan dipped to 1.09 million.

But LuckyIwan won a few pots while the blinds and antes hacked away at janinho42's stack.

With 60,000/120,000 blinds and a 30,000 ante, janinho42 moved all-in for 1.02 million from the button and PsyDCC called from the big blind.

janinho42 stood pat while PsyDCC took one card. janinho42 patted with J♥[10d]8♥7♦4♣ while PsyDCC hit a perfect eight with 8♣5♦4♦3♥2♦.

PsyDCC took the lead with 5.98 million while janinho42 earned $134.11 for finishing 7th.

Double double bust

There was a pair of double ups before we got our next elimination.

First, bezerdicova1 doubled through 99977999. bezerdicova1 moved all-in for 1.10 million from the button and 99977999 raised to 2.10 million from the small blind. The big blind folded, 99977999 took one card and bezerdicova1 stood pat.

99977999 hit a pair of sixes and bezerdicova1 doubled to 2.49 million with K♥Q♥J♣8♦3♠. This left 99977999 with 1.25 million.

Then manic_ger91 doubled up. manic_ger91 shoved for 993,195 from the button and LuckyIwan called from the big blind. manic_ger91 stood pat with Q♥[10h]8♠7♥6♠ while LuckyIwan drew one and hit a pair of sevens.

LuckyIwan dipped to 1.50 million and manic_ger91 was up to 2.23 million.

Then 99977999 hit the virtual rail.

99977999 moved all-in for 889,650 from the cutoff and PsyDCC called from the small blind. Both players drew one card and 99977999 showed J♥[10c]8♥4♦2♥ to PsyDCC's 9♣8♦5♥4♥3♥.

99977999 was out in 6th and won $178.66 while PsyDCC was up to 5.34 million.


The next elimination came the very next hand.

LuckyIwan raised to 240,000 from the small blind and kalugy called from the big blind. LuckyIwan drew one card while our future champion took two.

LuckyIwan moved all-in and kalugy called. The at-risk player showed 9♠8♣6♥4♦2♠ and kalugy had him beat with 8♦7♥6♦4♣3♥.

LuckyIwan got $238.11 deposited into his PokerStars account for his 5th place finish and kalugy took the lead with 6.13 million.


kalugy and PsyDCC had been trading the lead and eliminations for a bit and kept doing so. Soon after kalugy took the lead and brought the tournament down to four players, PsyDCC took it down to three.

bezerdicova1 raised to 280,000 from the button and both manic_ger91 and PsyDCC called from the blinds. manic_ger91 and bezerdicova1 took two cards while PsyDCC drew one.

manic_ger91 moved all-in for 441,390 and only PsyDCC called. manic_ger91 showed a pair of eights with 8♦8♠7♦6♥2♥ while PsyDCC hit [10s]8♣5♠4♣2♠.

PsyDCC reclaimed the lead with 7.32 million while manic_ger91 won $341.91 for finishing 4th.

Then the lead switched again and kalugy scored another final table elimination.

kalugy called from the button and bezerdicova1 moved all-in for 2.34 million from the small blind. PsyDCC laid it down and kalugy called. bezerdicova stood pat and kalugy drew one.

bezerdicova1 had K♣J♦[10d]7♠3♥ for his final hand while kalugy showed Q♣8♥6♦5♣2♥.

bezerdicova1 became our 3rd place finisher -- winning $543.87 in the process -- while kalugy started the heads-up match with the lead.

Heads up

kalugy - 8,892,802
PsyDCC - 7,142,198

After two hands of heads-up play and a small chip transfer, players decided to cut a deal. At the time of the deal, the counts changed to:

kalugy - 9,172,802
PsyDCC - 6,862,198

The numbers out of the PokerStars Ultra-Deal Computer 8000* were:

kalugy - $924.80
PsyDCC - $894.34

Not really a real thing.

This left $100 for the eventual champion. Both players agreed and quickly got all their chips in the middle. A few hands later, kalugy open-shoved for 8.19 million and PsyDCC called all-in for 7.61 million.

PsyDCC stood pat and kalugy drew one. Both players hit jack-high but kalugy had the better one.

PsyDCC: J♣9♠8♣7♠5♣
kalugy: J♥7♦5♠4♦2♥

PsyDCC won the agreed-upon $894.34 for his 2nd place finish while kalugy became the champion of Event #69 and earned $1,024.80 in the process.

MicroMillions-069: $3.30 No-Limit Single Draw 2-7
Entrants: 3,207
Prize pool: $9,621.00
Places paid: 427

1. kalugy (Romania) *1,024.80
2. PsyDCC (Serbia) *894.34
3. bezerdicova1 (Russia) $543.87
4. manic_ger91 (Germany) $341.93
5. LuckyIwan (Russia) $238.11
6. 99977999 (Russia) $178.66
7. janinho42 (Germany) $134.11

*Denotes a two-way deal.

That's a wrap for number 69. There's still more MicroMillions throughout the weekend, including the $22 buy-in, $1 million guarantee Main Event. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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